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'Up All Night' Protests Sweep France as 100,000 Join Pro-Democracy Movement


'Up All Night' Protests Sweep France as 100,000 Join Pro-Democracy Movement

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

A police crackdown will not deter France's burgeoning Nuit Debout (or 'Up All Night') movement that has swept across the country in recent weeks as the unifying call for change sparked protests in over 50 cities this weekend.

Riot police early Monday cleared the encampment in the Place de la Republique in central Paris after 11 nights of protest, but demonstrators have vowed to maintain their nightly vigil.


As Occupy Wall Street represented, THIS is what democracy looks like! Now if more American’s will get-up off their couches, smell the corruption and complicity, and get out into the streets! WHOSE streets? OUR streets! WE ARE The 99%!

OCCUPY Politics! Feel the Bern!


The above picture of the masses of people protesting in Paris, is what is needed in Washington D.C.


It seems most of the world’s people are all fighting the same battle. All I can say is IF Trump is pushed on us in November or there is any stolen election, the people of the US need to learn that we MUST get in the streets in these kind of quantities and learn from other countries how to do it. We are new at this – but they are not. They know better so we need to follow this lead.


You mean like this?


Endorsing Organizations

15 Now Philly
100 Grannies for a Livable Future
Act.tv ACTION United African American Ministers in Action
American Ethical Union American Family Voices
American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO)
Avaaz Backbone Campaign Big Apple Coffee Party Brave New Films Catholics United
Center for Biological Diversity Center for the Working Poor
Citizen Action NY Chesapeake Climate Action Network
Climate First! Code Pink
Coffee Party USA Columbus Campaign for Arms Control
Conscious Elders Network Courage Campaign
Ctzn Well Delaware Get Money Out
Demand Progress Democracy Chronicles
Democracy Coffee Democracy for America
Democracy Matters Democratic Socialists of America
Demos Dolores Huerta Foundation
East Coast Cannabis Coalition (ECCC)
East Point Peace Academy Elder Activists
Elders Climate Action Every Voice
Energy Action Coalition Food & Water Watch
Franciscan Action Network Friends of the Earth

Georgetown Law Students for Bernie Sanders
Get Money Out - Maryland

Human Earth Animal Liberation (HEAL) Hightower Lowdown

Institute for Policy Studies
Interfaith Moral Action on Climate (IMAC)
Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement

Jewish Voice for Peace
Just Foreign Policy

Leadership Development Initiative
Marc Osten Consulting March Against Corruption
March Against Monsanto Maryland Committee to Amend
Massachusetts Communities Action Network (MCAN)
MAYDAY.US Money Out! People In!

National Organization for Women (NOW)
National LGBTQ Task Force Action Fund
National People’s Action
Network of Spiritual Progressives/ Tikkun Magazine
New Hampshire Rebellion

Occupy Catholics Oil Change International
Office of the Americas Other 98%
OUR Wal-Mart

PA United to Amend Pachamama Alliance
Pay 2 Play Peace Action
People Demanding Action People for Bernie
People for the American Way People Over Politics
People’s Empowerment Project
Pride at Work-New York City/Long Island
Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC)
Progressive Democrats of America
Public Citizen

Real Food Challenge
Retail, Wholesale, and Department Store Union (RWDSU)
ReThink Media RootsAction
Rootskeeper.org Rootstrikers

Shalom Center Small Planet Institute
Social Security Works South Central Wisconsin United To Amend
Spring Up
St. Joseph’s House of Hospitality, The Rochester NY Catholic Worker
Stamp Stampede Stop Police Terror Project DC
Sustain US

Unitarian Universalist Association
Unitarian Universalist Church of Delaware County
Unite Here Local 23 United Native Americans
United for Peace and Justice
United Students Against Sweatshops (USAS)
United States Student Association (USSA)
United We Dream
U.S. Climate Plan
Ursulines of Tildonk for Justice & Peace

Veterans for Peace We are Woman
We the People Massachusetts WildEarth Guardians
Wisconsin Grassroots Network WolfPAC
Women for Bernie
Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom, DC Branch
Women’s Promise Working Families Party
Workmen’s Circle World Beyond War

Yes Men
Youth Jobs Coalition / We Have a Future


It is this that the Democratic Party fears. A mass movement out in the streets peacefully assembled to save their democracy and to fight the oligarchy and the dominance of the status quo elites.

The Democratic Party fears this kind of thing could happen here if they subvert the will of the people like they have been doing. And they should fear that this would happen. They should also fear that Hillary becomes seen as an unpopular and illegitimate president.

It is this kind of thing that they fear most >>> The people active and in the streets instead of asleep and apathetic.

The interesting thing is that if they could, they’d prevent all knowledge of this happening from reaching Americans. It isn’t only the Chinese government who controls what news gets out. If Americans see this then they know it is possible and then …lol … Guess what will happen here!!!


WOW! What a list! Thanks.


A thwarted election is too late. I am happy that this is happening now because it gives the Democratic Party pause. The status quo elites need to see this and think about what they are doing to people. They expected that people will just stay apathetic and grumble and rant about what they don’t like but that’s it. However this kind of thing is scaring them. They know they are cheating and they just want to get away with it not start mass movements and maybe civil unrest. This makes the superdelegates screwing the people a risky as hell proposition.

This makes me think that the convention will not risk such a backlash if they try to force Hillary upon an unwelcome public. They may pretend that she is so popular but they are starting to believe their own rigged game instead of sensing the real mood of the electorate.

Go Bernie… There is a change happening in the world. Thank you.


I feel as if my heart and soul are being lifted off-ground. Maybe, just maybe SANITY will gain ground? I grow so weary of the insanity of our times. Let’s change that, this is Our Country and it Includes Everyone, so let’s claim it as such. All our shadows are the same color world wide.


Thank you for your service.


Let’s hope that the Democratic Party smartens up and doesn’t try to pull a fast one at the conventions. If things turn ugly then we all lose. Maybe the superdelegates, the biased media and the status quo elites better stop believing their own rigged game propaganda and let people decide for themselves fairly. Much is being risked here and the status quo is willing to risk it only because they are self serving. Too much of a gamble with too much to lose! That includes both democracy and a peaceful nation. They are pushing people too far with Citizens United, big money corruption, bank bailouts yet millions get foreclosed on etc. Hillary was terrible as Sec of State and made blunders that expanded the endless war and gave rise to more terrorism (ISIS) yet they keep telling us that she is more qualified? What a crock!

The ‘Up All Night’ protests in France are thrilling. Americans see a country like ours and a people like ours protesting and we take notice that people like us around the world are getting together. There is a change taking place and I hope it comes to America.


OWS had one major problem… It was a cold, wet, miserable winter!

The conventions are this summer. Kids are out of school with plenty of time on their hands. It’s warm enough to enjoy living outdoors for extended periods.

One can hope for an American Summer.

Let’s bring back the fine tradition of block parties…

Revolution ON!!!


How about IF HRC is elected?


Ya really think so?


I was at an all-night rally in Lexington, MA on the 200th anniversary of Paul Revere’s ride and subsequent armed resistance to the Crown. At dawn we had the American side of a historic bridge and all the rich people sponsoring their little tiny historical popgun show had the British side of the bridge.


I like it–except the MoveOn.org part/thingy. No thanks.


I really do although that doesn’t mean they can see beyond their own self serving agendas. Some may be willing to sacrifice the peace of the country for the unrest that could result from a rigged game election but had these things been happening early on in the race, I think many superdelegates would have held back coming out for Hillary so quickly. Many certainly regret their decision now. They don’t relish bucking the dem status quo elite structure but then they see how badly this could end up too and they’d be responsible. It is pretty obvious to everybody that Hillary is just not the popular candidate that she was anymore.


Viva la France!


If she’s rightfully elected, I was say probably not. But if she ends up being the candidate and it look like another stolen election (since the polls show she may win only by a narrow margin), then I’d say YES. I think the corporate plan is to get her to be the candidate so the election can be stolen again. Just my hunch.


Contemporary US society is “new” to gross street protests…
US history teaches us that “…historically” it is not new to us.
Almost ALL progressive societal achievements have been not, “given” by the elites, but FORCED from them thru street action.
What will make it more difficult is the militarization of the US police forces…have been arming themselves through taxpayer giveaways for several decades…and will be formidable.
Without getting into the pros and cons of the NRA etc…"…an armed populace is the ONLY bulwark against totalitarianism."