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Up 72 Perecent From Just Six Years Ago, Organic Farm Sales Soar


Up 72 Perecent From Just Six Years Ago, Organic Farm Sales Soar

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Americans are increasingly hungry for naturally-grown and healthier foods and, according to a new USDA statistics, sales of the organic farms in the U.S. skyrocketed in 2014 with consumer spending up 72 percent since 2008.


The choice is clear; consumers can choose to buy locally and sustainably-grown organic (even non-organic local family farm produce is preferable to industrial agriculture for a multitude of reasons) to help bring down Monsatan and corporate industrial agribusiness. Corporate big-ag uses millions of tons of non-organic fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides annually that are not healthy for humans, (often primary cause of diseases and conditions) and are a primary source of water degradation/pollution, both fresh and marine, that have decimated fisheries industries (among other non-sustainable practices). When we buy organic (assuming it actually is) we bring the costs down and strike a blow at chemical conglomerate poisoning of Mother Earth.

Bsides corporate big-ag using chemical poisons on croplands they use GMO and hybrid varieties that often do not have the same nutritional value for the consumer - they look pretty and ship well but usually taste like cardboard but do not have the same nutritional value as older open-pollinated and some older hybrid varieties. GMO and hybrid varieties also cannot be "saved" as seed for the next season, but must be purchased from corporate pirates annually. The "feeding the world" ploy to push GMO's is a propaganda scam to secure control/domination of food, that, like water, is one of our most basis needs - potentially very profitable for the greed-driven corporate entity.





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One other thing not covered in this article is trading . . . .
Where I live and shop there is a whole lot of trading going on at many, many levels.
Work trade, trade for a different products that I don't grow, many folks are collecting money from folks still working for a pay check and they in turn supply any or various produce to them and we also have restaurants that buy and trade for home grown produce.
We can also talk about rabbits, chickens, pigs, eggs of course and don't forget beef that gets traded.
The writer should spend some time doing research. There is so much more going on that isn't mentioned here and certainly not in the main stream media.
There is a whole other world going on that seems to be, dare I say, underground!!!!


If you've got a yard or room for planters, it's one way to know for sure where your food comes from and what doesn't get sprayed on it. Use organic plant foods and make your own compost. Get some seeds from a trusted non-GMO provider, and try growing your own, and learn canning and other preserving techniques to make the surplus last.
As a gardener, I take note of what grows best in my area and what is least susceptible to pests. I have learned natural prevention methods as well - such as luring birds and beneficial insects that prey on the pests.
While one might not be able to produce all of their fruit and vegetable intake from a garden or farm, it's still a good way to control what happens to your food in the growing stage, and get the satisfaction of seeing the plants you nurtured from seed grow into fruition.


Excellent troll comment, right out of the gate, from the Orwellian name "Free to Choose". You could hardly be more obvious if your screen name was Monsanto.

You are free to drink Round Up if you like. The rest of us would like options that are clearly healthier — for our bodies, for the earth, and for the species we share it with. Organic fruits and vegetables, locally-grown, are far healthier than buying the crap that gets passed off as "food" in grocery chains.

It doesn't take a wizard to see through ConAgra/Monsanto propaganda when it comes to the food we eat.


No it's your comment that's mis-leading, especially the 'cost' part. Organic foods may or may not cost a bit more at the point of purchase but that's because the true costs of production of industrial ag's crap is externaized onto future generations who'll have to clean up the mess and onto the rest of the biosphere that is being thrown out of balance by the destruction of the soils and water that underlie every aspect our interconnected web of life.

And for what? Larger corporate profits for shareholders, it's the same story everywhere, gluttonous profit for the few enabled by captured governments, mis-leading advertising and short-term thinking, capitalism, in short, is the problem.


If you have even gotten your hands dirty digging in the soil, you know the difference between organic soil which has never been drowned in Round Up and soil that has been which is devoid of life. Dig in the dirt, it is freeing.


Evidence is NOT spotty as to "their beneficial health effects compared to equivalent non-organically made foods."

And furthermore, factoring in the hidden and uncounted cost of the destruction not only of personal health but also the catastrophic and continuing destruction of environmental health would make organic foods a bargain at twice the price.


Ouch, that comment is nothing but so unbelievably brainwashed by most likely right wing media. There is so much evidence out there how much healthier organically made foods are compared to conventionally grown which is loaded with toxic stuff. Of course Monsanto and such want to make consumers believe that it makes no difference, but one just has to use a bit of common sense, I think, to figure this one out....


Conservatives like to eat GMO's antibiotics and pesticides. Why not label foods so they know which to eat?


Thank you for your comments. I actually did read them previously.

I see this issue from both angles. And hear my coworkers with equally small budgets complain about the price of organics often. I on the other hand have lived an organic food based lifestyle since the 70's. We grow a lot of our food, buy from not only our local natural market but the big stores like Wally World and our local chain and belong to a food buying club and buy in bulk. There are many ways to eat well with a minimum of toxins but it takes some effort. And I know we are all busy trying to make a buck but you have to prioritize your healthy intake as very important or it never gets done. And throw out your microwave, it destroys any nutrition that you might get from fresh healthy food.

This is not a sound bite issue. The corporations would like us to think so, just be happy and eat chems and GMO's and all will be well. I think freedom to eat healthy is becoming very scarce given the predominance of chemicals and GMO's in our soil, water, air and in the bulk of our food. That is an issue we all need to be on top of and let our local reps in Washington know that we are paying attention.


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It is true that organically and/or locally grown food very often is more expensive. Therefore lower income people think they cannot afford to buy this better stuff. I said "think". Watching some people what they put in their shopping carts makes me wonder whether they really could not afford to buy healthier things rather than that junk food. Below the line I truly believe it would be possible. It's about making choices and maybe some math.... And furthermore maybe educating would help, too.....


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And that's the reason why....
Who woulda thunk Costco would become the largest purveyor of organic foods?
So happy they have! ☺️


Blah blah blah.


Well Free, you wandered off the plantation of CD, and got attacked..big surprise. I happen to agree with you. I don't have a dog in this fight, as I live in the country and have a garden..so I just go pick and can (remember when people actually did that? :wink: Anyway, I'm all for not polluting the environment or myself. That said, organic is much more expensive, which is definitlely a consideration unless you are some superior rich ex hippy in SoHo. The reality is, most major super markets know how to make a buck, and have jumped on the Organic bandwagon. They know they can charge higher margins and people will pay for it. Many small producers of Organic have been driven from the market in favor of large operations...the cycle continues...


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