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Unwanted Ivanka: Daddy Will You Buy Me A Pony or Country?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2019/07/01/unwanted-ivanka-daddy-will-you-buy-me-pony-or-country

This would all be hilarious if we weren’t living it. Oh never mind me I will just go back to pouring vodka into my coffee and crying.


Tullamore Dew for me, hold the coffee.

Here are some further suggestions for bringing history up to date:
–Ivanka in the Dallas PD building as Jack Ruby pulls the trigger on Lee Patsy Oswald;
–Ivanka mourning the fallen student at Kent State;
–Ivanka’s pink-polished toenails sticking out of the rubble of the Shatila refugee camp.

I feel better already.


Ivanka Gump.


Actually she seemed to understand Male Dominated
Which shows a teeny bit more intelligence than the gop lunatics run by that “bend over for money” mcconnell

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I am uncomfortable with this type of “empty-headed Princess Invanka” stereotyped criticism being leveled at her because I’ve seen this same type of criticism leveled at women of substance so many times as a way to shut them up. Clearly, her brothers and certainly her father are probably more empty-headed and exude the same kind of entitled persona as her.


Putrid in pink…


Hi dpearl:
sigh ------yes with all the trouble so many women have in making their way in the world, this does seem like overkill—but conversely, it also seems necessary. Probably because both Jared and Ivanka prove, and show us daily how a lot of money can’t always be mistaken for intelligence.
I also wonder, if Trump beings her along because she is very attractive, and I think that he must believe that having a young attractive woman by his side makes him more powerful in the world. He is wrong, because once people get beyond the first Ivanka impression, they are flummoxed as to what to do with her,


Also as a support/ cover for him in his increasing cognitive decline.
Or incest is best.
Or both.

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Kushner Alone has the Mideast Solution ???

Hilarious, but regardless she looks great!

OTOH, as a daddy, Trump delivers to his princess! Here’s a bias checker: would you mind if you liked Trump?

Hey, don’t insult Forrest Gump that way! But I will agree with you that Ivanka and its trumptard father are probably both a few degrees lower on the bell curve.

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Ahhhh, Ivanka is just sooooo blonde … how do you tell when there’s a blonde in the house? There’s white-out all over the laptop screen.

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With that sort of money I could make Hitler, Pol Pot, Kim Whatsizname or even Quasimodo look good.
“Beautiful is as beautiful does.” makes her ugly as sin.

I’d have to be crazy to like Trump so I probably wouldn’t. Thing is, the politicians that I “like” wouldn’t dream of doing anything so inappropriate as taking her to the HoS meetings.