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Up in Arms Over Failed Barrett Hearings, Watchdog Calls for Feinstein's Removal as Ranking Member on Senate Judiciary

Hi Shantiananda:
Oh, no— I was standing up for oIder peopIe who stiII have wonderful brains! It gets very tiresome when peope are dissed because of their age. If a person keeps using their brain, Iike Nom Chomsky----the brain wiII ( for the most part) continue to function weII----But Feinstein has so soId away her souI—that no matter her age , she would stiII be brainIess!

I use to live in San Francisco and 100% of Progressives there would agree with you Stardust.

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As I understand it Ro is proposing 18 yr terms now, not 18 yr from now if that’s what you mean. Of course that change has to actually get through Congress which won’t happen this year.

The 18 yr comes from 2 appointments each presidential term (barring early retirement or death). Shorter terms could be 3 appts per term (12 yr terms) or 4 appt per term (9 yr terms). Maybe 12 yr is a better answer yet, but 18 is better than life which was a stupid idea if you ask me.

Manchin is on record saying he won’t vote for Barrett in this presidential term. Assuming he sticks to this promise, I’m going to be very surprised to see another D go to his right and do it. If Feinstein is one who does, that will make our politics here more colorful for a while. Maybe people try for a recall vote if that’s possible. Or if not, she definitely would take a hit in influence. So basically I think you’re right on this one. All votes will be R and they will be missing 2 of those. (Romney not being one of these two because he is an unprincipled jackass).

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To your point on Manchin, what people often miss is he actually harkins back to the old labor Democrat that the party supposedly left more than they think. Many of those Democrats were not as liberal we like to pretend. While pro-labor, many weren’t pro-civil rights and they often sought anti-competitive industrial protections for the industries of their labor affiliates, even if they impacted other communities and businesses adversely. So I’m not surprised Manchin opposes Barrett. He’s fought hard for former union mine workers, particularly those with black lung disease, against phonies like Mitch McConnell. He knows Barrett’s Lochner era judicial activism could be a dagger for his supporters.

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Hmmm. I hope I’m not wrong on Manchin. I was looking for a reference and I found (~https://www.theintelligencer.net/opinion/local-columns/2020/10/manchin-should-vote-to-confirm-judge-barrett/)

Manchin has said he will not vote to confirm if her nomination is considered before November 3

And if he votes to confirm in a lame duck session I will not possibly understand his logic.

I hear you but I can’t respect Manchin on really caring about labor (coal miners or any other) as someone who really cares like Paula Jean Swearengin would support Medicare for All. But I’ll grant you he cares about his relationship to a few corrupt labor leaders. I’ll be happy to see that guy go as I will Feinstein.

To be honest, I lean towards Manchin more than Feinstein at this point. The guy is in West Virginia, not an easy place for a non-Republican to get elected. Remember, he could’ve switched parties and easily won re-election, but he didn’t. He really has fought for former mine workers and has gone eye-to-eye with McConnell in doing so. He also was a big proponent of the state’s Medicaid expansion and is very critical of DOJ’s support of the lawsuit against the ACA. While you and I support Medicare for All, support for public healthcare is decidedly unpopular in many rural areas (look at where the votes against Medicaid expansion came from in states like Nebraska). He was out in front on the USPS defunding issue too. Feinstein simply just doesn’t have the excuse Manchin does, in my opinion, for her actions.

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Nice to see you back chicken - the one and only.


You can’t really see motivation here. Maybe she is just trying to get into heaven and thinks Linsey knows where the keys are.

Welcome back Chicken. You had us worried.

Are you happy and healthy? Well, at least healthy?

She doesn’t stand alone. She’s part of the DNC, a loathsome group of politicians who vote for donors’ interests as much as Republicans. She and her investor husband are and have always been the perfect manifestation of multimillionaire white privilege, owning millions of dollars in real estate and other business interests. She voted to bomb Iraq, has never been an environmental protector, and her display of affection toward one of her partners in donor worship as a substitute for democracy was appalling. I’ve voted against her every time I’ve had a chance.

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