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Urging Democrats To Go Bold, Warren Says 'The Next Step Is Single Payer'


Ready for a peaceful revolution?



Your basic premise is that you are personally innocent of US atrocities committed in your name.

Although Tulsi Gabbard may not run for president, she speaks out against the militarism that is responsible for the root reason for austerity that Senator Warren avoids.

Additionally, I do not see my aversion to support for religious states as purity politics. This is a fundamental US position you may dismiss as purity politics out of your fear of Trump but that is your fear and not mine.


“to do more within my teachers union to see how we are strategizing to make this happen.”

Perhaps useful - active unions would have strategies beyond endorsement - member education, e.g.:


Let me guess? You are personally innocent of US atrocities committed in your name right?

Moreover even if someone opposes/protests/demonstrates against a war that they are still as guilty as someone who actively supports it?

More importantly, you pretend to an awesome innocence although you apparently consider your own part in such things as your government may do as irrelevant.


Elizabeth Warren is too little and too late.

If she really in her gut believed what she is saying now, she would have come out early and strong for Bernie in the Primary and campaigned her head off for him. She would NEVER have back pedaled on telling the truth about what a horrid, hypocritical, stooge of Big Money that HRC is.

She would have been the attack dog that Bernie couldn’t be since he needed the Clintonistas to back him if he won the nomination. But she could have spoken the truth, “A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote against REAL Universal Health Care and so it is a vote that people will die.”

But instead she kept her powder dry and supported HRC.

What she is doing now is sheep dogging progressives to remain in the party. She is as bad as Bernie who just donated money, which progressive sent to his “Our Revolution” in order to support progressives only in the Democratic Primaries, to the Unity tour, which is about electing corporate Democrats. One Hundred Thousand Dollars from struggling people making an average donation of $27 for Bernie’s vision being turned over to the Clinton establishment of Tom Perez.

I just had a tooth pulled. It hurt like hell to have it pulled. For a week I was in terrible pain. But it had to happen or things would just get worse and worse.

With that in mind I’m thinking the only hope for change in this country is for the Democrats to lose enormously big in 2018. Only then may the Party collapse and a real Progressive Party can rise from the ashes. Until then it seems the game will continue of Progressives being sheep dogged into supporting the Party that wants to screw them with a smile on its face instead of the idiot Party that wants to screw them with a frown on its face.


Great to see Liz finally getting behind #MedicareForAll … now that it’s safe for her to do so.
Now … How about changing your position on Israeli Terror in Palestine?


The DINO Dems play a very deceitful game - pretending to support issues while actually undermining them, this time in CA’s single-payer struggle - pretending to be “progressive” while actually sabotaging the move toward single-payer! With DINO sellouts like these who needs R’Cons to screw us?!



I support Tulsi Gabbard over Elizabeth Warren because she says she will stop regime change wars.

The last democratic administration was in office during destruction of four interesting democracies; Honduras, the Maldives, Paraguay and Ukraine. I support anyone who will help stop destruction of democracies and endless war.

It was democrats who set up Trump and Elizabeth Warren did not support the person who might have beat him at the polls.


You accused and then you ran away from defending that accusation. You shouldn’t debate. You just want to think you say shocking things and feel so rad while doing so but you don’t think things through. You just want to vent I guess.


It really is the only logical solution. Market forces do not work with a monopoly. It is pure myth an Ayn Rand, albeit seductive, lie.


Good article.


I’m going to offer a banal, much less impressive explanation for the tabling of this bill because I saw the problems with it up front. Here’s the deal for those interested in legislative mechanics: Senator Lara is head of one of the most powerful committees in the California legislature, Appropriations. He is the author of SB 562, California’s proposed single payer bill. His committee actually has jurisdiction to propose, study, and review legislation dealing with appropriations and expenditures that is not referred to the Budget and Fiscal Review Committee. It was completely within Lara’s power to 1) fully examine the finances of the bill; 2) formally recommend financing options in a committeee report to cover transition costs and other elements dealing with funding; and 3) offer language per the preceding points to guide consideration of the bill. None of those things were done, the opposite in fact. Committee analyses were produced that noted the general uncertainties of financing. Or, as the Senate Floor Analysis acknowledges, “According to the Senate Appropriations Committee, the fiscal estimates below [in the analysis] are subject to enormous uncertainty . . . There are numerous uncertainties about how enrollees, providers, employers, and the state would adapt to such a system” p. 10).
The Senate passed the bill, Lara got his headlines, but punted the hard stuff–the meat of the bill really–to the Assembly to resolve.

From my vantage point, activists should be angry with Chairman Lara, not the Assembly Speaker. He produced a bill for some nice headlines, but clearly was unwilling to do the groundwork to make it successful. When I saw the placeholders in the bill, I grew skeptical for this reason, though I had hope. What he did was author what is called a “showboat bill,” a flashy piece of legisaltion absent the financing mechanisms to make it work. In short, he basically told his Assembly colleagues to deal with developing the new taxes and financing of his bill, an “F you” if there ever was one. He gets to be a hero, while they get to figure out how to raise taxes on their constituents. That’s not a recipe for legislative success.

Outrage Aimed at Democrat for Pulling Plug on California Single-Payer Bill

“Getting the money out of politics and/or getting the corporation out of our media should be top priority.
We cannot get the progressive word out when large groups can buy all kinds of ads across the country and put nationwide on our TV sets which sets up our media working against us.”

Agreed, with the “and” not the “or.”.

i believe that what this means, is that we must completely dis-empower the corporate sector, and actually end the “limited-liability, investor-owned, corporate person” as the fundamental building-block of the economy. And replace it with worker-owned enterprises, that are accountable in real terms to the ecology, and to the communities in which they operate.

If we allow limited-liability, investor-owned corporate persons to continue to operate on that basis, we will never sufficiently regulate them. They will always return, like zombies, to undermine any regulation we impose, and to endlessly accumulate wealth and power by any means available…


Please don’t sully the “Left”.

General Wesley Clark: Wars Were Planned - Seven Countries In Five Years

USA: Assad must go - Obama

Hillary Clinton. Assad Must Go

Home News Security Syrian regime change now part of Trump’s strategy, national security adviser confirms

Pretty weird how reality contradicts your statement huh?

Yes, because fuck international law and crimes against humanity.

Show a little respect:

US orchestrated Suharto’s 1965-66 slaughter in Indonesia

Damning new evidence has come to light pointing to the extent of the involvement of the United States government, closely supported by the Australian and British administrations, in the military coup staged in Indonesia by General Suharto on October 1, 1965 and the subsequent massacre of up to one million workers, peasants, students and political activists.

noun: irony

the expression of one's meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect.


If a policy like single payer has more support among REPUBLICANS than those that oppose it, and if it has strong support overall and still can’t get passed, then the issue isn’t single payer but corruption and this rotten and dying system. I, personally, have had it with people that give up before even trying something. If King and the Civil Rights movement had your mentality, they wouldn’t have done a damn thing. Maybe the problem is that those in charge of the “center-left” party in this country are almost entirely opposed to single payer? Maybe Democrats in multiple states lobbying against single payer is the problem, maybe Feinstein, Pelosi and people like Clinton are the problem?

By the way, the Republicans are trying to dismantle more than the ACA, they are also trying to dismantlee large parts of the Great Society programs, and they along with the Democrats already took a sledgehammer to the New Deal. I don’t see the logic of working within the Democratic Party anymore, and I also realize what that means in a system where the two parties have fixed third party challengers in the same way one party states make challengers next to impossible. If these corrupt parties keep this up, people will seek change outside of electoral politics, and that is when things get ugly pretty quickly.

Also, the projections on the Republicans’ bill shows that millions will lose their insurance, tens of millions will lack access to healthcare and hundreds of thousands will die. There are also projections with the ACA. While better than what preceded it and while better than the Republicans rotten bill, the projections show millions not having access to healthcare and hundreds of thousands of people dying from a lack of access to healthcare. That isn’t morally acceptable just because less people will die and less people will be denied care they need.


Democrats have proven themselves quite effective at fighting against single payer. Probably more effective than Republicans ever will be - or will ever need to be.


Assad has always been a useful stooge of US foreign polity(sic)

So was Hussein and so was Ghaddafi (after 1986), a lot of good that did them.

Would you have opposed the US intervening to depose, say, Suharto in Indonesia?

Odd question as it was the US who helped Suharto oust Sukarno.


“purity politics”

Stop this nonsense. People care about the actual impact of policies. More Republicans now support single payer than oppose single payer, ideology plays zero role in that. People agree with the left on almost every single issue and ideology plays little role. People that talk about purity tests (an empty, tone deaf DNC talking point) do so to excuse corruption. I am sick of our politics being dominated by stupid talking points. so because they have a crappy argument on the actual policy discussion, and they often are trying to make

By the way, Trump didn’t emerge from a void. People are angry and are suffering, and the policies people like Clinton have supported have harmed working people and created a context in which a monster like Trump emerged from, which is why the far right is growing in most Western countries. You don’t change the situation by continuing to support the policies and politicians that created a context in which Trump could emerge from. If you continue to do so, you’ll eventually get a more competent and worse version of Trump. It also would have helped if you didn’t run such a rotten candidate against him, especially when a far better option was available.


Either Obama or Hillary said it: Obamacare was written to keep single-payer from ever happening.


Sure. Do figure that out sometime.