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"UnTrump the World": Hundreds of Thousands March in Berlin Against the Far Right


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before I post –


My first instinct after reading this article was to think, “Sure wish we could see this kind of interest in change in the U.S.”. But I don’t think we will any time soon. People are too comfortable here. Also, agreeing with you, protest marches are good but they are not enough, now. I am adamantly for change via non-violent means only. MLK is my example but what we are facing today, globally, will take nothing less than some significant evolution of the human spirit…that sense of our existential connection to one another, In which the majority of human beings include every other human being, and to the planet that enables us to thrive. I don’t know if there is enough time for this to take place, though, given our history of clinging to things like self-centered living and wars to achieve goals. That along with our new ability to destroy ourselves and the planet if we don’t change doesn’t make me feel very hopeful. But I’ll never give up trying to bring about things that do.


Weird that in places like Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Norway, Austria, Germany etc., there exists right this minute societies that largely take care of each other, through effective governance. Yes yes capitalism exists in those countries so an openly sharing of everything Utopia has yet to evolve.

So, in the meantime, can’t we just work toward something like the Nordic Economic Model?

I would trade my US citizenship in a heartbeat if I could attain a basic dignity of life, especially as I face my autumn years e.g., healthcare, dental care, affordable housing and stuff like that.

Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a country where the population at large isn’t stressed out, living in an impending doom pressure cooker?

I mean, wouldn’t that be nice? Sounds damn Utopian.


Yes, it would indeed be very nice to live in one of those more enlightened countries. They still have their problems but nothing like America in it’s current state: definitely NOT the “greatest country in the world”, as so many stubbornly seem to think. (Actually, maybe, someday, we won’t even need countries any more.) I swear, if it weren’t for my own advancing years and not-the-greatest health, if DJT were to get re-elected I would move on out in a heartbeat. but I would miss the land and most of it’s good people.


Unfortunately the oligarchy seems to have convinced liberals to disarm while it’s conservative stormtroopers plan to kill liberals and leftists

In his political text “Problems of War and Strategy,” Mao Zedong wrote that “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun .”

Without money and without arms liberals have little power.

Conservatives live in fear. Armed liberals would show them for the pussies they are and command their respect.


Thanks for the historical cite. Also, the “ownership” of all land in the USA is “legally” based in the Doctrine of Discovery whereby the Pope – the Pope! – decreed that all the un-Christian lands that might be discovered were OK by God for Christian nations to waltz in, show up, and stake claim to own. Poor unfortunate Native peoples, in the way of God’s will.

There is literally a US Supreme Court decision from about two centuries back, settling precedent for land disputes, that cites the Papal doctrine as the legal basis for the ownership of the land. (Blessings to Steven Newcomb for his work to bring this ugliness into the light of reason.)

ALL land title in the USA traces back to illegitimate “Christian” theft as the “legal” basis for the title.


Capaldi, same song:
“But the spirit is something that no one destroys”


Trump had nothing to do with that march. Common Dreams staff really wants us to not believe anything they write.


Here’s my contribution to the protest song list - the great Iris DeMent, with a voice to make your heart break or/and your anger and resolve grow.to the critical-mass needed. This song for resolve and anger - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYqDpL0YCvI

…for her sweeter side of protest there’s this …https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JwNm5h61F4I
We won’t keep quite!


Berlin, Not Washington.

Of course.

Only when such crowds come out to oppose our rule by the One Percent, and by Amerika’s warmongering duopoly, will our oppression begin to end.


…Unfuck the World…


When we mention the “Elite Patriarchal” I think immediately of Hatch, Grassley, and even Leahy to some extent. What do we do if they won’t leave peacefully? We can;t vote them out because the system is rigged, and if wasn’t they would find a way to cheat the vote anyway.
They are the quintessential kid on the block who has to have everything their way every day. Power hungry jerks that have nothing in common with the average Joe.


Facts and truth are never boring and worth repeating. Thanks for your work on this site.


Wouldn’t it be nice if hate had never existed in the human experience.


Not just hate. Discrimination, jealousy, greed, and all the seven deadly sins.
Love that song.


Strange but there is nothing about this march that i can find on the main uk news sites. This is the first i heard of it. And good for everyone participating.


God Only Knows


Trump won a protest vote for people’s dissatisfaction with neoliberal Democrats. A bomb to the system. Revenge against Democrat sellouts. We tried that but the neoliberals still rule the Dems.

For lack of a better system (like liquid democracy), to “UnTrump the World” we need better alternatives to vote for. The DSA has a slight advantage but needs more good candidates and support from small donations.

Dems choice will be candidate Biden, an establishment neoliberal that a Democrat majority conditioned to fear socialism, will prefer. One that will take legal Big Money bribes and carry on Obomba’s disappointments.

Despite Bernie’s “vote for Democrat’s” suggestions, if Libs and Progressives again decide not to vote, to vote third party, or even for Trump, we could have fascism for four (or more) years.

Progressives are tired of baby steps and some would welcome a revolution sooner, even if started by the right.

That leaves me with two choices: do I trust Bernie or roll over for the Republican Mafia? I don’t want to wait too long for democracy after fascism gets better established.


webwalk –

Recall “Doctrine of Discovery” – but not all of the particular you supplied.

And for link:
(Blessings to Steven Newcomb for his work to bring this ugliness into the light of reason.)

I’ll save the information – and so much for “Separation of Church & State” in US

What our government does best is enslave people.

Thank You!!


Old goat -

Thank you –

And believe that despite requests to overturn Papal Bulls/Doctrine of Discovery -
think by United Nations? – this stuff still stands.

Will try to look into that tomorrow

Recall also that immediately after WWII, there were calls for the Vatican/Catholic Church to
“Confess to its Guilt and Co-Responsibility for the Jewish Holocaust in Germany.”

This is based, of course, in its 1,500 years of vile propaganda against the Jews in the Papal
States which spread intolerance and hatred for Jews throughout the Papal States setting the
stage for Hitler. Even after Italy and France closed the Pope’s Jewish Ghettos which confined
them and isolated them from societies in the Papal States for more than 1,100 years where
they were forced to wear Yellow Stars, where they were barred from education, professions,
the Pope/Vatican continued their circulation of vile propaganda against the Jews for another
100 years. The Pope is also accused of “catapulting” Hitler/Nazis to power.

When Italy closed the Jewish Ghettoes, they also moved the Vatican back to its current one or
two mile area where it currently resides – an all male “sovereign” nation recognized by the United
Nations with voting rights. It was Mussolini who returned their status as a “sovereign” nation.