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Up Today: Kansas, Nebraska & Louisiana


Up Today: Kansas, Nebraska & Louisiana

- Common Dreams staff

What do Kansas, Louisiana and Nebraska have in common today?

Democrats in all three states will be heading to caucus sites or polling places Saturday to weigh in on this year's Democratic presidential contest between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. Maine Democrats will caucus Sunday at 2 pm ET.

The Vermont senator could win three of the four states voting this weekend, which would give him a burst of new momentum.


The Election Cycle is Rigged. You folks in the Midwest and the West Coast get to choose from whoever is left…or better— the chosen, pre-selected few.
How do you like it?..At least you feel like you have a choice… Why not move to a closed ballot system, where all states do not reveal the winner to the end.
That seems like a fair way to choose the next “leader” (salesman) of the 'free" (or so you think) world ( I mean empire). My hat off to the Dims for choosing Hillary and REpubs, maybe Trump.


Come on people, vote for the candidate who’s, “not on steroids”, as Sarah Silverman would say, (steroids being corporate cash). Bernie’s candidacy will benefit greatly from a few wins and his only obligation is to the people.


My Apologies–I do believe that Sanders has great integrity… He is my 1st choice of the Dems, but 2nd behind Jill Stein.
I would love to see Bernie take the nomination, but I think the powers that be will not allow that. The system of Super Delegates is rigged against him, the Mass Media is rigged against him.
The only reason that I would like HIllary to get the nomination is to see her and Donald on a 1:1 debate…Donald will not hold back and will reveal all the hidden gems behind Hillary’s facade.


so glad this map is on CD becuase on super tuesday i watched everything cnn and had to listen to them prattle for hours. they got so useless they started “reporting” on the hillary fodder they already said


Yes of course the entire election cycle is rigged, in multiple ways.

The “primary” way in which the election cycle is rigged, is NEVER DISCUSSED:

Why are state and federal governments involved AT ALL, IN ANY WAY, in the selection process of (duopoly) political party candidates for office?

No, seriously. How is any political party running state-sanctioned primary campaigns, using state-funded voting infrastructure, state-written and -funded voters’ guides, etc.?

There are no political parties in the US Constitution. There should be zero, zero, zero government support, involvement, funding of party political apparatus selection process for party-affiliated candidates for office.

Simply, there should be a set of ballot qualifications: Citizen, resident, age, and some non-monetary (not measuring “campaign contributions”) process or threshold for demonstrating a minimum level of popular support or recognition: certain number of petition signatures, etc.

Parties can select their candidates any way they want (party convention, party members vote, party leaders select, etc.), and then do the necessary work to get their candidates qualified for the ballot.

That’s just one of numerous fundamental electoral reforms that are needed to instill any semblance of actual democracy into US elections.


Sir or Madam…The meme of “wasting your vote” is what has gotten us to where we are…What a great device to control one’s vote. Please evaluate that one for yourself.


I will write in Bernie Sanders for President, even if he is not “the” candidate on the DParty ticket. They cannot make me vote for evil this time, no matter how that Blue Dog plays her game on American television. Some people are falling for her LINE, hook, line, and sinker. She changes her mind on ISSUES every week. Do I believe her when she changes her mind? NO, I do not. Long time loyalty to the People, with proven understanding when you’re being lied to about reasons for going to war by the Bush boys - that is what I bank on. Sanders new he was being lied to. So did I. Why didn’t HRC? Because she is a HAWK first and war sounds natural to her. It just seem like the way to go for her. After all, she does not have a son, or a husband being sent off to fight. She is far too cozy with the Powers that be, inside the beltway and on Wall Street. I have utterly NO faith in her word. Sanders is simply the logical choice.


Louisiana going to Clinton: Will she say a word on behalf of the poor who will be sitting in jail as the state refuses to fund adequately the public defenders?

If you want to know and contact super delegates:


Why do you still live in the U.S.?


In order to win the Democratic nomination, a candidate needs 2385 delegates.
Assuming Hillary gets 80% of the superdelegates, then she gets 574 and Bernie gets 143 unpledged delegates.
Before today’s results, Hillary has won 608 pledged delegates and Bernie has won 410 pledged delegates.
Bernie has 143 (unpledged) + 410 (pledged) = 553
Hillary has 574 (unpledged) + 608 (pledged) = 1178
There are 3037 delegates left to win.
Bernie needs to earn 1832 to win, 60.3% of those remaining.
Hillary needs to earn 1207 to win, 39.7% of those remaining.
The way I see it, We The People don’t really get to pick our own nominees.


It’s tough to extract oneself. It’s expensive, it’s not always easy to leave family and friends behind or to talk family into leaving with you. It’s also risky, one may not be able to find work overseas.

I do agree that emigration is the best course for people who feel oppressed by or disenchanted with this culture. I’d even venture that if you live in America and don’t feel oppressed by or disenchanted with this culture you are probably in the minority at this point. You may not even have identified the culture as responsible for your free-floating feelings of oppression or disenchantment, but that’s beside the point.

If it were easier to leave, I suspect tens of millions of people would have voted with their feet already.


Many who consider themselves progressives like me have not voted for a Democrat in decades. I registered as a democrat this year only because of Sanders.
If Sanders doesn’t win, then it’s back to voting third party for me.

Your claim that progressives will vote for Hillary when told to do so is incorrect.


My fellow Progressives,

We have already won. If you believe in some element of true democracy (which I do,) then it’s clear by my readings of insider political commentary that “because of Bernie Sanders Populist Movement, the Democratic Party Platform has tilted substantially to the Left.”

And we defined the issues this year. Bernie breached the taboo media subjects of Breaking up the Banks, gross wealth hording of 50 percent of all American assets owned by just 20 individuals, the horrible for-profit incarceration epidemic, environmental holocaust we are all in the middle of, folly of the Bush Wars, etc, etc, etc.

This even caused his copy-cats: Clinton and Trump, to parrot some of his positions instead of focusing the election on trivial matters.

As long-time posters know, we at CD hosted Senator Sanders articles many times before he was well known by the national public, and are really a think-tank for progressive thought. Unlike Huffy Post and others, we are not awash in a tsunami of babbling idiots. We have some very intelligent posters here, and even interact occasionally with the guest authors at CD.

I’m proud of each and every one of you who, instead of lurking, stuck their necks out, posted bravely, and defended Freedom and Civil Liberty for future generations.

Well Done.

It’s been a pleasure.



I retired and left the U.S. in 2012. I could no longer live in a country where the #1 export is war.

That being said, one cannot run away from the Empire. The Empire still collects income tax on my interest and investment income that is not earned in the U.S. and enforced internationally via FATCA reporting requirements.


Thanks for this post TJ
Bernie won Nebraska and Kansas!
Phone banked today in Illinois. It was tough BUT a tremendous learning experience, I highly recommend it.
I heard poignant stories today, people are in a lot of pain and want a change. Many don’t know what to do . . . many were hungry for connection and knowledge. Many told me to f— off (those were solid Trump supporters) —so it goes.


Thank you NH, VT, CO, MN, OK, NE, KS, for breathing clear air and thinking clearly about voting in the Democratic primaries, caucuses. You have proved, beyond a doubt, that Bernie is a viable candidate and the most ethical candidate in either party.


Thank you Caroline! You in the trenches are the real heroes defending America’s Main Street!


Sanders wins Nebraska (by 10%) and Kansas (no figures available yet)

Clinton takes Louisiana (again no figures available yet). The reporting in these states is the pits, Aren’t they keeping any running total as the precincts report? What kind of hick states are these???


That has nothing to do with “laziness of the Greens”. It has a lot more to do with the deep entrenchment of our two party system, which prevents any third party from emerging. Bernie only has a chance now, because he “joined the system” by converting from an independent to a Democrat. Otherwise he would have had no chance and we would be stuck with either Hillary or Donald. The best thing Jill could do for herself and us is to endorse Bernie, join him and work from within the ‘system’.
I am sure, she would be welcome!