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Updated Species Extinction List Signals 'Urgent Action Needed to Save Life on Earth'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/09/updated-species-extinction-list-signals-urgent-action-needed-save-life-earth


The correct response to “urgent action needed” is “when and where is the freaking Zoom meeting for the engineers?” Agendas are useful.

I have no problem with Congressional staffers and Big Climate staff bringing their two cents to the meeting.

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Courage and political will can only be found after the revolution. Our “leaders” have an abundance of neither.


Do you guys even read the articles on your own site?

[Humanity on Track to Soon Hit 1.5ÂşC Paris Accord Limit as Atmospheric CO2 Nears Level Not Seen in 15 Million Years] AN ARTICLE ON COMMONDREAMS RIGHT NOW.

What do you think is about to happen when the SECOND article meets the FIRST article?

Geez. I am all for saving species—but with the new IPCC predictions—we’re all in trouble. Not just wildlife.


Here’s a science fiction story that’s probably already been made into a movie (surprise): a deadly virus descends upon man by an angry planet as natural revenge for being a poor caretaker (extinct animals and plants). And then another virus, etc. Until humans are no more, just their machines. Lol


Humanity, the homo sapiens that is, will make progress when they display the same kindness toward their species as the two Red Colobus pictured in this article. Let us work for that day.


From the article:

"This assessment shows that one in four mammals are facing extinction, and although we don’t prefer to think of ourselves as animals, we humans are mammals,"

So, we are part of the equation of the mammalian kind. Furthermore, the article says,

“urgent action needed to save life on Earth” --Life, and even in this WE are implied. ALL lives in the One Life need to be saved.


There is so very little reverence for nature in American life. I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to camp in truly wild lands when I was young. Throughout my life I have played and often worked in remote places where few others go. I treasure being at one with nature. Articles like this one remind me that our corporate-driven way of live is so deeply flawed and in essence a sin both against humanity and the Planet. Gaia forgive us, US especially.


Critters and some plant life “Slip-sliding away.” Save the saw-tooth weed though.

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The thing is, all life forms are parts of this grand puzzle. You can’t remove one without effecting something else and in this case, a lot of something elses. Humanity seems to be taking notice a bit late in the game.


I am wondering where the EvangeIicaI Christians are—actuaIIy aII religions have some sort ofGgod or Leader… so I am wondering -----do none of them have any response re: the impoding pIanet? are humans here to destroy the worId? If a God made the Earth in 6 days and rested on the 7th, I reaIIy must wonder if GOD is dead as to not be concerned with having a functioning Earth? How could any God exist without people or without a pIanet? Somehow those in charge don’t seem to realize that without a functioning planet in NATURE-----God might not be dead, but certainly the people soon wiII be. : (


Unfortunately the answer is they do not give a rat’s ass about this world, as they are looking to be with God in the Kingdom of Heaven.
How’s that for a grand myth?


Hi Earthbound:
Hmmm. that’s depressing—but didn’t ancient people used to say," As above , so below?"
If that’s true-----what they’ve got wiII be what they get in a pIace caIIed Heaven. Although I did read once that certain Christians decided that PIato, or one of the wise ones --whiIe he could not get in to Heaven would be abIe to look over and see it. If Earth is as same as the upper regions -----it might not be such a great destination! IF “as above , so below,” hods sway! : )


You missed the point.

With runaway climate change—which IS HAPPENING and cannot be stopped at this point—we are ALL IN THE SAME BOAT.


Even if we stopped all industrial activity right now…and I mean…every single thing, including your computer access and cellphone tower and car to go to work in—CO2 will rise for the next 100 years. It’s a positive feedback. Read Guy McPherson.

In other words…it doesn’t matter what we do for the climate at this point. And all other species will go right along with us.

Yes. It’s our fault. Does that make it all better now? Be kind. Be compassionate. But be realistic that all out obsession to save everything all the time…in the face of what is coming…is nonsensical. Be a good steward of what is left and do things that make what is left better.


If you’re really wondering, then you don’t understand the tenants of Evangelical Christians. They believe that God will remake this Earth for them—the righteous. It doesn’t matter what we do to animals, the planet, each other—because God is going to give them a do-over.

How’s that for a response to how humans treat the natural world. They believe that animals are here to be exploited. They will cite the Bible chapter and verse—that the natural world is here for Man to do with as he pleases.

And then God is going to give them a second chance—because they’re the only ones that Believe.


Have you read the news lately?

People don’t even treat OTHER PEOPLE with respect and kindness. Child abuse. Torture. Murder. Poverty. I can go on. That’s just the US—take a look at countries that aren’t as “enlightened” as we are—and try to understand that they have zero respect for life—whether it’s human or any other species.

We also have a 1 in 4 ratio of sociopaths in society. So there’s that. Take a look at who is in the WH. Americans voted him in. People who know what he is and what he’s done…including his penchant for polluters…not to mention his psychopath son who murders large game for fun.

And you’re thinking that somehow people are going to “turn the corner” in the short time we have left?

Do good. Be compassionate. Live with love. Treat animals and other humans with respect. But don’t ever, ever expect that those in government and industry who have sold the planet for short term gain—are going to do the same.


Sounds terribly written.

Humanity is stubborn I guess. And plus it fighting a pointless fight helps people cope with this grief and be kind is that a bad thing? I mean nothing will matter in the end anyway right?

Well quite frankly as far as it goes, the older I get the more I feel that all of those other species of life “deserve” to survive far more then humankind.


Unlike humans and a few pack rat type animals, the animals only take and use what they need.