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Until Elected Officials Champion Medicare for All, They Can Expect Nurses at Their Offices — and in Their Seats


Until Elected Officials Champion Medicare for All, They Can Expect Nurses at Their Offices — and in Their Seats

Bonnie Castillo

ere’s what nurses know about the body of our country: healthy leadership is required to pass healthy legislation, and that makes for a healthy society.


The only way to heal this nation, is to “Throw the Bums Out.”

Let’s listen to the Nurse’s and begin the healing process.


Nurses are extremely well positioned to exert pressure. They continue to push for single-payer, and they will be heard. When/if more physicians join the chorus, they will be hard to stop. This isn’t going away, much to the chagrin of Rethugs and DDDDs. There is no ‘rational’ reason to hold on to the private model. Unless, of course, $$$ is rationality enough. Our numbers (% favoring SP) are growing. Even my extremely redneck right-wing brother is seeing it.

I may (obviously) be wrong, but I see a Wall coming down in our future.


Nurses know that insurance is a financial product, not a health care product. Solidarity !


United States National Health Care Act, or Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act, yes. However, Just looking at California’s line-up for Governor 2018 election, sorry doesn’t look good. Newsome, and the rest, talk the talk, never walk the walk.


Retired Surgical Tech, I stand with nurses.


After the Cassidy/Graham pile of digested horse feed was exposed for what it was, they promised to come up with another version that didn’t have the defects of the previous one that they claimed people didn’t understand. It will be presented Monday so everything you heard about Cassidy/Graham is no longer operative.

You have to ask yourself if the two shickenchits who wrote the original can now come up with a better bill, not even necessarily an adequate bill, why didn’t they do it in the first place? One suspects that the second bill isn’t going to be any different from the first and the only reason for its existence is to give people like Rand cover for voting for it so that it passes.

Mr. Kimmel didn’t want to criticize Graham too harshly because Lindsey reminds him of his grandmother, but I have no problem with that. Graham is no less a slick shyster who talks out both sides of his mouth than Cassidy is. Both of them are filthy liars who try to assume a cloak of decency and uprightness, but both of them are miserable failures in that attempt.

And regarding the nurses, here’s some advice to politicians. Don’t mess with the Adelas. They will cut you into little pieces. They proved it once during the Mexican Revolution and they will do it again.


It’s happening. Doctors are shifting their positions. Most now support single-payer.

From Kaiser via US NEWS and World Report: Doctors Warm to Single-Payer Health Care

(Click on the icon for an infographic of results.)


I’d like to give this post 1,000,000 likes. It’s true, the only reason we don’t have single payer, is to keep the insurance companies profits high. Not only do they keep 20% of the premiums paid, they can deny coverage. Profit over people…and it’s not just in the insurance industry. Marx was right about Capitalism.