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Upcoming Sanders Event in Iowa Keeps Eyebrows Raised for 2020 Prospects


Upcoming Sanders Event in Iowa Keeps Eyebrows Raised for 2020 Prospects

Jon Queally, staff writer

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) doesn't much want to talk about whether or not he'll run again for president in 2020, but word of a trip to Iowa next week will do little to muffle speculation.


Please return to the article and take a good long look at the photo of Bernie talking to the crowd. You will notice everyone is included. Young, old, men, women and every shade of skin color, hair color and most likely eye color as well. That is key, Inclusion. That is why he is the most trusted person in politics today. He is us.


The rest of the Democratic Party seems to be missing.


If the Democratic party gave a damn about popularity ratings, they wouldn’t have run Clinton in 2016. Such ratings make for good press, but have little to do with how either party chooses a candidate.

Bernie Sanders continues to deliver a progressive message and he does it, loudly. For that I give him credit. Nevertheless, it is a huge mistake to assume he speaks for the Democratic party. He is not the Democratic party. No matter how loudly he speaks, he is still a long shot as the Democratic candidate in 2020. If he really wants to run as a candidate for the presidency, he should find another party. He won’t, of course. Either by design or default, then, his function for the Democrats continues to be keeping progressives from forming a viable third party.


The focus should be on the 2018 election. There will be plenty of time next year to devote time to the 2020 election. This will not be like 2016 with a very limited Democratic field. I wouldn’t be surprised if there a dozen candidates. The last time there wasn’t a clear favorite was 2004. That was when Howard Dean came out of nowhere and looked unstoppable until his yelp heard across the country thanks to the media. Afterward John Kerry re-emerged after it looked like his candidacy was finished and became the nominee. I think Sanders has a chance of being the nominee in 2020 but so do a number of other people. The biggest question is probably where or not Biden will decide to run. He has never done well in primaries but he never ran as a former vice president.


Sander’s only chance of winning is to run as a Democrat. And certainly he would not run on a third party ticket which would undermine the Democrats and hand the election to the Republicans. If Sanders is not the nominee he surely will do all he can to support the nominee. It is hard to imagine the Democrats nominating anyone Sanders could not support. He understands the fascist threat and will do whatever he can to fight back against the white nationalists.


The Dums don’t seem to be paying any more attention to the clear challenge Bernie is giving them: Get progressive or I will run. IMO. They have a remarkable ability to ignore what is right in front of them (or should be!) - they lose elections because they have no credibility, due to being bought and paid for by corporate interests.


Bernie is the MAN!


Interesting in a state known to be mostly white.


Yes he is :slight_smile:


Doesn’t that photo speak volumes, I was amazed.


The so- called two party system does not serve the interests of the people, and we only need a one party system, the “peoples party”.