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Urgent: Coup in Catalonia

Urgent: Coup in Catalonia

Thomas S. Harrington

I just got of the phone with Josep Maria Sole Sabaté, my friend and a leading Catalan historian and public intellectual. He was nothing short of breathless as he described the helicopters flying overhead stated flatly that he was in the the midst of a coup being carried out by the Spanish State.

He wanted to get in touch with me and others "out there" because he was not sure how much longer free communication would be available to him and other out in the street protesting against the Spanish central government's arrest of members of the Catalan Autonomous government.


Wow…I have been watching this one over the last years.

Orderly democratic campaigning-voting to achieve independence in Catalonia and
stonewalling authoritative colonialistic Franco response from Madrid.

If we can’t win the argument with our minds and our hearts
resort to weapons and police state tactics.

Sounds like the People against the Guns…Again…

Not sure Madrid is going to like the outcome on this one.
Any way you slice this, Madrid has already lost Moral Authority

Catalonians, Stand Strong, Stand Tall, Hold Your Ground

You are a Great People, You can Make It !!!


Isn’t this the region where worker owner and operator Mondragon was first established?

When governments make peaceful change impossible, they make violent revolution inevitable - JFK


Catalunya quiere ser protagonista entre los Pueblos de Europa y no ser subalterna de la España antigua que todavía quiere vivir de rentas y privilegios como en los tiempos oscuros de la represión

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Mondragon, really like that idea
No that’s the other side, Basque Country
Where our family is from. Southwest from San Sebastian.
Equally robust and independent.


We are all Catalonians, whether we realize it or not. From the millions who so desperately want to believe the blatant lies, from those of economic victories, while the head of the beast continues to tear the planet, peoples and coherence to shreds. It does so because it is patently decrepit conceptually, sclerotic procedurally, cannibalistic in its planning and unsustainable eight ways from Sunday. Its central claim that nothing is good unless it “processes” it, is a theme and motivation that makes the horror story indiuustry pale by comparison.

It can’t happen here?? Frank Zappa … who could imagine???


I have spent such deep time in Catalonia.The People are awesome, friendly, and always ready to speak spanish with me.
Viva Catalonia!

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Thanks for the reply rolson- My geography, as you can see, is A bit off!

Yes, Mondragon is A Great Idea and has made some inroads even in America- I really hope it keeps catching on…

I, for one believe that these people, as all people, should be allowed to determine their own future-


I think this is a description of what is happening in Catalonia that leaves out some very important details. First, that the police action was carried out after a judge (not the government) asked them to do the searches considering that there were evident signs that the Catalan agencies and people involved were organising a referendum that was suspended by the Spanish Constitutional Court. What some consider a violation of the rule of law can be considered in fact an implementation of the rule of law against a government that disregards it.
I think that the editorial of the Spanish newspaper (elpais.com/elpais/2017/09/20/inenglish/1505917320_788824 describes quite well the situation and exposes the weaknesses of the reasoning of the Catalan leaders (that in fact were elected: in Catalonia you can vote nationalist parties; they are even in the government). The situation is not quite as hinted in the article. Everyone can read both articles and have his/her own conclusions.

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I’m currently in Europe and regularly listen to a news editorial roundup from papers throughout Europe. Apparently no one here wants another tiny state, no government would recognize it, and at the base is simply a selfish desire of their well off region to leave the rest of Spain which is not doing well. I see the separatists as anti-solidarity movements with an obsolete obsession with nationalism.