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Urgent Demands for Congress to Act as Net Neutrality's 'Slow and Insidious' Death Begins


Urgent Demands for Congress to Act as Net Neutrality's 'Slow and Insidious' Death Begins

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Today is the day that net neutrality's "slow and insidious" death at the hands of the Republican-controlled FCC officially begins, and Congress is facing urgent pressure to save the open internet before it's too late.


And progressives know who the losers will be!


I am in haste signing petitions and exploring far and wide to fight this farcical class extraction. These people speak for me… unite! Never allow the sneaky bastards to get the better of us!
Study carefully!


What happened to the lawsuits to block this?


Really? Urging Congress to act? We all know that both wings of our Wall Street Owned One Party System (WOOPS) only serve their corporate masters. A free and open internet is the most important “weapon” we have to get rid of the Plutocrats’ Fascist State that we now live in. And that is the controlling reason that Congress will not act to keep the internet we want and need. More of the typical American solution. Gripe and moan all we want. Our intent is antithetical to the well being of the totalitarian Corporate State we now live in. Also remember that Obama was trying to hand over the internet to the Parasitic Capitalist during his tenure.


They got the better of us a long time ago.


Some asshole Senator is going to make millions on this vote.

Direct Democracy


They had to wait till this date to begin carrying them out.


This cannot be stressed enough. Establishment apologists use this vote as further justification that “Hillary/Democrats should have beaten Trump” without realizing that their “progressive” darling Obama tried to do the same thing and caved after huge amounts of pressure from the people.


A valiant effort it has been, to pressure our elected representatives to serve the interests of the 99% over that of AT&T, Comcast et al, and protect net-neutrality. Alas, it looks like that is not to be.

But look on the bright side: Many communities have moved to consolidate internet services under a single, municipal entity, using tax dollars to provide wi-fi service for all, sort of like having paved roads. The township, county or city benefits in three ways. (1) Comcast et al will not dare to abridge their collective access to content. (2) Community-wide wi-fi attracts new businesses. (3) Any dinosaur elected official who stands in the way of net neutrality face a savvy and angry electorate.

Good riddance.


Don’t give up just yet. If such a consolidation does become popular despite the opposition the ISP companies will have no choice than to cave to the people’s demands. It is not going to be an easy battle though, considering that the ISP are going to try every tactic to try to kill this consolidation movement before it even begins.


God I hate canned laughter !


I think I would prefer cable or optical-fiber to wi-fi.


I tried to find the SCOTUS case but could not. If I remember correctly the City of Memphis set up a high speed (for this country) municipal internet and began to look to expand it to the rural areas around the city that were not being serviced by the Corporate Internet Tubes (CIT). The CITs immediately filed suit in federal district court (?) which was fast tracked to SCOTUS. Of course SCOTUS said that the city could not extend their much better services beyond the city limits. That decision left a lot of people without access to the internet just because the CITs saw the internet barren rural areas around the city as an untapped source of future revenue. Compared to other developed countries our internet works like it is a series of Tubes where balls of data bounce along inadequate paths of bandwidth. It all gets down to the God Almighty Dollar and Corporate Exploitation and/or Corporate claiming rights over the people’s will. America has the government it deserves. The US is perhaps the bloodiest empire in recorded history. We just don’t see it on the propaganda boxes blaring in our living rooms. We are a totalitarian fascist state defined in the dictionary as the melding of the government with the interest of corporations functioning to serve corporate needs and not the needs of We, The Rabble. Destroying the internet as we know it not only allows CITs to make more money with a slow and bare bones service it also serves the interest of the Plutocrats that own our government. After all there are less than a handful of men who own the vast majority of our commons and control us through their obscene wealth. So welcome to the new world of CITs where we have to have credit card to do a Duck Go search, access Web Big Box Stores or play an online game. But don’t worry pornography, Jesus, guns and the glorification of The American Empire will still be around - for an extra charge every time you click your favorite new bookmarks. In short this is American Exceptionalism at its best. This is the world of making America Great Again! Long Live The Daddy Warbucks State!


They were trying to use poles, towers, and other infrastructure that were owned, built, and maintained by internet companies. The courts found that the city could either build their own (very expensive) infrastructure or they could purchase or lease the previously built infrastructure. What they couldn’t do was force the ISP to give them a free ride.


Net Neutrality is just government control of the internet. Why do you progressives think this is better than the free market? There will always be high speed internet, but you will have to pay for it. Everybody wants something for free. Putting it another way is you want corporations to pay for the infrastructure, but you want the power of the government to give it away at no cost.