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Urging Defections, Trump Administration Reportedly Holding Secret Talks With Venezuelan Military


Urging Defections, Trump Administration Reportedly Holding Secret Talks With Venezuelan Military

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In an effort to encourage defections from Venezuela's elected President Nicolas Maduro, the Trump administration is reportedly holding secret talks with members of the Venezuelan military as top U.S. cabinet officials continue to issue aggressive threats and push for regime change.


This is a US-backed coup attempt happening in plain sight.

Let the Venezuelan people decide. US keep out.


John Bolton and Elliot Abrams are better described as philo-Semitic fascists, rather than “hawks”.


Future generations of Americans will suffer the consequences of Imperial America, this insanity cannot be sustained. One of the great mistakes of the 20th Century was the elimination of the draft and the creation of a professional military. Democracies must have citizen armies.


We created a mercenary army populated with poverty draft conscripts. There has always been a professional class of military in the United States and necessarily so.


“Urging Defections, Trump Administration Reportedly Holding Secret Talks With Venezuelan Military”

Please stop using the word “Administration” in reference to any of the activities led by White House trespasser Donald Trump.

Here’s what it should look like:

“Urging Defections, Trump Regime Reportedly Holding Secret Talks With Venezuelan Military”

Thank you.


’ “The Trump administration expects further military defections from Maduro’s side,” Reuters reported, “despite only a few senior officers having done so since opposition leader Juan Guaido declared himself interim president last month, earning the recognition of the United States and dozens of other countries.”’

Translation: Uncle Sam is currently determining the price point at which key Venezuelan military personnel may be bought to do his bidding. “It’s just business,” he claims, as he strokes his chin with his fingernails.


I’d give anything to know which billionaires are actually putting upcash prizes to bribe the Venezuelan officers. Zionists for sure.


Doesn’t seem very secret. At some point one has stolen enough to do the rest in plain sight.


Don’t you just love ‘democracy’ in action…American Style. Venezuela has one of a few totally open voting processes in the world. So what is the problem? The Opposition Plutocrats know they cannot win a national election wherein they would beaten like a drum and lose the advantage of propaganda bs. So … they don’t run for national offices and ask their plutocrat ilk to ‘boycott’ the elections. Then claim the election was not legitimate because if they had run in the election … they would have lost!!

The ‘opposition’ run a shadow government now recognized by America’s shadow government and ally toads.

There is a ‘regime’ that needs to be overthrown and it is not Venezuela.


What? I was drafted the day I graduated College. Professional armies are contrary to the American tradition.

Read Senator J. WIlliam Fulbright’s “The Pentagon Propaganda Machine” for a brilliant discussion of militarism in American culture.

" There seems to be a lack of concern among too many people about the state of the nation, and a too easy acceptance of policies and actions of a kind that a generation ago would have appalled the citizenry. The apparent broad acceptance of the “volunteer army” idea comes to mind- a concept completely at variance with our historic development. Up to now, a blessing of our system has been that those who go into the military service, whether by enlistment or through the draft, could hardly wait to get out. But today, because of the exigencies of the times, there is a chance that we may turn our back on this fundamental principle: a large, standing professional army has no place in this Republic."


Attention all generals and admirals serving the endless united states war against Earth and Life;

Consider your duty to truth, and the Nuremberg principles and all that matters in your actual living family relationships. Focus on military empire, ecological collapse, and peace on Earth. Resign from your servitude to capitalist wealth. Stand up for what is right. Resign from the united states military.


Only three democrats voted against destroying democracy in Venezuela.


Here some background info on Juan Guaido who was groomed by the CIA. The participation of Canada, major European powers, and right-wing Latin countries in the attack on Venezuela is not surprising but was predictable:


Palestinians are brown-skinned Semites. European Jews have some Semitic heritage and some European heritage. Both groups historically have been driven by Old Testament stories (as have European Christians), although lately they’re all somewhat drifted away from that anchor.


What we can learn from the Bay of Pigs fiasco:

First, whoever is at the CIA is cocksure that their plan will work, even if it probably won’t work. President Kennedy learned that lesson the hard way. Months after invading Cuba and failing, Kennedy almost had a global thermonuclear mass extinction of the US population.

Second, the CIA’s primary occupation is lying to the American people. Our guy is ordered to play up, “Please, President Maduro, don’t kill innocent rioters,” and then at the same time the CIA is apparently caught smuggling weapons into Venezuela for the next Bay of Pigs.

Third, the CIA adores the idea of paying each nation’s military enough money to want to overthrow the government and then declare themselves to be dictators for life. In this case only 1 of the top 300 generals has sold out his own country for the moola despite the CIA’s enormous use of the New York Times to publicize what they want.

Fourth, apparently the USA has been trying mightily to buy somebody else’s elections with the power of dark money.

Fifth, it’s all about the vast oil reserves that the Trump administration wants to pump out of the ground and burn up. Other left-leaning nations whose people are of color, such as Ecuador, are ignored. Wealthy social democracies in Europe aren’t about to be invaded.

Sixth, neither Trump nor the Republicans care anything if all of their Venezuelan friends, much less their enemies, are all captured or killed. To be honest, they don’t care if most Americans die either. That’s the ultimate lesson of the Bay of Pigs.


Kennedy inherited the BoPs and it was operational while he was in transition phase into the White House. I have heard Kennedy’s own voice on recordings deliberating over whether to use air support which he righteously refused saying , and I quote as well as I can remember, " I don’t want to kill a lot of innocent women and children." Kennedy KNEW what Curtis Lemay would do! BoPs was EISENHOWER/NIXON/DULLES BROS. all over it and Kennedy took the public fall. Didn’t Kennedy fire Dulles and try to extract us from Vietnam (also begun by EISENHOWER/NIXON/DULLES BROS.) before getting his head blown apart?
Sort of like the Clintons being blamed for the mass incarceration the Reagan Bush people began, the Clintons entering the White House inheriting an economically plundered nation wracked by a crack epidemic also begun under Reagan Bush’s Iran Contra Treason. What choice left to them but continue incarceration? It was operational and necessary when they went in.


Perhaps it’s time for representatives of the anti-Imperialist movement to request a meeting with the Joint Chiefs to request their help in effecting the necessary regime change of our totally corrupt and failed government. Maybe even see about getting some funding or military support from some foreign powers to help persuade them. Maybe the House of Representatives should begin holding HEARINGS on the feasibility of the proposed coup and get the OMB to work up some numbers on the benefits. What could be more Amerikan than that? Maybe the Lefties biggest fault lies in not thinking BIG ENOUGH. Hey, if its good enough for Venezuela, it should be good enough for us.


Perhaps I should have prefaced my quoted statement with “When we ended the draft…”
Nothing I said was inaccurate. We now have essentially a mercenary military. It is mostly made up of poor Americans who have little other option to get ahead. With wealth inequality unequalled since the Gilded Age, our enlisted rank and file soldiers are essentially being bribed with promises of lavish benefits for doing the will of Israel, Saudi Arabia and Wall Street.
I agree with most of your post.


The term “philo-Semitic Adolf Hitler” was used by a Jewish writer as published in The Tablet (Jewish) online news magazine to describe Donald Trump. I have extended that appellation , rubrick, epithet, what have you, to his minions as I find it apropos.
I am well aware of the broader definition of Semite as the children and descendants of Shem includes many beyond Judean Jews, thank you.