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Upend the Tax Havens to Fund the Energy Revolution, Group Urges


Upend the Tax Havens to Fund the Energy Revolution, Group Urges

Jon Queally, staff writer

Two birds. One stone.

How to recoup and put to good use the bilions of dollars corporations and the super-wealthy hide from governments each year while also funding the renewable energy revolution scientists and experts say is necessary—and technologically possible—to combat the increasing threat of global warming and climate change?


The United States spends $550 billion each year on the military budget and another $200 billion a year on intelligence gathering.
Why don't we shift one half of those tax dollars--$375 billion dollars--into building a renewable energy sector?
That $375 billion dollars should create hundreds of thousands of new jobs manufacturing and installing solar panels, energy producing windmills, hydroelectric facilities and so on.
We ain't gonna fight war no more.
For oil.


Upend the tax havens in Nevada, South Dakota, Delaware, Wyoming for starters. For example, why can't we build homes with solar panel photo-voltaic roofing materials, wind farms, geothermal energy (Iceland) ,etc. Why? Because the people hiding money, don't give a damn. They already have their escape plans to places like Patagonia.


Yeah, but Jill didn't tell us where to get the money from.


This is an area that is, pardon the pun,"rich" in terms of the potential for addressing climate change. One solution is that which is proffered in the article -- tax the untaxed. While I have no objection to this, it is fraught with political uncertainty (what would would our corrupt political system do with all that money?).

There is, however, another approach -- co-opt the untaxed into climate action.

For example, Apple, one of the world's leading technology firms, has about $130 billion (give or take a few billion), of cash reserves which it holds mostly overseas to avoid taxation. One approach is to allow them to repatriate that money and put it into climate action investments as a way to avoid taxation on those funds. Apple needs a new vision (how many more iPhone features can it really develop?) This puts the money immediately to work, without first putting it through the Congressional sponge, where most of it would disappear into other payoffs to political contributors, and given Republican control of Congress it would likely never result in money spent on climate action.

It would also likely enlist the political support of Apple and the other tax haven "residents" to really go after climate change on a scale writ large.


Fund the clean energy practical research and product development revolution! Here is what we've already won:

Once upon a time, photovoltaic power cost 100 times as much as petroleum-based electricity generation. We drove the price down. Now PV power is in the process of displacing the 30% of our electricity supply that can take place while the sun shines.

Once upon a time around 1995, the State of California mandated that all auto companies sell a few electric cars if they wanted to sell any cars at all in California. The car companies fought the system with ads that made electric cars look like Frankenstein's monster, but people fell in love with electrics and bought them anyways. As a result of intense political pressure the car companies got the electric requirement lifted. Then they recalled every last electric car through a legal rider in the contract. Then they crushed every last car. However, they could never crush the memory of how good electric cars were. So, somebody started selling them again and the rest is history.

Here are the products that we need next:

-- Solar heat for houses in January in the Frost Belt.

--Solar thermal storage so that we can generate electricity at night and on cloudy days.

--An automated, above-grade transit system akin to elevator technology. Get in, go up, travel to your stop, go down.

--Cheap algae grown in enclosed tanks, in the desert or on the tundra.


I was thinking the same thing. One step further, the entire G20 could agree to a 15 years moratorium on all weapons manufacturering, and all military operations. The world could be powered totally by renewable energy in that time. Then of course if they wanted to, after the 15 years they could return to their barbarous ways. Although I doubt anyone would want to.


See how easy it is to figure this stuff out?
Why in the world de we need 435 House and 100 Senators sitting in a palace up in Washington for?
They're all dead wood.
Except to the oligarchy who keeps this shell game going for their own amusement.


Although the money exists to switch to renewable energy, the politicians are either bought and paid for by big oil or afraid to support the change. Yes, upend the tax havens and end the subsidies, and there's more than enough money. But most of our current legislators and candidates for office won't hear of it.

I think it will take a huge crisis like a nationwide food shortage due to drought and flooding or a major superstorm hitting a major city or forest fires leveling an unprecedented area of the West and Southwest to force our do-nothing politicians to act. Unfortunately, conditions will have to get really bad first.


I would prefer that they took the 600 billion and distributed it equally among 300 million Americans every year than give it to politicians to "distribute".


""Climate change is a symptom of our broken system," explained Bhatnagar. "The energy transformation involves not just switching from fossil fuels to renewable energy, but also challenging the corporate power and greed that has led to this crisis." "

Yes... but at a deeper level it's a symptom of the psychological condition of civilizationized humans. To have any hope of solving this crisis we need to recognize that. We need to work at this problem at all levels and in all realms--ecological, political, economic, religious, individual psychological, systemic psychological, and others, and if we don't at least recognize and begin to heal the psychological, we won't be able to save civilization (such as it is) or the millions of species at risk.


Strange that no one ever considers cutting the demand in half before trying to meet the demand. Agribusiness, the animal slaughter industry, is responsible for half of all greenhouse gases. Cut back or eliminate animal food and then meet the residual demand. See the movie Cowspiracy.


It's sad to see that you seem to be ill informed as to the drought conditions in the west, the flooding that has occurred in Texas, Louisiana etc., the Thousands of acres of oxygen creating forests that have burned or our food supply being tainted with bio-chemicals. Our federal lands and National Parks being fracked and drilled. http://www.theguardian.com/environmental/2016/aug/23/national-parks-100th-birthday-political-threats The Obama administration handing Thousands of permits to frack in the Gulf Of Mexico ( where does that contaminated waste water end up? ) And according to this study, our government doesn't care. http://www.globalresearch.ca/study-congress-literally-doesnt-care-what-you-think/5466723 I'm not criticizing, I'm attempting to inform things that some are unaware of. Jill Stein 2016


Pollution isa the material manifestation of greed.


Kudos to many great comments here.

Good to see yet another article by C/Dreams in support of much needed change. However, I have one constructive criticism.. Failure to mention Jill Stein and the Green Party. Now here comes the constructive part:

The Green Party's Tax Reform . Humane Budget . Smart Strategies, are sensible policies that are doable -- will cut enormous waste (trillions $) of tax payers monies. So that money for example, can be invested in 100% clean, sustainable energy, and provide millions of well paid jobs.

Includes financial (budget) reforms that regulates big banks, and assures big corporations (and wealthy individuals) pay their fair share of taxes. Including sensible cuts by up to 50% regarding the M.I.C (military) whilst maintaining strong defense and humane budget "For The People." Source (note: the article is long - lots of details - long read).

Now here's a reality - example, the Democrats had no issues sparing a trillion dollars on building new nuclear weapons, now experts fear will start a new arms race with Russia.. I'm sure the Neocons must be thrilled about that. All whilst millions of Americans live in hardship, many are working poor. Many Americans living in filth (pollution) serious environmental issues that affects their health. And it seems like there's no end to this --- further threats of pollution, peaceful protests (activist) continue to be ignored. Here's Just One Example - Dakota Pipeline.

All whilst Obama is full steam ahead in his quest for more fossil fuel extraction. - Source: TIPP and Fossil Fuels.

The EU is backing down (TIPP), what about the U.S.? The TPP may have been stalled but it is still on the table. Such injudicious deals give big corporations way too much power (to abuse of human rights and the environment).

For those who need to know more about Obama regarding Fracking - Watch This Video (in his own words)

During Obama's reign there's been massive oil spills and gas leaks. Resulting in unprecedented catastrophes to the environment. Example: Yet Another Massive Gas Leak in Texas Due To Fracking. There's also been massive gas leak in California. These leaks being so massive and a threat to life that thousands of people had to be evacuated.

Such atrocious disrespect for the environment and abuse of life (human rights) is what happens when people continue to be duped in to supporting either major party. Both the Democrats and Republicans are poisoned by oligarchy dominance. Dirty money in politics (duplicity) unjust legalized bribes that favor the wealthy few (1%), and to hell with the rest of Americans.

The only solution is to stop being duped into voting for either major party, and accept the cold hard reality that the wealthy few also have a stronghold on major media groups that spread propaganda and gerrymandering, to assure the two major party duopoly continues to reign it's poison.

After centuries of atrocious and insane oligarchy dominance --- it's about time the electorate wise up. Don't allow this horrible reality of oligarchy dominance to continue, end decades of atrocious environmental abuse, and abuse of human rights.

The only solution: Vote for Jill Stein 2016

I am deeply concerned about current environment issues and future generations --- I think this article by C/Dreams: The Anthropocene should be taken very seriously.


The best thing I can think of to do with dead wood is to burn large inert chunks of it without oxygen, bury it and use it as Terra Preta--a way of using charcoal for both slow fertilization and carbon sequestration at the same time.


The object of the exercise is to NOT burn stuff.




Logical idea!!!!!


Expect to fend off several kinds of fake energy revolutions!

First, there's the frack you revolution and the nuclear energy revolution. Revolting enough?

Second is the "China and Exxon bought up all the solar" revolution. 100% of the funding goes for existing products, 0.0000% for raising the bar. It may interest you to note that there's no Small Business Innovation Research money for solar thermal research because everything that can be invented to heat our homes and hot water, and to generate electricity at night using heat stored in rock or in dirt, has apparently already been thought up. Either that or else Congress is mortally afraid of what such research and development would do to the Koch brothers' fortune.

Next, there's the libertarian-friendly energy revolution. By definition, we must invest in more and more in cars only and possibly in more and more freeways, not in transit that we can share. Right now and since the19th century we've had near-zero successful transit R&D breakthroughs.

Finally, we can't restore the polar ice pack because the world would have to work together and that would be world socialism. Yes we can demand ecologically benigh geoengineering, although wacko geoengineering plans abound. Never mind that we already have protocols to reduce the world's ozone-depleting gases in our atmosphere.