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Upholding Stay, US Supreme Court Deals Blow to Arkansas' "Hankering to Kill"


Upholding Stay, US Supreme Court Deals Blow to Arkansas' "Hankering to Kill"

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Despite state leaders' "hankering to kill," the U.S. Supreme Court late Monday refused to allow the state to proceed with its scheduled execution, dealing yet another legal blow to the government's planned spree.


IF all killers should be killed, (I disagree!), shouldn't someone kill the executioners, who in turn should be killed, and so on, and so on...?


Oh, I thought it was only Texas that owned this common practice. A highly recommended, under the radar, low budget, masterfully crafted, independent documentary:

"A death penalty obsessed District Attorney and his lap-dog medical examiner, ladder climbing cops, bloodthirsty media, enraged and fearful jurors, incompetent defense lawyers, politicized judges, witch hunting religious zealots and an iron fisted Governor with national ambitions meld together as perfect ingredients for a plate of government sponsored murder."

(My hometown back in the day, so watching a film on these people and Johnny Frank Garret makes for a wicked mind***k film. The best ending of any doc I have ever seen--and possibly the best of any movie I ever watched --including the Wizard of Oz, the greatest film of the 20th century.)

I personally oppose the death penalty. But this movie might be most influential with pro-death viewers. Either way, very well balanced narration/perspective.