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Urging Defections, Trump Administration Reportedly Holding Secret Talks With Venezuelan Military


The attempts by the US Fourth Reich to overthrow Venezuela’s government have reached new levels of NGO corruption by throwing millions of dollars into opposition groups with no congressional oversight.


I believe Mexican American writer Richard Rodriguez pointed out awhile back that the Yankees stole Mexico from the Mexicans who stole it from the Spanish who stole it from the many indigenous (not necessarily Mexican) native American tribes particularly north of the current Mex-Amer. border. The modern Mechica would like us all to accept their sovereignty over historical Aztlán which is more legend than actuality as many, MANY "first nation " folks would like to be recognized as NOT Mexican. When California fell to the "Green -Go"s in 1848, I believe there were only 7,000 Mexican citizens inthe entire state, but more than 70,000 non-Mexican native tribes (ie. Chumash, Yaqui, Pala, San Luiseño, etc. etc. etc.
I like your username! Some guys just have "huesvos’ !


They certainly have bribed him enough! All of Venezuela’s gold in the Bank of England and all the assets seized in the USA! Guaido is no different than any of the tin pot dictators the Wall Street crowd has been stuffing into latinamerica for almost two centuries.


zAnd as for the Ashkenazi having genuine Jewish Judean “genes” that may be from later marriage, as the root genetics I have read, seem to be caucasian. Ashkenazi are thought by many to be converted Khazars. As such they have no natural birthright to Judea/Palestine.
99.5 % of human genes are shared by all humanity and the Jews want to prove how exclusive they are by an allele or two, so, what?, they can justify stealing indigenous Palestinian land? Please, for God’s sake. Oooops! Wrong phrase to use! Damn!


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Yep. In a Country were the majority lived in poverty which was only addressed by a Government that Nationalized its oil industry to ensure profits flowed to the people , the wealthy can never win a free and fair election.

In the US version of democracy th epoor should not have a vote. Just as those “founding fathers” intended.


Canada’s role here is much like the Coup in Haiti which they also supported. It to ensure Canadian based mining firms gain access to the riches of Venezuela and nothing more. Aristide had plans to nationalize the mining industry in Haiti and the mining compnaies headquartered in Canada did not like it.

France recently recalled its ambassodor to Italy. They are complaining that Italy spreads lies about France. This because a Government official pointed out that France still milks its ex colonies in Africa of wealth to the tune of some 500 billion a year , this helping make France one of the Worlds largest economies , even as it impoverishes Africans.

Colonialism never ended. Canada. the EU , the USA et al just exercise it through Corporations and enitities like the IMF and the World Bank backed by the US Military and its CIA, NED and other NGO’s.


Exactly! Colonialism is a brother to fascism…


I agree, but would also add, that Amerika’s brutal hegemony and fascist! Imperialism in countries like Venezuela, Iraq and so many more around the world, where the average American has no political participation, is now nothing less than a military dictatorship, ever since CON/gress abdicated it’s Constitutional authority to declare wars, Amerika has had absolutely no accountability for it’s fascist wars and war crimes all over the world.


Nothing has changed in Amerika. since 1776.


…And they must be assassinated to be stopped from pulling off this coup for the oil oligarchy. I don’t care who does it, Walrus Face and the murderous little F#$%ker must die, along with Guaido and his entire group of traitorous fascists. Maduro’s only chance is to put down the coup with extreme military violence. Those in rebellion need to know that they WILL die if they persist. End this now or Trump will end the Chavista government and the Bolivarian Revolution.


How are these actions not an abuse of power by all involved?


After Meduro appointed narco-generals to high positions, to oversee what had been civilian sectors of the government, such as oil distribution, food production, consumer price controls,etc., the downward spiral of the economy quickly became unstoppable. Why would anyone in their right mind expect anything different. This is not to say that the U.S. neo-con/neo-libs didn’t throw more logs on fire; they did, gleefully. When everyone, left, right and center, robs, and intend to rob, the country’s oil dollars, fixing blame at this point is pointless.

After Maduro is gone (he has but weeks to pack) Guaido (pronounced Bardot as in Bridget but with a ‘G’) will set the wheels in motion to rob the oil money. Thankfully, his handlers are all in the U.S., operating under our vigilant political and legal controls (not!). Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to help bring those controls to bear on behalf of our Southern neighbors. We have made a start by taking the House. We can do more with astute progressive leadership. As Bernie said, if we fail to fight the billionaires anywhere, we will suffer the consequences here. The evil of neo-liberalism is trans-national.


At last. We might have a war (conflict) that our humongous navy can flex it’s muscles beyond just sailing aircraft carriers around. MIC at it’s war mongering best.


Resistance Leader ™ Nancy sure does seem to support this.


Load of crap, Ian.


When Maduro appointed his Interior Minister several years ago, it was a general who was under indictment in the U.S. for suspected drug traffic. This was widely reported at the time. You must have missed it. Inside the country, hardly any Venezuelan I spoke to does not believe that the military brass is involved in drug traffic. But, not to be obtuse, why is this germane to the current situation? Venezuela is a failed state, and many people are responsible, Maduro’s people and U.S. neo-con people.

What is germane is to figure out how to keep them from stealing more of the oil income, so ordinary folks can have enough to eat.


You stole my question. With real cartel cash floating around the intertubes and Caribbean laundromats on every island; just how difficult is it to attach a supposed general to a supposed drug trafficking account?
That Pelosi had to make a public statement supporting a genocidal and racist GWEEDOUGH, tells me she’s finding little support among the newly elected rank-and-file Dimocrats. This is also an issue with the POTUS Wannabes in the primaries, starting with Iowa. Which has a strong and long anti-war and non-interventionist history.
This coup will not go over well, there.


From Moon of Alabama:

Racism And The Fight Over Venezuela




The elites just buy off the military brass in developing nations that they want taken over. In the US, they just buy off the Prez and and Congress of both parties. Win-Win for the oligarchs and corporate empire. What’s not to like?