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Uproar After Congress Sneaks Attack on Digital Privacy Rights Into Omnibus Spending Bill


Uproar After Congress Sneaks Attack on Digital Privacy Rights Into Omnibus Spending Bill

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Buried in the 2,232-page omnibus spending bill that the U.S. House passed Thursday is a piece of legislation that digital privacy advocates warn "expands American and foreign law enforcement's ability to target and access people's data across international borders."


More Duopoly Dirty Tricks.

Will America ever learn?


More Democrats voted for the bill than voted against it. Is anyone surprised?


I need to learn how to say “I defect” in French or Mexican. Time to blow this “rapidly becoming a sh*thole” country.


So the existence of a Corporate State is just in the imagination of “extreme leftists”?

Questions on oligarchy anyone?

Questions on how we are all royally fucked anyone?


Fun fact: “Mexican” is actually Spanish.


“Rights”, we don’t need no stinking Rights.


One of my MN senators is a-ok with this. Amy, I’m really pissed.
Call me old fashioned, I wanna see a damn warrant.


Who is going to play the violin when Washington burns?


Sneaking the peeking


Now that, would be a sight to behold.

Washington Burning.


My bad. :slight_smile:


She’s gunning for a 2020 running and must align herself, accordingly. Klobuchar is presenting as a VP, too. Hennepin Cty D.A. at one time, as well? IMO, she’s the white female version of OhBummer, and therefore, not to be trusted. I’ll vote 3rd Party in 2020 if she’s on the ticket.

This kind of Constitutional law disassembling, under a false deadline and in the dead of night, is really infuriating. And, becoming all too frequent.
The whole of the Federal Gov’t and Congress, at times, appears to be named Sgt. Schultz and to know nothing. Shameful!


I say we rename Congress, something like the US House of Prostitutes (we can make up a new term for current prostitutes, so they won’t be offended).


Congress just censored the internet by advancing the FOSTA bill with a 97-2 vote…


LOL. Remember Dan Quayle regretted not learning Latin in college. If he had, he could have spoken to the natives in Latin America in their language!


Congratulations, clueless Congress. Aren’t we right now in the middle of dealing with the misuse of private data? We are not just inching closer, but rushing toward, a Police State. This is not my America!


rump can’t complain about alleged obama-gov’t spying on his email now!
It damn nearly requires an act of Congress for the USPS to open up a letter of yours. However, electronic transmissions can be raped and pillaged at will by the gov’t and you don’t even get the decency of being informed of it. The emperor wears no clothes but thinks he does; however, the emperor does not permit the people to wear any. Freedom and liberty? Where?


Sad to say but you are correct. One of my Senator’s was one of them, and not the one that I thought it would be…


It is confusing, in addition the Spanish language in Panama, which use to be a part of Columbia, is not the same as the Spanish in Mexico. Go figure. The language in Panama is mostly money.