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Urging Bernie Sanders to “Speak Out” on Foreign Policy, Petition Gathers More Than 8,000 Signers in First Day


Urging Bernie Sanders to “Speak Out” on Foreign Policy, Petition Gathers More Than 8,000 Signers in First Day

Institute for Public Accuracy (IPA)

WASHINGTON - A petition to Sen. Bernie Sanders — urging him to tackle foreign policy issues in his campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination — gained 8,000 signers on Sunday (Aug. 2).

While praising the Sanders campaign’s “strong challenge to corporate power and oligarchy,” the petition urges him “to speak out about how they are intertwined with militarism and ongoing war.”



You can almost hear certain people say under their breath that “It doesn’t matter if I undermine his support, he wasn’t going to be elected anyway!”

If there are so many progressive and liberal leaning Americans then why is it that we can’t ever rally behind a progressive candidate? What is amazing is that if so few people vote republican then how do they still manage to win?

Progressives and lefties stay home! That is the biggest thing. After that it is divided we remain conquered same old same old. We can’t be adult about elections it seems. Some want their candidate and even though they know that there is no real chance of that person getting elected, they keep undermining the leading candidate who is closest to what they want even if it helps the republicans whom no progressive wants. We sing out proudly about preserving the principle of voting for just your own particular guy - realistic or not - while republicans opt instead for the big tent >>> Anybody just not a lib platform. If the names were changed, freaking Satan would get more republican votes than would Jesus. Jesus being way too liberal about helping the poor and Satan being a big advocate of trickle down helping the rich helps the poor economic thinking.

Republicans aren’t all that picky. They know the stakes involved and do what is necessary to win. Progressives and lefties know the stakes and then split off in self defeating separate voting blocs based on one issue and willingly sacrifice any advantage for the not a republican front runner.

They know their guy can’t win but they try to take down the left’s best chance candidate anyway. The pretense being that they want to bring attention to some specific issue? So trying to make the front runner look bad is the way to do that? Baloney. They seek free publicity for themselves and some issue and say the hell with the rest, it doesn’t matter.

So by the time of the election and progressives and lefties get disheartened. Some folks will say the front runner is not perfect but he should be perfect. Meanwhile knowing full well that this is a national election that requires broad appeal not the narrow focus of some small progressive group seeking to gain membership for themselves with free publicity.

Think about it, could any candidate espousing only narrow views on the major issues actually appeal to the majority of voters? Is it because special issue progressive groups are starved for media attention that they jump at the chance to get exposure for their issue even if they know it will make the front runner progressive candidate look bad?

Yeah it is. Is a petition of 8,000 signatures by one group really that big of a news item? Did Bernie have to be targeted for this and only Bernie once again? Why must the most progressive candidate be held to a standard that no other candidate is held to and before he is even nominated? What about Hillary’s foreign policy record? This petition sounds almost ridiculous when it is directed at her. Just like before, progressives target only Bernie. Did Bernie have to take a hit recently as if he hadn’t already had a long record of civil rights stretching back years?

Narrow focus progressives can and are seriously attempting to undermine Bernie in the minds of people who don’t know him that well. Those people do know the Clinton name though and they will choose that over republicans (if it comes down to that) but they might have chosen Bernie had they been given a fair chance.

This petition comes before Bernie is even the nominee. That means it ends up doing the work for Hillary and only Hillary. If it had come after the nomination that would have at least been more of an election issue. To target only Bernie before the nomination process makes it an issue between Hillary and Bernie and Hillary slides on by without a hitch on it. Yet look at her record on foreign policy. Doesn’t that strike people as odd?

Why do progressives target their front runner? I think it comes down to professional progressives struggling to keep their paychecks coming in and their groups name alive in the blogs. This was a just another cheap shot which gets a bit of publicity and is just as reckless as has been other cheap shots recently. Bernie’s record is far better than Hillary’s yet only Bernie gets targeted yet again.

Divided we stayed conquered.

To paraphrase an old nursery rhyme -

Ring around the rosie, pocket full of posies (posers)

we all stayed home!


That’s because “progressives” and “lefties” have moved so far right they are “center”.
True “liberals” or “lefties” or whatever you want to call them if you insist on putting people in boxes, are not jumping on the Bernie bandwagon and drinking the kool-aid, because they learned from the last “hope and change” candidate that talk is cheap. (Guantanamo is still open and people in other lands are still being bombed and droned back to the Stone Age).
Forward thinking people (I like to say “humanists”) know that if we are ever going to evolve as a species, things like bombing, droning and torture need to stop. If there is no candidate willing to end these atrocities, then yes, we’ll all stay home rather than vote for the lesser worse of the worst!


The by staying home you end up casting a vote for republican rule. Time to grow up, this is a national election and opting for the worst candidate to win is mere fatalism and a betrayal of all those things that make us human (ists).

Bernie has a long record that can be seen and that differs from Obama’s vacuous promises with no record behind them. Obama talked but Bernie has walked the walk. Big difference there.

So your solution is to let the worst candidate win… I think you are a fraud and not very good at this.

Lol… I am curious as to whom you would consider a true liberal or leftie? How about some examples instead of non-specific generalities? Who is a true liberal or leftie in your mind?

To tell people to let the worst win rather than choose at least the better of the two is utterly ridiculous and the kind of thing only deranged people would choose in their everyday life.

Since when do people choose the worst of two choices? How absurd.


I see you’ve insulted me, and attacked me, in each of your one or two sentence paragraphs above. I see no need to repeat what you have written, it is plain to see. And you wonder why the “left” is in shambles if this is your idea of a debate.
My political views are “left of tree hugging”, I don’t fit into one of your boxes because I’m smart enough to know that the democrats and the repugnants all dance to the same fiddle player. There is virtually no difference.
As a reminder, we are all entitled to our opinions, whether you agree or disagree. I will not debate you any further if your idea of an intelligent conversation consists of name-calling. Have a good day.


Whizzing in the wind, I’ll wager


It is a standard practice of rightwingnuts and their trolls to try and play that 'stay at home and don’t vote ’ card with people on the left. I haven’t moved to the right nor have I drank the kool aid (an odious and insulting reference) because I support Bernie (i also have an opinion and took offense at your reference thank you).

I do not support Obama nor his continuation of Bush’s policies.
But to tell people to stay home is to tell them to make it easier for republicans to win. Simplistic manipulation is insulting… sorry if I found your attempt insulting since I specifically addressed it in my prior comment and all you did was denigrate people for choosing not to be fatalistic and defeatist.

You pretend to have politics but where are they? Oh right they are at home. How nice.


There is no advantage to having a ‘progressive’ or ‘liberal’ president if such a president continues the USA’s permanent war in the Middle East and Africa. Obama is the proof. Conditions in USA continue to deteriorate, while he continues to transfer workers’ money to war profiteers, banksters, health insurance companies, and oil companies. There is no point to any ‘unity’ when the result is another MIC stooge in the White House. And based on Sanders’ record, there is every reason to believe that if elected, he will indeed be another puppet of the MIC.

Voting for a Democrat or a Republic means you endorse the Duopoly, which is a fake democratic political show designed to camouflage the fact that we are in fact governed by a military-plutocrat dictatorship.

The bitter truth is that, best case scenario, it will take at least a decade of direct action before electoral politics can have any benefit for the USA.

Energy spent supporting any politician aligned with the Dems or Repubs is pissing down a hole. But go ahead, keep drinking the Kool-Aid.


If you think that helping a republican get back into the WH is okay then throw away your vote. Vote for Nader if you want. He isn’t running but write in your vote for him because it will make a statement?

My feeling is that people who say don’t vote at all or keep saying that they want to make their vote a statement instead of it being a real vote are deluding themselves. A vote is a vote and not much of a statement, unless you feel choosing to vote for someone who has no chance of winning whatsoever will matter in the short term? I say short term because think about what will happen if a republican gets in. Another Cheney pulling strings with the help of oil companies and the MIC. Another Bush (literally) whose incompetence demoted our country on both the world stage and in the economic arena. We are involved in endless wars because of republican hubris and while Obama was a bait and switch (he had no record to look at - a true bait and switch from day one) Bernie has at least a progressive record to vote for.

No Bernie isn’t perfect but compare him to the alternatives. Hillary and the repubs (probably Jeb) will be much worse if they get in the WH. I think you have to stand up for things you believe in not just fantasies that you would like to happen someday. Bernie has fought for many progressive issues that the other candidates have not. That is what I am voting for. The things that I wish all the politicians advocated. Bernie is anti-oligarchy. Doesn’t that alone matter? Doesn’t that very courageous and progressive opinion matter when the other candidates like Hillary as well as the repubs will get that Citizens United money and unlimited campaign contributions but Bernie will not by his own choice? If that doesn’t matter then what about all the other progressive positions that Bernie has supported over the years? Bernie’s foreign policy is not as bad as is Hillary’s or the repubs and you know that Bernie would at least be more responsive to voters if we demanded a change in foreign policy direction.

If you stay at home and you don’t vote, the republicans will laugh (and sneer).

If you throw away your vote on an unelectable candidate, they will laugh even harder because they contribute money to those unelectable candidates simply because they drain off so many progressive and leftie votes.

You may not like voting for the duopoly but the duopoly leaves you no choice until now. Bernie may technically be a dem but he isn’t part of the duopoly since he isn’t taking the unlimited campaign funds money. Can’t you see that?

Bernie isn’t taking the duopoly money… that defines who he is. He is not part of the duopoly. He is not bought and paid for by the oligarchy.

Give credit where credit is do.


In a lot of ways, having the Democrat Obama in the WH has been worse than having W. Obama permanentized W’s wars and gulags, expanded W’s totalitarianism, and institutionalized big health care and big pharma’s wage theft via the ACA. Bush fantacized about cutting Social Security, but Obama did it. Also, under W, Peace activists and Lefties were making alliances with Liberals and even some Dems. But Obama has succeeded in confusing and dividing these groups…there is NO anti-war movement now.

Yes, a Republican president is always an awful thing. But ever since Clinton, Democratic presidents are also awful…and perhaps worse.

There is nothing to be gained by having a Democrat president, and when push comes to shove, Sanders always throws in with the Dems. He’s simply a fake reformer, and as Obama has shown, fake reform is worse than no reform.

Better to see things as they are. The addiction to hope and our love of illusion wastes energy that could be used elsewhere.


You can’t resist being a stickler for labels. Bernie calls himself a Dem so that means his prior record of support for so many issues that most gems did not support doesn’t matter to you. He says he is a demo so he is just as bad as clinton and obama.

I state that it is his record of support for progressive issues and you say he is a fake reformer. Okay, how can a record of support for progressive issues be fake? Hillary says stuff that nobody believe that she really means and if you said that her support for reforms is fake I’d have to agree. But you can’t say that about Bernie. He has taken many stands that were unpopular with the demo. He is NOT taking the big money contributions like Hillary is and Obama did.

To say that doesn’t matter is simply wrong. The Dems and Repubs (the duopoly) you talk about all take the big campaign money… if for no other reason you can’t say Bernie is no better than they are because he is.

Try to be honest about that much. He deserves respect for his stand against oligarchy. He isn’t taking their money.


This whole election thing is a circus. Instead of wasting our time & energy picking which puppet of capitalism we prefer to get screwed by we should be reorganizing society so that no one gets screwed. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t vote. I have voted for Nader many times, although, at this point I consider him too far to the conventional. Bernie Sanders has criticized the MIC, in congress, but he won’t condemn Israel for it’s massacres of Gazans. We need direct democracy. Personal involvement is the only way to abolish zombiehood. People need to be citizens & not just consumers.