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Up in Arms Over Failed Barrett Hearings, Watchdog Calls for Feinstein's Removal as Ranking Member on Senate Judiciary

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/15/arms-over-failed-barrett-hearings-watchdog-calls-feinsteins-removal-ranking-member


The fossilized corporate sellout neoliberal Dems symbolized by Feinstein, Schumer, Manchin, Hoyer, Pelosi, et al. must be purged.
They’re not as horrible as their GOP counterparts, but only because they lack the energy and strength to do much of anything other than collude and collapse.
Feinstein: “Welcome to the Supreme Court, Handmaid Amy, and thank you dear Lindsay. Aren’t we all just one big happy club of elites. Now go on and serve Lord Trump and put women’s rights back into the 19th century.”


What a poignant moment, Feinstein all hugged up with Graham.
Reminds me of Biden’s back stabbing Anita Hill and voting for Thomas
to the supreme court.

At least 80% of Dems will vote for Barrett …the same as voted for other
Trump fed court appointees.


horrible person is feinstein the dragon who should have been long gone. damn the democrats. that she ended up hugging the fucking lindsay graham who broke many laws by running the charade of these hearings on the worst candidate ever presented to amerika to be on the supreme court which is nothing more than a spokesperson for corporate amerika shows you who she really is.


Any hens left? All I see are foxes.


Oh, and note, this gruesome dinosaur hugged the soulless hypocrite maskless. Maskless. WTF. 87 year old amoral poc, embracing another poc.

Gruesome dinosaur and soulless hypocrite are interchangeable between Conservadems and Rethuglicons, that Graham and Feinstein are.


With “friends” like these

We need enemas


Let me get this straight, Feinstein both hugged and praised Lindsay Graham for his “leadership”??? What’s she smokin’? Barrett’s views are clearly publicly known. For her to sit there and claim she can’t answer questions so as not to show any bias was a joke. A joke I did not bother to watch because the whole thing is a charade. Three years as a judge qualifies no one for the SC.


Feinstein’s needed to retire since the W. years. Aside from giving Lindsay a nice photo op, potentially helping save his Senate seat, if she gets the gavel, Democrats in the caucus need to be clear that the blue slip tradition is gone. Republicans used it (under Leahy) to block seats, then dumped it when Trump took over. Now the judiciary is stacked with Trumpers. Nobody cares about these traditions, they are dead.


None of the Dems will vote for Barrett.


Being 87 years old, come on…Feinstein has lost what little mind she has left. If you have followed DF in the past, she is infamous for being a war lover, big on passing out our hard-earned tax $$ to pay for defense contractors. She should have been forced out many years ago.


KC2669: I believe you are right. It’s always been shocking to see how palsy-walsy some members of both parties are behind our backs, when the cameras aren’t present. This crap has always existed but it’s even more insulting with so many millions of Americans hurting and suffering and our growing inequality. But I believe in the end the vote will be as you say, if DF doesn’t lose her mind again.


According to the Constitution, one has to be at least 35 to run for POTUS, what is needed is an Amendment that says you cannot run for POTUS or serve in Con…gress after 65.


Feinstein would hate to see a progressive democrat fill Graham’s shoes. She is a fake republican through and through.


You know 65 isn’t a death sentence, mentally or physically if you take care of yourself. I would say 75, gotta quit. For SCOTUS, we must have term limits, though. Like, now. Not 18 years which Ro Khanna is proposing.


It should surprise no one that Feinstein caved on the hearings. She’s a member of the neoliberal Democratic elite, and just like the neocons, they answer to their corporate handlers. We really need to clean house.

The only thing worse than a neolib is a neocon, and the only thing worse than a neocon is a trumpster, and those three groups account for over 95 percent of the government in Washington. Is it any wonder we are so screwed?


Barton: When you say, “She is a fake…” are you referring to Lindsay? (lol)

They are both fakes. Both hypocrites. Both need to be thrown to the curb. Get real progressives to replace them both.


Hi unIikeysource:
Thank you, thank you, thank you! Things are getting so depressing BUT you gave me a wonderful BIG Laugh with that word switch. THANK YOU! : )


Since nobody gives up a a senior legislative position without a nasty slugfest, Slate suggested that probable future president Biden appoint Feinstein to be ambassador to… anywhere. France maybe?


pos, not poc…neither is a person of color (smiley face)