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Urban America’s Slow-Motion Crisis


Urban America’s Slow-Motion Crisis

Rebecca Ruggles

Baltimore, my hometown, is facing its highest rate of homicides in decades. Along with other cities that are reporting higher than usual violent crime rates this summer, Baltimore’s murder rate is up by 33 percent this year.


I never thought that Baltimore would become the Mid-Atlantic's Detroit, because in most other cities - including my own, the main "urban crisis" is gentrification by wealthy yuppies - driving African Americans out of their traditional neighborhoods and into the outlying rusting mill-towns like Duquesne, Clairton, and further up river. The traditional European-ethnic neighborhoods are suffering the same fate. The city is being rendered unaffordable to live in for everyone except the tech-yuppies.

But those old mill towns are worse than the city as far as pollution - and much worse than the city with regard to public transit and jobs. And yes, we seem to be seeing a murder rate epidemic in the remaining poor neighborhoods and towns too.


There is nothing ever again slow about any of the synergistic metastatic megacrisis.

Where are we at in human history?

Accelerating to the end.


Oh, so that's it -- it's incipient lead poisoning that causes so many urban residents to hold up convenience stores and amuse themselves by conducting wild shootouts with their fellow drug-dealers.
Seriously, the capacity of my fellow liberals for self-delusion and excuse-making never ceases to amaze me. How long can they cling to their 1960s-era bleeding-heartism before they come up with some realistic solutions to America's social problems? One solution I would suggest is a modest one that would make an enormous positive impact: Simply deport, permanently, all second-time violent felons. A new era of peace and quietness soon would descend upon U.S. communiities.
No? OK, we'll just blame all the crime and violence on childhood lead poisoning and vote for Hillary in hope of improving things. (Sigh.)


Your truth is subversive to the excellent facts and logic submitted in this article by Ms. Ruggles. Your 'solution' is like a drug that does nothing to help health but is intentionally given to mask the symptoms.
Environmental health is the solution to the crimes in these disadvantaged neighborhoods and communities. This includes economic opportunities such as gainful employment and living wages. This is obvious to those who study these urban circumstances and focus on helping. People with such an education know this and much more so I don't have to elaborate. You my friend would do well to study up to uplevel your intellectual understanding of social/psychological situations so as not to embarrass yourself with such nonsensical 'simple' quick fix 'solutions.' That personal health affects our mental health is well understood by health professionals and is certainly not 'delusional' or 'liberal.' I'm not speaking to you directly as I'm not too hopeful you'll understand based on your comments. I'm speaking to support people who do have a heart and are actually doing something coming up with 'realistic solutions.' I'd like to suggest going to the authors website to begin your remedial education.