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Urging Diplomacy, China Warns Trump's North Korea Threats Could 'Backfire Bigly'

Urging Diplomacy, China Warns Trump's North Korea Threats Could 'Backfire Bigly'

Julia Conley, staff writer

The Chinese Foreign Ministry demands an end to Trump's threats and name-calling

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Trump loses interest in the more pressing matters of helping devasted Puerto Rico and the presently being devastated wildfire areas of Northern California because literally Trump is the kind of person who quickly loses interest in anyone whom he perceives as wanting something from him. It is a rich guy thing.

Instead Trump embraces the sense of power and is attracted to the historical presence that surrounds a president or leader involved in a conflict of nations. Helping millions needing food and water in your own country is boring like a teenager having to do a household chore whereas playing Chickee with North Korea and contemplating the use of force such as only America can wield is almost intoxicating!

Trump simply cannot hold his attention on things like helping others. He loses interest that kind of thing real fast!


The people of Puerto Rico are without electricity and water. Trump has failed to focus on the crucial needs of the country that was just ravaged by a huge storm. He could have saved taxpayers the expense of going there just for the photo ops while ignoring the need to restore the public access to clean water and electricity.

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Tillerson is correct – Tweetle-Dumb IS a Bigly F***ing Moron!


The under-endowed one cares about only one thing – himself. The man preens in his sleep. It’s mirror mirror on the wall for Trump, and poison apples for the rest of us. A man who cannot spell the word genocide would commit genocide for better ratings. He ALMOST makes me forget that there are billions of genuinely good people in this world who have to suffer the likes of him. Hell is too good for him - Satan doesn’t want the competition.


Great comment…well said…thank you!

"The Latin phrase Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus (the motto of Hogwarts) translates as “never tickle a sleeping dragon”.

Demon cores need to remain in deep silos never to see the light of day. China is a force majeure not to be toyed with. To DJT: Sit down, hands behind your back and STFU!


The sooner the US understands this the sooner the rest of us can breath a sigh of relief and get on with the business of creating a better world, a Life sustaining world.

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Just how much closer to destruction do we have to get for this congress to get off it’s ass and remove the man? I almost feel sorry for him for he is sure to experience rejection on a national level. Someone better hold his hand, soon, if only to keep it away from the infernal button.

Not to worry!  Or rather, don’t waste your time worrying.   No-one – let me repeat, NO-ONE – in the present administration has the slightest concept of how long China has existed and how much patience her people have.   I am sure the Chinese laugh themselves silly on a daily basis as they watch how the paper dragon
that is the U.S. (after the tiniest of tickles from Russia) is self-destructing.