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Urging Defections, Trump Administration Reportedly Holding Secret Talks With Venezuelan Military


As a reminder, Lonny Davis has many ties to the Clintons. He is also their man.


Who the hell gives any credibility to whom the US authorities indict for drug trafficking? The US authorities are corrupt. They use the drug trafficking charges to rid themselves of political enemies just as they use “links to terrorism”.

The largest drug trafficker on the Globe is the USA. See Afghanistan and how the Taliban shut down the drug export industry and how it exploded again once the USA got their dirty paws in there.

Just to show how corrupt the US Judicial system is, a US Judge ordered that Iran pay the victims of 9/11 6 billion dollars. Iran had nothing to do with 9/11. Meanwhile Pompeo claims Hizbollah present in Venezuela. They just throw anything they can at them to justify meddling.


And only for .*defense.


Good thing, too. Leviticus brought us a worldwide Hebrew-led slave trade.


For some reason, this reminds me of an incident at the Naval War College, where we teach officers of other countries to be officers.
*The class was on command decisions. At the end of the class, the instructor asked if any of the class had any command decision stories from their own experience.
*One South American naval lieutenant stood up. Told to proceed, he said, “I was about two hundred miles offshore in my DE when I was brought a message from my capital. It said, ‘A revolution has broken out in the capital. Which side are you on?’”


And what are the citizens supposed to do, die in even greater numbers to appease Satin’s agents in Washington.

The fish rots from the head down. Absolute non cooperation, or honest government, are the only answers.


Thanks for the above link Po. There is always a racist element in U.S. Foreign Policy schemes and mis-adventures-----always has been. This one is straight out of the playbook. Anyone who can’t see what is beneath and behind the lies by now needs
to turn off the teevee.

If the Administration really gives a damn about the Venezuelan people (they don’t),
they would lift all sanctions immediately, and then BUTT OUT.


Well, I’d bet on a consortium of Oil Magnates putting together a a big pool of cash, options, etc., probably in the amount of many millions if not billions. Just the cost of doing business, and they can probably filter it through some loopholes so it will all turn into profit.
*Other big corporate fields will probably jump on the bandwagon. Remember, “Nothing exceeds like excess.”


One of my faults is a surfeit of impatience, so I will just do this one last time:

‘You made the Narco allegation, thats (sic) why its germane.’
You and I are nothing, who we believe is a bad guy is nothing. What is important is what course of action to support, to stop the suffering.

‘Are you claiming Guido and the USA will not steal the oil?’
Actually, what I said was: 'Guaido will set the wheels in motion to rob the oil money.