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Unsure About Socialism? Here's More Evidence That Capitalism Is Killing America


Unsure About Socialism? Here's More Evidence That Capitalism Is Killing America

Paul Buchheit

A recent Gallup poll found that less people would vote for a socialist than for an atheist, a Muslim, or an evangelical Christian. Media-numbed Americans still believe that "government is the problem." Yet evidence keeps pouring in that free-market capitalism treats public safety as a profit-killer, dismisses environmental issues as irrelevant to business, and eliminates jobs to please investors.

Reports from the past six months show that the ongoing record of capitalist greed and irresponsibility has plunged to new lows.


Vulture capitalism has fed the obscenity of personal and corporate greed and is destroying the lives of millions and America - or the dream of America. For the few to live lives of ease and advantage almost unimaginable, millions are forced to struggle just to survive and raise a family with some measure of security and dignity, without fear - the lives of some can’t even be described as living, just existing. We have allowed the depraved to prey on the most vulnerable with no accountability - for profits above all else to rule our society.

The very wealthy have corrupted all notions of egalitarian nationhood to amass such great wealth they can buy governments, candidates, elections and legislation to protect and enhance their wealth and protect their crimes - crimes, scams, and vast wealth that have come to be seen as “normal” as just the way things are, but millions and millions are now demanding both real reforms - a political revolution - and accountability, a sea-change in how our world and republic are structured and will move into the future - a secure future for the 99%, livable environment and real justice - absolute end of all the mechanisms that have made so many so vulnerable to the few.

The leadership and moral vision Bernie Sanders fights for is a great start…


Vulture capitalism, hyper-capitalism, over financialized capitalism, etc. are all good terms to use, as capitalism in its right form (including proper regulation) is a positive providing it floats on a sea of socialism. The balance between socialism and capitalism is what matters. The language has been Orwellianized to a point whereby real discourse in such matters becomes impossible as every participant wants to play linguist instead of discussing problems and solutions. Divide and conquer TPTB have, indeed.


The people of Flint have recently been served up another trick from this Governor Snyder’s bag of tricks- They not only have been paying enormous amounts of money for their poison cocktail water from the Flint River, but now, after paying $1.2 million in TAX money for Mr. “Snyder’s Legal Defense”, Snyder has now announced that he will need an additional $1.5 million of TAX PAYER MONEY to continue his “Defense”-

From the Manistee News Advocate:
"The cost of Michigan drinking water continues to climb as Michigan Governor Rick Snyder asks the State Administrative Board to approve contracts worth up to 1.2 Million to cover his outside legal bills and Attorney General Bill Schuette asks for approval of A 1.5 MiIllion dollar contract with Attorney Todd Flood to “cover” the cost of his “Investigation” into the Public Health disaster- Todd has been A campaign donor to both Snyder and Schuette-

Ask yourselves just why the common people of Michigan, already being fleeced by this raptor, have to pony up the money for defending him for poisoning their brothers and sisters??? This “Thing” named Snyder knows no shame…


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If you have been over to the article on Trump trying to get protesters to disrupt Sanders rallies, America looks like what it has looked for the past sixteen years.

A brawl in a high school between guys with serious cooties.


I would characterize the 21st century more like closing in on realizing nineteenth century robber baron Jay Gould’s wish for half of the working class killing the other half.


You forgot to mention run away Corporate WAR Profiteering such that there is no money left for any social services


Thank you, Mr. Buchheit for another incisive, uncensored assessment of all those “freedoms” that U.S troops are murdering foreign others to allegedly protect here at home.



This problem is centuries old and endemic in most nations.

It is the problem of Power… working through inherited wealth, established dynastic families and the laws, courts, think tanks, media, and soldiers their wealth purchases.


Latins strike me as being very happy. When I visit Puerto Rico–maybe because it’s an island–there’s no SENSE of the refugee issue in Syria, the crisis of global warming, and even the financial crisis that IS impacting that island.

I note that same Latin love of life (along with song, dance, partying, romance, and appreciation for family outings) in Costa Rica.


The Chris Hedges’ piece pretty much concludes likewise.


Why approve the millions? Simply refer him to the public defenders office. Just like anyone else that can not afford legal counsel.


Well yes, the problem of the quest for power is centuries old and includes amassed wealth over generations - many who crave such power and wealth can be thought of and often are, depraved. I am somewhat more interested in how our own time and nation is corrupted, to identify the perps and mechanisms that affect us today - they certainly prey on the most vulnerable, are consumed by profits above all else, and are not held to account by the mechanisms or people they have corrupted…

Power does infect most nations and has in most times, I guess I should be more inclusive in my comments, but I can always count on you to fill-in the missing, unwritten parts…I don’t think
“bollocks!” is really warranted though…peace…

And speaking of the Chris Hedges piece if you haven’t yet read this one.


For us Toronto Raptor fans, please use raptor with a small r. Thanks :slight_smile:


I think it is urgent for us all to stop passage of TPP/TTIP, and to take on MONSANTO for starters.


Sorry-Not really into sports, but I will abide…


Oh-But he is too special for that- He needs to be behind BARS facing MURDER ONE charges-


Thank you, and I agree, but I recognize that this is a distinctly anti-socialist (and markedly anti-social) era.

That said, it remains a mystery why liberals are trying to put a “democratic socialist” button on Sen. Sanders lapel. He is not one, nor do today’s liberals support democratic socialism. Proof: They just spent the years of another administration celebrating middle class elitism while ignoring the consequences of our deregulated capitalism – our poverty crisis. (Nope, not the same thing as our low wage problem.)

Please check this out for yourself: Democratic socialism includes a legitimate welfare system. It is reality-based, recognizing that not everyone is able to work (health, etc.) and that there often aren’t jobs for all. It provides aid for those who aren’t of current use to employers. Sen. Sanders used to support this, but no longer does, and neither do today’s liberals. Sen. Sanders stands explicitly with workers, to the exclusion of the jobless. Ask him. This establishes his support for another eight years of laissez-faire capitalism.


Bullshit. You are lying about Bernie Sanders. You are SERIALLY lying about Sanders on multiple threads.

And as always, you provide NO CITATION AND NO EVIDENCE to support your lie.