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'Unspeakably Sad': Colombia Voters Narrowly Reject Landmark Peace Deal


'Unspeakably Sad': Colombia Voters Narrowly Reject Landmark Peace Deal

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

In an outcome described as "shocking," "painful," and "unspeakably sad," Colombian voters on Sunday rejected a landmark peace deal that would have end


If it’s war the Colombia Right wants, then it’s war that they will get.
The idea that all of the atrocities in this 50 year long civil war were perpetrated only by the Left is beyond belief.
What is wrong with the conservatives of this world?


This report fails to mention the intimidation that other sources have reported to ‘persuade’ voters to stay at home. If you are afraid to leave your home, you are not able to have your voice/vote counted.


You are right that the U.S. play a destructive role in this war over the last 50 years - but wrong in implying that our government torpedoed the deal. In fact, this is a case where they actually played a productive role in making the agreement happen.

It’s a real shame that it got voted down - sad that a population would vote for continued war over peace


I’d agree that Cuba played a huge role (and a more positive role than the U.S.) - and certainly agree with statements about how our supposed “War on Drugs” just contributed to a War on Columbia. However, it looked to me like there was a turnaround in U.S. policy with the opening to Cuba and when the U.S. started taking part in the Columbia peace negotiations in Cuba in early 2015. Overall, I think that helped move the Columbian government side toward a variety of details in the agreement. This also included the suspension of the defoliation program you mentioned in October 2015.


Is there a way to require QUORUMS for elections, anywhere in the world?


Yes - In fact the lack of quorum issue just came up this week on an anti-immigration vote in Hungary.


From article entitled “Plan Colombia Vindicated: Colombia Rejects Peace” by Roger Harris on Counterpunch.org

The Obama administration, while giving lip service in support of the peace process, has massively increased lethal aid and transfer of the latest military technology to the Colombian government under the rubric of Plan Colombia. Presumptive president-elect Hillary Clinton has been on the campaign trail stomping for Plan Colombia as the world model for the military subjugation of those who oppose the extension of the US neoliberal empire.


How is what our government did productive? How is giving any government aid in the form of weapons productive?


While the rest of that article seems to report direct observation (I only skimmed it), the paragraph you quoted, at the very end of the article, bears no references or sourcing of any kind. I remain unconvinced.


Colombian. Colombia.


Yikes! Thanks.
I don’t know why I was discussing the drug war at that University in New York.


Forgiven. I don’t doubt that you know of what you speak. =)


But did it get voted down? Exit polls indicated a very different scenario.
Problem is, exit polls, once held as a tool for validation, are now ignored as insignificant blips on the radar.


I don’t know enough about the type of exit poll done in the Colombian election to comment. In the U.S. we no longer do exit polls to predict elections - only to examine the reasoning behind the way people vote. I did read that the turnout in the Colombian election was extremely low (≈37%) because of the hurricane and, since turnout was dramatically reduced in some areas compared with other areas as a result, it would make the election hard to predict in any case.


I’m sure there was no tampering of the polling stations and that no one was coerced by threats of physical violence to vote one way or the other…I mean It’s COLUMBIA for cryin’ out loud…No doubt this was all on the up and up


Why the comparison to Brexit----these are two very different issues-issues that only seem to get headline coverage.