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Upside of Trumpcare Ugliness: Medicare For All Goes From 'Pie in the Sky' to 'Inevitable'


Read HR676 ... dental is covered - that is one reason it is called "Improved Medicare for All"


Depends. Universal Health Care is proven superior to single payer but it could work.


No longer pay - deductibles, co-pays and insurance premiums ...
Check out HR676 and the PNHP site ...


What is the funding mechanism then?


Why just down to 55? And that "public option" bit is a gift to insurance companies - allows them to cherry pick healthy folks and dump sick ones on the public system whose public costs would skyrocket without the advantage accrued by everyone paying into it

Ya gotta stop listening to Bernie! Why won't he introduce HR 676 in the Sen?


You have it backwards - when we stop voting for parties who do take corp money from insurance companies , then Medicare for All is possible ...


So get rid of the Rs AND the Ds ...


Oh hell - Medicare for All was impossible under D control as well - a pox on both their Houses, and Sen ... put indy non corp party folks in and see how fast we get it


What it will take is kicking D/Rs out of office and replacing them with indy non-corp party folks .... who have it prominently in their platform, like the Greens ...


Oh hell - "I don't care what mama don't allow, I'm gonna get me SP anyhow"

If people want it then vote for folks who will pass it - that ain't D/Rs


HR 676 provides for global budgets for hospitals and with it the only game in town, their bargaining power will be vastly increased ...


Read HR676


Maybe you should take a closer look at global funding.



And your point?


Other than it is a Rand think tank;

Our discussion is very much limited to the environment of U.S. health care reform at present--that is, we assume the context of a multipayer system organized under the principles of managed competition.


Talk about propaganda .. please start giving credit where credit is due ...

" ...like the healthcare plan Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) proposed during his 2016 presidential campaign, ..................Organizations like Our Revolution have argued that while resisting efforts to repeal Obamacare, it is crucial to articulate an inspiring and ambitious alternative."

Give me a break .... There have been folks spreading support about this before Sanders and his OR ever jumped on the bandwagon. PNHP being the foremost - does he ever refer to them? I think not, and why is that ...

So OK - just what IS Sanders "healthcare plan"? Details please - is it the same as HR676 introduced by Conyers and championed by the Greens for years now? If so, why doesn't he just introduce it in the Sen?

CD - let's get down to the nitty gritty - publish Sanders plan and HR679 so we can compare - lets see. the devil is always in the details


Great. I haven't read HR676 but I will. Thanks


I'm sorry Aquifer, but ... but .. oh damn it, you're correct. GAG! (that's the sound of me eating my words).


Rand doesn't own the concept of "global budget" - again the devil is always in the details ...

That "multipayer system organized under the principles of managed competition." is what needs to be dismantled ..


You get Medicare cheaply because the entire US working population is paying for it.

If you take that pool of money and divide it up among the rest of us as well, your piece of the pie will shrink dramatically.

But, I'm sure you're OK with that since it would be fair to all.