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Urging Dems to Stop Playing Defense, Warren Says Medicare for All 'Goal Worth Fighting For'


Urging Dems to Stop Playing Defense, Warren Says Medicare for All 'Goal Worth Fighting For'

Julia Conley, staff writer
Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) called on her fellow Democrats on Thursday to "go on the offense" to improve the country's healthcare system instead of focusing on simply defending the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare.


“There is no reason on earth for us to continue to allow the healthcare of the American people to be held hostage by an industry that both attacks any new healthcare proposals and at the same time refuses to do anything to fix it.”

No reason of course other then that is the way the psychopaths that run this shithole of a country want it to be. You want to be treated fairly? Your going to have to get rid of the fascists first. Everything else would merely be pissing in the wind.


Why was it not a goal worth fighting for when Bernie Sanders was running for the DP nomination? Warren refused to support him when her support could have made a difference, could have won him Massachusetts and possibly the nomination, and she refused to support Medicare for All when that issue could have been key to Sanders’ victory in MA and other states. But now of course she’s hoping that SHE will get the nomination. She’s always been such an unprincipled opportunist.


How about we just fight for the Issue
Who ever wants to come along
The More the Merrier

name calling doesn’t serve any purpose
Coulda Woulda Shoulda is speculation only
Attacking everyone will leave you swinging at the Wind

Let’s argue Issues and Elect those who Do
And do some Building with other Builders

Life never gives anyone a Guarantee on Nothing

Ya Work with what ya Got


But Senator Warren, there are good reasons for your party not to fight for MFA.

They’re called the Blue Dogs who your party relies on to form a majority. As soon as they hear republicans talkin’ all scary about ‘socialized medicine,’ those Blue Dogs will show their Republican Lite colors.


The Democrats (politicians) better get their heads out of their Trumps before the 2018 elections. We want single payer healthcare - end the immoral wars for profit and oil - affordable higher education - one citizen, one vote - public finance of elections - tax the super rich (70-90%) - perk walk Trump into prison along with his crime family. I don’t think that’s too much to ask in a real democracy!!!


Spoken like a true Tea Party Republican Trump voter. Elizabeth Warren has integrity and fights for the working people. Wake up!


First we have to deal with the Obesity problem that creates diabetes and other illnesses running rampid in our society. Single Payer Healthcare will go bankrupt in a society that does not take responsibility for its own personal health. Eating Real Food and exercise are the keys to good health not meds from the hospital. We need single payer healthcare but we also need health education and prevention.


Sounds good to me!


If she had integrity she would have supported Sanders. But no, she wanted to remain neutral she said, while behind the scenes she was scheming to get herself appointed to a good post in the Clinton administration. Wake up!


No, we need to get rid of them.


“…Out of your Trumps” is one of the funniest plays on his name this entire year.


How can an impoverished public buy more politicians than the oligarchy? The only thing worth fighting for is encrypted online voting.

Direct Democracy.


One of the motivations for a ‘single’ payer is that hopefully the payer (us) will be smart enough to optimize via better public health measures such as regular checkups for everybody to have the education about what behaviors shorten your life and make it less pleasant (as well as increase lifetime medical cost). Same with environmental factors.


Excuse me? How is critiquing Warren from the Left that she refused to support Sanders, when it could have made a difference, speaking like a person on the Right who voted for Trump?

Can you list for me how Warren has shown her integrity and fought for working people? Thank you.


I agree and was going to make the same point. If she was the nominee in 2020, I’d vote for her, but I’m not as enthusiastic about her as I would be if Tulsi Gabbard were the nominee.

W.r.t. what has Warren done, I don’t care for Daily Kos, but searching for elizabeth warren accomplishments, that’s the first link that looked like an attempt: https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2016/5/9/1524727/-Elizabeth-Warren-s-List-of-Accomplishments-is-Bigger-than-Trump-s-Hanging-Chad. Of course the major achievement is helping to get the CPFB established which I would argue has been good overall for working people. I’m sorry it is going to be gutted now. Anybody know of anything else?


I like Warren…but…where was she Tuesday night?


If you read what she is actually saying, she is definitely NOT for a Medicare for All single payer system. Her comments make sure to include the industry in any future vision. First castigating them for “…refusing to fix it”!!! If you want single payer, you don’t look to inusrance companies to “fix it”. She talks about “improving” it- you know, ala the HRC incremental change model. She says we need to “hold insurance companies accountable” - Accountable for what? What we need to do is to get RID of the insurance companies. But she won’t say that. She’ll give lip service to Sanders’ Medicare for All bill. Because she knows where the majority of people are on this. But at the same time she’s letting the insurance companies know she’s got their backs.
Warren is an opportunist. She’s pure establishment Dem all the way.


I agree that any reform that doesn’t get rid of private health insurance control as well as totally reform the way the pharmaceutical industry acts, is not real reform. Warren is okay, she’s kind of lukewarm, and if she envisions a future with those two predatory industries still in the picture, then I don’t support her. Last year when Bernie Sanders was interviewed about single payer health care, he noted that some in the pharmaceutical industry were afraid that would cut into their profits, and many in the insurance industry were afraid it would put them out of business. Bernie’s response. “Tough luck.”


You realize you are talking about personal responsibility, right? That’s not gonna happen, when someone stuffs their face with crap it’s never their fault, they were forced into it by “the corporations”, “society”, “the 1%” etc. Good luck changing that mindset.