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"UnTrump the World": Hundreds of Thousands March in Berlin Against the Far Right


"UnTrump the World": Hundreds of Thousands March in Berlin Against the Far Right

Common Dreams staff

Hundreds of thousands of people marched Saturday afternoon demonstrating against racism and calling for solidarity against the rise of far-right populism across Germany.

On a hot and sunny fall day a 3-mile stretch of Berlin city's center, from Alexanderplatz through the Brandenburg Gate to the Victory Column, was closed to accommodate the huge parade, which was united under the hashtag #unteilbar ("indivisible").


I don’t see this is “Un-Trump”. But I do get what they’re doing and the numbers are impressive. I can’t imagine in a free country like Germany where you can demonstrate without be charged money to do it or police shoot tear gas at you. What a wonderful country Germany. Living in America is pretty tough.


The non-violent Revolution we’ve been talking about will be Global –
and it is centered in a rise of the Fourth Reich by secrecy and stealth to
overturn democracies wherever they exist –

The tools are primarily secrecy/stealth in intelligence networks working for Elites -

The tools are Elite-Patriarchy – patriarchal control of our societies everywhere and their violence
against females.

The tools are what they’ve always been for Global Conquest … “Christianity” and Capitalism
– its great violence – and its great destruction by exploitation of natural resources and human beings.

We saw the role they all played in this nation stolen from the Native People – and in the lies Our Founders told in our own Constitution which certainly didn’t create a democracy … it created an Elite-Patriarchy.

Our Founders endowed their fellow Elites with land grants – gave them immense influence and
control over our people’s government, the nation’s wealth and natural resources.

Our Founders also saved and supported the system Slavery for Elites/wealthy which GUARANTEED
the Civil War, which further benefitted Elites by splitting the nation into two camps of hatred which still echo today.

Columbus didn’t come alone – he was a Catholic - with family connections to the Vatican.
The Genocide against the Native American here was run under Papal Edicts to “Enslave or kill” the natives they labelled “pagans … only fit to be fed to the dogs.” And same for the Africans enslaved here.

Our Founders also established “Church Schools” run by the Catholic Church & the Mormon Church and Native American children were forced into those schools - often kidnapped from their parents – and parents had no right to visitation. In these schools, these native children were not permitted to speak in their own languages – they were beaten, mutilated, tortured, hung, murdered – and sexually abused.
Sound familiar?

The precedent setting violence of the Vatican/Catholic Church in Europe, which soaked the soil of Europe in blood for hundreds of years did not prevent its violence from being used here by Elites – in fact, it was welcomed. The horrors of the Genocide against the Native American aren’t exactly read to children in their elementary classrooms, but somehow we all get the idea of what happens in any oppression of a people. It can only be accomplished by great violence and that is what happened here.

See: CIA’s Operation Mockingbird, Paperclip, Gladio


My God, this is the most beautiful sight I’ve ever seen. May God be with you all whoever God might be


Everything the fucking Israeli authorities have been practicing on the Palestinians will go global unless we show back bone to stand up to the right wing fascist/Zionist global agenda machine.


This is great to see.

Too bad it is only tiny fraction of the number of people who came out to Trump’s inauguration (according to Trump).


Read the Papal Bulls behind the colonizing Doctrine of Discovery and you see precisely the lineage of the ‘fine print’ model on “end user agreements” in the 21st century


They are setting a fine standard of all of our shadow are the same color.


Yes, Greenwich, as Karl Polanyi exposed in his massive work “The Great Transformation” in the UHNWIs and “Ruling Elite” transforming from a church-centric Empire system after the Roman lead to the post 1500 Empire system of Nation-state centric Empires the new leverage of first overt and later disguised global capitalist Empire (now in the 21st centry) has been “Empires all the way down” forever.

However, as far as people really thinking about how to vote in 2018 (and 2020) these are some to the comments and directives I’ve been placing in the NY “Times” since as Dylan sang, “The ‘Times’ they are a changin”:

Here’s my triplet of protest songs for a peaceful people’s “Revolution Against Empire”, which may not be able to save anything just through another (11th) round of ‘least worst voting’ in 2018, but should bring down the house, not just in New Orleans, but of the Empire by 2020.

My advice to all Americans about voting in 2018 if they are smart, but more about 2020 if they’re not, is to ask themselves this simple but seminal question:

Do you want to vote in favor of a country that “acts like an Empire?” — or a country that “acts like a democracy?”

With all that will happen under Emperor Trump over two more years — the answer will be all too obvious — as these three protests songs and their living or dead ‘artists’ somehow mutually ‘perceived’, before reality, through the strange power of “analogy thinking” against our now deadly era (and error) of “Empire-thinking”:




Didn’t John Dee push a similar agenda for Protestant world domination and initiate the British empire? The “Church” has been wicked thing.


It is great to be against the far right, but you don’t “un-Trump” the world unless there are plans and a vision to radically change the context that is producing the far right. If this turns into a revival of the alter-globalization movement, if there are concrete policies and institutions that will take the place of those leading us collectively to hell, great. In Europe, if there are coherent plans and movements set to radically change the structure of the EU and the EMU, great. But if you don’t do that, then an actual progressive platform will not be possible. Greece is in this position entirely because of the structure of the EU and the EMU. You don’t fight the Golden Dawn with a protest alone, you fight them by implementing policies and changing a context where people are open to the Golden Dawn.

I welcome an awakening of the radical spirit. But if it amounts to saying you are against the far right without any real coherent way to fight it, it’s doesn’t mean anything. Protests are good, especially if they get people together, help them to connect and organize. But if there are protests and then people go back to working within institutions and within a policy framework that won’t change anything, then it will be just a protest.


Karl Polanyi wrote in the Great Transformation about the “double movement”. There was a movement in the late 19th and early 20th centuries towards a self-adjusting or free market. The elites were driving this. But this proved to destabilize societies, there was unrest, the radical left was growing, and societies moved in the opposite direction. The opposite direction was to protect itself from the free market. So, a double movement, the elites moving towards a self regulating market, and society (across the ideological spectrum) moving in the opposite direction. In Germany, they were devastated and destroyed by debt after they lost WWI, and the protection was against both this movement, as well as the radical left, which almost won in a revolution. Hitler was the end result. In the US, it eventually led to the New Deal. Back then there was a radical left in the West, unions were much stronger too. If that isn’t revived, if alternative institutions and policies aren’t proposed and put in place, there will be no double movement, only a continuation of the movement towards a free market, then collapse.


If we don’t fight back Now, we will lose everything we have left, which ain’t much! Why is everyone that Afraid??? What if we refused to fight the enemies in WW2? We would have been gone long ago under Nazi Law. Same thing is happening now! Don’t u see it? These peaceful rallies accomplish nothing. We have the numbers and we have not been using them effectively at all. They are systematically killing us… and we are allowing it! You have two choices … waste time doing what doesn’t work or get moving with an aggressive plan to stop their carnage by turning your heads the wrong way. Stop being a Coward!


The right wing is certainly rising in East Germany. There is a big gap in wealth between West Germany and East Germany and this seems to be helping the far right. Angela Merkel seems to be having problems dealing with the immigration issue. Much of the anger in Germany is being directed against Muslims. Many Muslims escaped from the Middle East to find a peaceful life in Germany and now that dream is turning into a nightmare as they are being attacked by violent right wingers.


Evolution is accelerating at an accelerating rate.

Representative democracy mostly represents capital.

Ancient and organic democracy used by cosmic powered biology manifest as human will soon replace capitalism.

Focus of distributed human intelligence using autonomous democracy already knows the identity of Earth’s largest polluters.

The will to survive is open for suggestions. Talk with friends.


Joan Robinson is insightful and correct, as usual.

Just violence against violence and abuse merely increases the problem. Failing to see unequal distributions of power as the root of the problem promotes the very frustration, anger, and violence which is the problem
–which is a product of powerlessness.

Joan is correct. Until we create a new vision that institutionalizes political policies and cultural practices that support and promote belonging vs. alienation as the basis for relationships, peaceful resolution vs. violence as the way to resolve conflicts, and an equal distribution of personal power throughout the world vs. our ownership/consumer society, this cycle of power and wealth bubbles will continue to sow and reap powerlessness, frustration, anger, and violence amongst us.

A new just social structure requires a shared vision.
Establishing new policies, institutional structures, and social practices will take a couple of generations, at the very least. A vision, a shared vision, is the starting point.

Understanding that positive, progressive change follows the spreading of a vision
that leads to a significant alteration of an uncritical embrace of a dystopian way of life
is the foundation upon which new human relationships throughout societies and nations around the world
can manifest.

It is a monumental task. It is THE monumental task of our era. It will take the lifetime work of visionaries at every corner of our planet. To begin, we must see beyond violence, possessions, wealth at the expense of others, and power over others, and spread a vision of
a humanity that lives With the way life works.


And a fine selection of tunes it is.

I’m also reminded in these economic times of Jim Capaldi’s words from Traffic’s Low Spark of High-heeled Boys:

The percentage you’re paying is too high-priced
While you’re living beyond all your means
And the man in the suit has just bought a new car
From the profit he’s made on your dreams …


Quite frankly believe in this thing called the Free Market is like believing in the tooth fairy.

There no such thing and the greater the discrepancy there is in power (be it financial., physical social status or however one measures it) the more remote that fable.


240,000 Germany seem to be sending the US a message – UN-TRUMP

For an Open and Free Society: Solidarity, not Exclusion!
Demonstration: 13 October 2018 – 13:00 Berlin

For a Europe of human rights and social justice!
For a solidarity-based society rather than exclusion and racism!
For the right to protection and asylum – against the isolation of Europe!
For a free and diverse society!
Solidarity knows no borders!


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