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Upholding Texas Photo ID Law, Federal Appeals Court Deals Blow to Voting Rights


Upholding Texas Photo ID Law, Federal Appeals Court Deals Blow to Voting Rights

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

In a move that frustrated voting rights advocates, a federal appeals court on Friday ruled that Texas can implement a revisied voter identification law that critics claim is unconstitutionally discriminatory.

"We continue to firmly believe that the Texas photo ID law is one of the most discriminatory and restrictive measures of its kind," Kristen Clarke of the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, part of the legal team that challenged the measure, said following the court's decision.


The Texas Department of Public Safety, a law enforcement agency tasked with issuing free IDs for voting purposes, initially required those who applied for the ID to be fingerprinted, a decision many say scared off potential voters. DPS also didn’t have Spanish translators in all of its offices and didn’t initially provide applications or information about the free IDs in any language other than English. From Propublica article

The notion of potential voters as criminals says a lot about this ugly USA.


Texas is why Republicans will be competitive for the presidency for just about ever. In two more census cycles, TX will have more electoral college votes than CA.

And even though whites are less than 50% of the population, TX is solid red.

Meanwhile, the Ds run Republican Lite against real Republicans and wonder why Hispanics and blacks don’t bother to turn out.


Quick !! Someone check democracy’s pulse ! …


Our Republic is pushing up daisies I tell ya.


This "decision is a racist slap in the face to every person of color, every senior citizen, every working class person, and every voter in America! Overt voter suppression and manipulation like this and the scotus “money equals free speech” and “corporations are people” decisions are fascist restrictions more suited to nazi Germany or other repressive dictatorships than our ostensible republic! You treasonous bastards can take your BS “with liberty and justice for all” lies and stuff them! The coup of 1963 is reaching deep…

"When fascism comes (came) to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross"…in Texas demanding to see your papers!…OK’d by some right-wing “conservative” court and the racist judges appointed by corrupt low-life scum! The fascism quote is variously attributed to Sinclair Lewis, Huey Long, Eugene V. Debs at least…they are all right whoever!

"They’ve got a set of Republican waiters on one side and a set of Democratic waiters on the other side, but no matter which set of waiters brings you the dish, the legislative grub is all prepared in the same Wall Street kitchen." Huey Long

"We shall have to say right here and now that the hand of imperial finance shall not go farther into its strangulation of the American people and that the hand of imperialistic banking control shall be decentralized instead of centralized in America." – also Huey Long - We sorely need his kind of politician of strength, honor, and courage today!! Fighting for the “Little” guy, gal and family!


The Republicans are certainly concerned about the changing demographics in Texas which favors the Democrats. Groups working of voter registration drives will need to try to overcome this unfair law as much as possible for the election this November. This need will be required in a number of other states with ID laws. The Wisconsin ID law was found to have reduced the number of people who voted by 200,000 in the election in 2018. Unless these laws can be overturned the only option is to work harder go get people registered to vote. Things may get worse as Trump has many court appointments as the Republicans left many vacancies open when Obama was president.


Good if this article had included the reason(s) why the two appellate judges in the majority decided this law was legal, especially after the other one was ruled unconstitutional. Do they think adding more burden somehow remedies a bad first law?


When my purse and driver’s license was stolen it took me months to find all the papers that are now required for identification. I even had to write Missouri for a copy of my birth certificate. I have lived in NM for 30 years and always had a driver’s license, but now they act like I am a terrorist trying to sneak into the country. It was a difficult process for me, but might be almost impossible for some Americans to get a photo ID. This whole ID scam is little more than a ploy to deny the poor and others the right to vote.


From the article:

“In his dissenting opinion, Circuit Judge James Graves wrote (pdf) that ‘S.B. 5 does not fully remove the burden disproportionately placed on poor and minority voters; it just creates a new and different burden.’”

The word “wrote” is in blue, a link to the entire opinion. Just click on “wrote”.

Take care,



I voted in 3 different countries. The US is the only place were i walk into a polling stations, give them a name, the election officer checks it on list and lets me vote. How does he/she know i am who i say i am?


Sorry, sir, but the patient has no pulse…


We got folks here who think this problem is going to fix itself by keeping McConnell running the floor of the Senate after 2018. They don’t seem to realize that the hard right people, a few not even qualified to be on the bench, Trump is seating are there so that progressivism isn’t successful. Magic will fix the problem after they spank Ben Nelson and McConnell gets another two years to seat hard right judges.

As a corrupt, neoliberal who deserves what’s coming, I’d like to change this dynamic by making sure Trump’s nominees are vetted slowly, deliberately. Reality is there’s only one way to do that and that’s making sure Republicans don’t have a Senate majority. Of course, Bernie would also Chair the Budget Committee and Wyden would Chair Intelligence. Progressives don’t want those things though because Doug Jones sucks, I guess.


Those who are turned away from polling stations because of lack of accepted ID should be bussed to red districts polling stations and stand in line slowing down red voting. After being turned away folks should go back into the line. Justice denied can be justice delayed. How long will wealthy republicans wait in line to vote?


Splendid idea ! I would be willing to taxi folks around if someone would organize this.


federal oversight still to go before the SCOTUS (NYT):

Richard L. Hasen, an election law expert and law professor at the University of California, Irvine, said the decision seemed to preclude Texas from preclearance. But he added that the possibility of federal oversight of Texas election procedures still existed in another case, the state’s redistricting legal battle, which is now before the Supreme Court.

Link to OYEZ w/ recording of oral argument in Abbot v Perez and explanation of the redistricting case

The questions the SCOTUS look at:

1 Did the district court issue an appealable interlocutory injunction when it invalidated Texas’ enacted redistricting plan and ordered the parties to appear at a remedial hearing to redraw state congressional districts unless the Governor convened a special legislative session to redraw the congressional map within three days?
2 Did the Texas legislature act with an unlawful purpose when it enacted a redistricting plan originally imposed by the district court to remedy any possible constitutional and statutory defects in a previous legislative plan that was repealed before it took effect?
3 Did the Texas legislature engage in intentional vote dilution when it adopted Congressional District (CD) 27 in 2013 after the district court’s 2012 finding that CD 27 did not support a plausible claim of racially discriminatory purpose and did not dilute Latino voting strength because it was impossible to create an additional Latino opportunity district in the region?
4 Did the legislature engage in racial gerrymandering in CD 35 when it simply adopted the district unchanged as part of the court-ordered remedial plan?


Yes, what really worries them, is the potential of honest voters voting against political, criminals!


Just more proof that if voting mattered, it would be illegal!


Dang, the truth hurts!


Every time you type REgressives, you’ll get a Dumfuck-publican in return.

You stupid Dumfuck-publican.