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Up to 28 Civilians Reportedly Killed in US-Led Strike in Syria


Up to 28 Civilians Reportedly Killed in US-Led Strike in Syria

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The U.S.-led coalition has been accused of killing as many as 28 civilians, including a woman and seven children, near the northern Syrian city of Manbij on Thursday—the same area where U.S.-led airstrikes last week may have killed scores of civilians.


Welcome to the "kinder and gentler" Hillary Clinton Regime - only a taste of things to come - IF she gains the Oval Office. Her highly touted (ad nauseum) "experience" is extensive, tragically in one general direction only, and that is to serve The Power - big-money, banker, wall street, corporate, war-machine/MICC, and her own.........the deceptions of her speech and the entire DNC-managed convention were representative of her entire career and record.......


And in other news, Hillary just accepted the Democrat Nomination for President as the kinder, gentler candidate but with a promise to escalate the war on terror by creating more terror. Buckle your seat belt as the ride will be nasty. Vote Peace, Vote Green.


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Are we really ready for more of this? Total non cooperation, now!


HRC, " Who gives a shit, they're Syrians "...We came , we bombed , they died....hee hee !


Now that Monica's gone...
But seriously, they are saying that they have a bridge in Aleppo that they want to sell us.


If anyone would have dared utter such statements of fact over a microphone at the DNC, they would have quickly been drowned out by USA USA USA USA!!!!!

Unbridled State Atrocities !!!!!!!!

repeat ad nauseum


There were no terrorist attacks on the West before HRW Bush invaded Iraq in 1991. What we in the West call "terrorism" are really just revenge killings for all the wars, occupations, mass murders our government has done since the 1990s. Hillary of course will only manufacture more terrorists.


I have no doubts this killing of civilians in Syria by a US air strike occurred.

That said where were these articles and reports of the same 6 months ago? They were certainly occurring then. I do not think the US tactics changed so why of a sudden is this being reported on?

I would make this observation. Turkey and the USA have had a falling out and I am firmly convinced the USA was behind the attempted coup. While this slaughter of civilians occurs , the fact it only now reported on suggests layers of deception and politicking occur.


I recently watched a number of interviews with Ms Stein and while I am Canadian have to make these observations.

None of the current nominees for President in the USA can hold a candle to her as far as intelligence concerned.

None of them are anywhere near close to being as articulate and none of them as genuine when it comes to issues of morality.

None of them can be trusted at their word as much as Ms Stein is and none are as free from the Corporate dollars.

None are as committed to the environment as she is.

Any person considering them self as a progressive and having these values has no reason not to vote Ms Stein. Any excuse not to demonstrates to me that they really not much different than any other person without principles .

Save yourselves and save the rest of the world from the lesser of evils. Vote out of courage and not out of fear.

I encourage Americans to vote for the best person and that is Ms Stein.


yeah, but hillary says she wants to continue obama's policies.


Those who believe, want Peace, MUST continue to support, vote, for Peace candidates! That leaves out the 2 sick jokes in the mainstream selection process. A one time in the past of imperialist amerika it was called an election! All in for Jill stein!!!


I'm not so sure. Turkey and Israel have been reestablishing their ties. It seems that's something the neocons would like to encourage.


Boy. I'm sure glad we're not at war in Syria. In war the wanton slaughter of civilians is a crime. Since we're not at war it's just an unfortunate accident that must be really difficult to avoid because we do it so often..


It all but accepted that it was Russia that warned Turkey of the impending Coup so I have to ask you this.

If Russia learned of the impending coup due to intercepts of communications why did was the USA not aware of the same.? Further to that why were those claimed to be the ringleaders based in Incirilik.?

Now add this to the mix. On the day of the Coup NBC and other US news agencies reported that "According to a senior Pentagon source" Erdogan had fled the country and asked for asylum in Greece. This was 100 percent false. Erdogan did not ask for asylum. Who was that "senior Pentagon source" and why did s/he release a totally false report?

NBC has been asked about this and refuses to divulge the name,


Well, that was directed at Israel. Why would that be?


How can they be so sure the US was responsible? I was beginning to believe that Russia was responsible for all things bad, and they probably are here as well. Now, if you'll excuse, I've got a vast bucket of corn syrup to consume and some MSN to consume while I'm at it.


Silencing America As It Prepares For War: Information Clearing House - ICH

The greatest enemy of the people is militarism.


This says it better than anything I have seen yet. Thank you. May I add my comment on supporting a candidate and party leadership who cheat to win and have literally stolen our right to a fair election. Why would any person with any self respect honor a cheat with their vote? We are denying Russian athletes a chance to run in the Olympics for cheating; why are we allowing a cheat, Hillary Clinton, the chance to run for president of the USA?