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Update for Trump Voters


Update for Trump Voters

Robert Reich

1. He said he wouldn’t bomb Syria. You bought it. Then he bombed Syria.

2. He said he’d build a wall along the border with Mexico. You bought it. Now his secretary of homeland security says “It’s unlikely that we will build a wall.”

3. He said he’d clean the Washington swamp. You bought it. Then he brought into his administration more billionaires, CEOs, and Wall Street moguls than in any administration in history, to make laws that will enrich their businesses.


In addition to specific people and organizations, his ever growing list of enemies that only Trump can defend his followers from includes concepts such as logic, facts and evidence. Hitler, Trump and other followers of Goebbels' divine leader models know that to attain and hold power they need to constantly contrive enemies that keep their base fearful and demanding the security that only the divine leader can provide, no matter how much they need to give up to get that faux security.

Although Reich's facts WILL peel off some of the swing voters who voted for him, Trump's hard core base doubles down on their support for Trump whenever any human, organizational or conceptual contrived enemy presents itself. They perceive Reich's facts as just another enemy rising up against the divine leader. There is nothing any of us can do do change them, we just need to peel off as many swing voters on the margin as possible.


Isn't it time the media give up the pretense that there is some special group of Trump voters, as if they're different than Republicans? Because look at the polls, all of them. Republicans support a Republican president. Non-Republicans do not. It's just that simple, but you continue to call them "Trump voters" rather than Republicans, which is all they are. It's kind of disheartening that you don't want the GOP to own the Trumpanzees.


All true, Robert.

And the response of the right liberals that control the Democratic Party? That a right liberal Washington insider who avoided class-based politics - in a country whose electorate hungered for outsiders; in a country whose liberal wing was fired by its progressive candidate - was nonetheless "electable."

Tell me who bought that one, Robert.


T-dump voters would possibly withdraw their support of the tyrant when their benefits (medicare, medicaid, social security, unemployment, food stamps, etc.) were either abolished or severely reduced. And then they would simply move on to support yet another unqualified, bloviating buffoon with an "R" beside his/her name on the ballot. That is, if they could draw themselves away from the TV set watching the Knife and Weapons Shopping Channel, FOX news, or any other "reality hunting" show, long enough to vote. Harsh, yes but not far from reality in my experience with T-dump devotees.


One thing Trump has been correct on all along is his complaints about "fake news". Unfortunately Trump fails to mention that no person, party or other organization comes close to creating as much fake news as Trump and the GOP have and continue to do.


I don't care about the "hard core base." Basically, Republicans voted Republican.

The problem was the depressed Democratic vote caused by a relatively small number of swing voters, but also the stay at homes - both attributable to the right liberal candidate chosen by the right liberal dominated Democratic Party.

Sure, blackmailed progressives turned out for the right liberal candidate, as usual. ("Hey, pinko, I'm doing you a favor - I'm the 'reasonable' one here - too bad if my friend Mr. Trump had to step in.")

Prob' was, that blackmailing tactic didn't work on other Democrats who were not afraid - and saw nothing but a bland, uninspiring, yet-another-Washington-wonk-I-can't-relate-to-and-who-offers-me-nothing professional politician.


A supreme bullshit artist for a country that runs on bullshit. A morally and spiritually bankrupt
leader for a morally and spiritually bankrupt country. It is no accident that Trump is President.


Take it to the bank: the D-Party will offer up a centrist Hilary clone to peel off swing voters and ignore the stay-at-home-former-Dems because:



"the D-Party will offer up a centrist Hilary clone to peel off swing voters and ignore the stay-at-home-former-Dems"

Dunno, skeptic...1) this election's centrist lost erstwhile Democrat "swing voters"...unless the economy's tanked, not clear they'll switch back to a Clinton clone's same old right liberal line. 2) In this right liberal country, the voting electorate is closely split - even if those swing voters swing back, not clear it would be enough without the stay-at-homes who saw nothing to get out the vote for last time around...


Trump just did what Clinton promised , that's right Reich. I believe Clinton actually said what happened was a good thing.
How to identify an idiot. Anyone caught up in the left, right - DP, GOP debate.


What was promised (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mbk81X6WHA4) hasn't exactly come into fruition.


Sort of reminds me George W. Bush. I remember Bush said he was not a nation builder and then invaded Iraq, overthrew the government, and tried to build new nation based on Western-style democracy. That project still is a mess 14 years later. Bush also said he would regulate carbon dioxide emissions from coal-burning plants. Once in office he did nothing of the sort. Of course Trump is known as a scam artist and recently paid $25 million to settle a lawsuit over Trump U. Unfortunately Trump seems to trying fulfill some of his promises such a deporting all undocumented immigrants and banning Muslims from immigrating. Since his number one issue is immigration I think his supporters are probably satisfied with Trump's campaign promises. The main thing he is trying to is make the country more white and more Christian. While he scanned the voters on many things he didn't on he central issue of his campaign.


Great article, Mr. Reich, but you forgot one major thing that just revealed itself yesterday.

Many Republican/Trump/non-Democratic Party voters chose Trump because he was a "successful businessman" and knew how to lead a large organization for the most efficient results (whatever that is suppose to mean in a civil society). Lo and behold, it really manifested itself in the shameful actions of United Airlines and the Chicago Police, and their immediate follow-up decisions.

I'm afraid to admit that there is probably more to follow as the business/bottom-line mindset takes a stronger hold of our once civil and social society.

CD has a great article regarding this disgusting incident.


This piece would be informative except his voters do not generally go to progressive sites. Maybe if Reich published this in the msm?


Oh, to boot- as far as we know Trump and even congress have not talked about the horrific school shootings and murders at an elementary school in CA. Obama came across right away when there was a tragedy like this such as Sandy Hook. This Dump has not even addressed a natural disaster such as the tornadoes in the South. Shameful, disgusting human and that goes for his minions as well.


Yes, they bought it all. And now it's the Democrats turn, and most of them are "buying" into the blatant false flag in Syria perpetrated by The Donald and his handlers. Sometimes it's embarrassing to watch the US electorate in action.


The msm publishes what they wish to print. There are a lot of leftish political writers. Some msm publish a little leftish stuff.


"Embarrassing" doesn't even cover it. Depressing is closer. What's truly embarrassing is watching people like MSNBC's Brian Williams talking "beautiful" and spouting poetry as he watches the missiles go flying.


Robert, you are correct on the facts, except (IMHO) you are wrong on the reason Trump was elected. Since the dawn of civilization, the low-price imperative has ruled in the marketplace, which gives the advantage to the unscrupulous and corrupt. You're a very clear-headed economist, so you know this is true. As a consequence, the added costs of sustainable practice, including good stewardship, have often been ducked.

A real part of that unfortunate advantage is the worst of humanity gets the edge on reproducing itself, and the consequence of this edge is an exponential growth in the presence of genes that favor the unscrupulous and corrupt. Of course there are still many mostly-decent people around, and we try to understand what's going on so we can prevail. In this regard, it's important that we not misidentify the main problem as simple foolishness or ignorance, although that's not an insignificant factor.

Donald Trump suffers from an incurable psychosis called malignant narcissism, which has been well-described as the essence of evil and the most dangerous and destructive pathology (see E. Fromm "On Narcissism"). When we misidentify what's going on as a variety of misunderstanding then we focus on education and on each issue separately. Instead, let's work together to get everyone behind removing him from office asap. And let's engage in the serious deep economic reform needed, such as Reconomy. You are a gifted leader, and I'll back you on either or both efforts.