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Urgent to Progressives: Stop Fueling the Anti-Russia Frenzy

I think there a number of goals with this hysteria. One to ensure the USA remains an a permanent war footing to ensure Social program spending cut as ever more resources shifted to the warfare State.

The other is a long cherished goal of the CIA. That is the ability to openly PROGRAM by the people of the United States by delivering Government approved news. In order to do this they will need to shut down alternative newsites. The Main Stream media will get get their readership back and will be the ones assigned to determine which news sources deemed as fake even as they feed fake news.


…And Drumph… is not older and more stupid, and reactionary?


Tulsi appears to be a turncoat.

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Norman Solomon, I am puzzled as to your purpose in this article. Is Russia a nuclear threat? Yes. Is faction-driven terrorism also a threat? Yes. Is it helpful to feed the fear of either? Is it helpful to force your readership to decide which they’re more afraid of so they can pummel the other half of your readers?

There is a freshly-enthused group of people looking to put energy into election integrity. Yes, that’s new, and elections everywhere are a mess. The hypocrisy to which you refer, IMHO, has been the complacent finger-pointing (it almost always is). If your intent is to divert this energy into infighting, well, nicely done.

The Liberal argument is not anti-Russian directly. It’s against authoritarian government, which directly feeds rebellion (a.k.a. terrorism). If the US positions itself too squarely with the Authoritarians, we leave ourselves vulnerable not only to terrorism, but to internal discreditation and violence. If Putin launches a bomb, you can bet the whole world will villify him, if they haven’t already. There’s a certain amount of stability on that side, for now. There is at least some means for holding Russia accountable. Not so for rebel factions.

So, no. I will not cave in fear to Putin’s nuclear threats. I will continue to fight, in my little way, to uphold democracy and improve its integrity. So, fuck your fear-mongering divisiveness.

P.S. If you’re going to cite the liberal agenda, I suggest you have a creditable source. I speak from the inside, what you’ve got here is bullshit.


I also think the burden of proof rightly falls on those making the claim. The Intercept has possibly posted some of the clearest information on why there is a reasonable doubt about Russia’s role.

Given that most of us are not hacking experts with the tools at our disposal necessary to answer any questions without a doubt, we are stuck between a less than stellar journalism community–the MSM–and people like Snowden, Wikileaks and Glenn Greenwald.

I think Biddle’s article which reads the data but does not, I think, try to over state it correctly reflects that this might indeed be a “strategic leak”.


Love it!

Thank you Norman Solomon.

Whoever, is responsible, the leaked DNC emails posted on WikiLeaks were not ‘Fake’News’. On the contrary, they revealed very real anti-democratic maneuvers of the DNC, to ensure the victory of Hillary Clinton in the Democrat Primary.

Ignored by Democrat Party officials blaming Hillary Clinton loss on the leaked emails, is the reality that the US media also put out a lot of much more damming information about Donald Trump. Donald Trump got nearly half the votes in the US, despite the release of the video in which he bragged about being entitled to grab women by the genitalia. Trump won despite the publicity of numerous claims of sexual assault include the rape of 13 year old girl. Trump won despite the media’s coverage of the fact that he acknowledge his failure to pay for work people had done on his buildings and despite the media’s coverage the hundreds of thousand of dollars he scammed from people attending his ‘Trump University’.

Sure, there is no doubt that Russia and the US engage in massive worldwide espionage.

However, the US and Russia face tension in a number of arenas. There are very real dangers, in the escalation of hostilities, the promotion of war rhetoric, and the demonization of those who fail accept claims such as the notion that Vladimir Putin ‘Weaponized’ WikiLeaks in order to ensure the election of Donald Trump.

Right after President Obama spoke of overt and covert retaliatory consequences against Russia, the Russian diplomat in Turkey was assassinated. Lucky, the Russian government has not pointed to the US as being responsible. Nonetheless, this should serve as a wake up call. If tensions are escalated and claims or suspicions are taken as proof, is easy to see how an incident like that can lead to a breakout of lethal reactions.


Hacking myths are all about the DNC and media preventing any progressive from getting any traction in the 2020 primary.

They feel like they dodged a bullet with Sanders in 2016, but are uncertain they can contain any progressives in 2020.


US / NATO have been building up Nato forces in Eastern Europe to intimidate Russia despite promises to Gorbachev they would not.

US geopolitical strategic (neocon) plans dated pre-911 had the “destabilization of Syria” as one of the 7 countries they wanted to uproot (see Gen. Wesley Clark’s comments on this).

US CIA has been supporting dissent against Assad since the early 2000s and there is decent evidence they directly helped lead to the uprising in 2011.

Syria rejected the Qatar-Turkey pipeline in 2009, citing they wanted to protect the interests of their Russian ally. Completely within their rights as a sovereign nation.

US / Saudis / Quatari Shia are arming Al-Quaeda affiliates such as Al-Nusra on the rebel side in Aleppo.

Rebel forces in Aleppo have been documented using former government-owned weapons extracted from Libya after the US / NATO supported the ousting of Gadaffi and didn’t have a plan set up to seize these arms (or was this intentional?).

US / NATO country media is supporting the narrative that the rebels are “good,” despite plenty of reports they are committing unspeakable atrocities. (See Salon article, among many others: “U.S.-backed Syrian rebels committing war crimes, torture, abductions; imposing harsh Sharia law: Report”)

Things are not black and white. The US is not always good. Russia is not always bad. War/geopolitics are dirty business and you can pick a team and agree with what your media tells you to believe, or you can approach each situation with the intellectual curiosity and nuance it deserves.


What are you talking about? Solomon doesn’t once mention faction-driven terrorism. Red herring, bigly.

Also, you strawmanned the hell out of him in your diatribe. Solomon’s core message is not to “divert this energy into infighting.” Rather, he is clearly calling out the attempts being made by the establishment left to manufacture consent and squash dissent for their flawed narrative as to why Hillary lost. He is suggesting we (true) leftists should recognize the manipulative establishment spin that is the true driver of this top-down tribalism and the primary problem with Democratic Party as it stands today (an inability to handle criticism, self-reflect, change, etc).

This piece is additionally about how he fears this establishment left neo-McCarthyism will lead to more domestic authoritarianism as our civil liberties continue to be squashed in the name of security. This is a reasonable, rational concern considering the legislation that is being discussed, and what has been passed in the last 15 years with the blessing of establishment Democrats.

If you are actually anti-authoritarian, as you seem to suggest, you should be 100% on board with his message.


“That which can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.” -Christopher Hitchens


You are awfully misinformed about who is behind all the slaughter in Allepo. It turns out that it isn’t always easy to depose a popular leader, but we are funding and furnishing weapons to as many terrorist groups as we can, including ISIS, to do that for us. Damn Putin for standing by his ally just because Syria and Russia want a gas pipeline routed partially through Russia. Don’t they realize that the Middle East belongs to the USA and its allies? All the wars for oil and regime changes in countries that tried to deviate from the plan should have taught them something. If cutting Russia off as much as possible from the region’s gas and oil makes Putin feel threatened, too bad.


By extension, Trump was not a lousy candidate.

It’s really hard to remove a dictator willing to devastate his own country and slaughter thousands and invite in foreign forces to stay in power.

Dear Norman Solomon anti Putin is not anti Russia.

It is clear now that sanity is elusive in today’s politics. We see an attach on US political process and considerable number of pundits are willfully ignoring it . I can understand Republicans, they have always been pseudo patriots with Machiavellian philosophy, they have everything to gain. But liberals ? It is pathetic.


…DNC chair Donna Brazile went on: “The integrity of our elections is too important for Congress to refuse to take these attacks seriously.”

“The integrity of our elections…?” Oh, that’s just rich coming from Brazile of all people. If the DNC really cared about the so-called “integrity of our elections,” there would have been nothing worth leaking in all those emails in the first place. The only thing they’re bemoaning is the fact they got caught undermining the “integrity of the elections” themselves.


Thank you, Mr. Solomon, for such a refreshing shining of the light (on truth) within this ongoing (and still escalating) PsyOp campaign. And yes, without a doubt, Progressives crucially needed this. May your article be republished and shared, exponentially – across media platforms far and wide.

As far as Donna Brazile:

  1. "The integrity of our elections is too important for Congress to refuse to take these attacks seriously.” Her (at this stage) speaking anything about “The integrity of our elections” only further reflects an utmost contempt and unrepentant elite attitude toward the entire population – while she continues to pour another Fraud (McCarthyism propaganda which could lead to everyone in the country being put on specified Lists for censorship, control, and likely much more, as well as WW III) down the throats and through the eyes of all our citizens.

  2. “Her only regret, it seems, is that she got caught.” Exactly. No remorse. And, no problems with continued world stage hoaxing that may spread to diabolical ends – as long as her team’s goals are fulfilled.

Regarding MoveOn, who "matter-of-factly decried the ‘chilling news’ of ‘Russia’s election tampering,’ it is no surprise to me (because of their numerous past transgressions). But moreover, that part of your story led to an inclination for sharing a letter I sent to the Editor of Common Dreams (today) for publishing two articles which served to foment these same psychological warfare maneuvers:

Re: Common Dreams Joins the Propaganda Ranks of the Establishment and MSM

I earnestly request your reading of my response to your publications of “ Now, America, You Know How Chileans Felt” and “Trumped by Putin.” It begins with a straightforward statement, which harkens back to utter worst times of journalistic/News history: “Shame, Shame, Shame on Common Dreams for publishing this, as well as Now, America, You Know How Chileans Felt – because both fully serve to present as Truth and give Credibility to what is (in Reality) a massive PsyOp campaign directed on the entire world’s public.”

Next, remember being bold and courageous enough to go completely against the MSM and Establishment by putting Robert Shetterly’s article NPR & Trust in Government on your front page? The question is seriously and significantly important. Read this excerpt (from 2010), and maybe you will (at least partially) understand why: “In other words, to kick off a program about cynicism and trust in government, NPR was inviting an expert to diagnose the problem – and what better expert than one of the people who has done more than most to cause it! NPR knows intimately Mr. Zelikow’s history and they chose to expunge it, hide it from their listeners. Mr. Zelikow failed to mention during the interview that citizens lose respect for their government and become cynical when the government lies. Nor did he mention that when those leaders who lie make sure there is no accountability, the cynicism grows. And Ms. Hansen neglected to mention that when the media does not identify the history and bias of a guest, it appears that they may be trying to manipulate their audience. It demonstrates a lack of respect for that audience and is a prime cause of cynicism. Such behavior makes a mockery of trust. It makes cynicism and distrust a self-fulfilling prophesy.” “When the media obscures the truth, they show the same contempt for democracy that the politicians do.” (Note: While it is fact that Bill Moyers and Ariel Dorfman surely do not fall into the same level of a category as Philip Zelikow, the message still wholly relates to Common Dreams’ present damaging of its history).

Then, correspond all of the latter with this: “In what has become an old fashioned American pile-on, President Barack Obama, Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party and what seems the entire political establishment as well as the MSM, have united to undermine Putin as if to prime the American public for war with Russia. War is, after all, more successful when the people have been thoroughly programmed.

Following, reconsider this quote (for it and the previous one should remind you of worldwide WMD hoaxes, world stage Lies, and the extent that they will go to in order to advance a predetermined agenda): “I have watched incredulous as the CIA’s blatant Lie has grown and grown as a media story – blatant because the CIA has made no attempt whatsoever to substantiate it. There is no Russian involvement in the leaks of emails showing Clinton’s corruption. Craig Murray, the former UK ambassador to Uzbekistan . . . called the CIA claims ‘bullshit,’ adding: ‘They are absolutely making it up.’”

And finally, please watch this video, Senator McCarthy Claims Communist Infiltration – for your recent actions are diametrically opposed to your expressed (and Trusted) mission of standing out: “To inform. To inspire. To ignite change for the common good.”

Thank you,


Russian roulette

It isn’t Russia. It is the Fossil Fuel Industry and those who would profit from it even though it is a sure pathway to death for our grandchildren. We have met the enemy and it is Exxon + API.

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Whatever Stalin’s ills and misdeeds, and he was a very nasty little man, he intervened on the side of the LEGITIMATE government of Spain, as opposed to Italy and Germany which intervened very heavily on the side of the mass murderer and fascist revolutionary, General Franco, who used Moroccan troops to slaughter Spanish civilians…

Seems there may be a parallel with Syria indeed.