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Urging Europe to Embrace Wasteful Military Budget Like US, Trump Tells NATO Leaders to Double Spending


Urging Europe to Embrace Wasteful Military Budget Like US, Trump Tells NATO Leaders to Double Spending

Jon Queally, staff writer

One of the chief reasons that most European nations enjoy a higher standard of living and their residents annually express larger levels of collective happiness than people living in the United States is because of their commitment to spending on social wellness that exceeds their relative spending on military misad


This is how WAR Propaganda works. Bernays indicated that in order to SELL a product , one had to dupe the people by creating a market for that product where there either was none or where there was one not needed.

In this article alarm is expressed over the US Navy and its Submarine gap. They imply the USN is not receiving and has not received enough funding to buy the Submarines needed to perform “Their mission”.

Read the article in its entirety and NO reason is given for why the USN feels that 66 nuclear attack submarines are necessary. The USN just INVENTED a reason for needing those vessels and then claims that there a Submarine gap because they do not have Submarines enough for the tasks they created for it.

Military spending is more then just wasteful. It a massive con job that in fact STEALS wealth and funnels it to the 1 percent. As far as the Investor Class concerned this is not a waste.


Also, weapons do nothing but kill and maim human beings and other living things, degrade the environment (the Pentagon is the largest polluter in human history) and destroy wealth that human labor and the biosphere have created.


Question. Why must Military spending be based on total GDP and why must it go up JUST because the GDP of a given nation increases.?

Assume two nations border one another and rather then engage in Military conflict they use the existing model of GDP and GDP growth engaging in trade and mutual investment (I am not defending that model , just using it as a reference). Peoples cross the borders with regularity and we suddenly see GDP go up.

These nations USED to be in conflict like a France and an England but of 1800 but are now “allies” like a France and an England of 2018. Why on Earth would they NEED to spend more on their Military?

There can only be one LEGITIMATE reason nations would agree to Military spending based on their GDP rather then on there being a real Military threat and that because that 2 percent or 4 percent of GDP is monies the 1 percent called the Investor class wants as part of their cut. It like the Mafia demanding 5 percent of all a store owners revenues for “protection”.


The trumpenfuhrer war-pig moron wants the world to be a reflection of his diseased, uneducated, and malignant mind! Such a world would not be worth living-in…one might say any life is better than the alternative, but the contrast between life on such a hideous and starkly evil, bigoted plane trump and other people represent versus what humans have been, and are, capable of, is a gulf of vast proportions, and the evil that men do must not be tolerated or “normalized” as the dark side tries to sell…

A world continually at war with profits and/or exploitation of natural resources, or political hatreds between “systems” is already far too “normalized” with politicians and the war-industry cheerleaders for endless war ad the diversion of resources from a civilian world/nation to a militaristic cesspool of jingoism, racism, slavery and waste!.

Its hard to believe there were once such people we had as leaders even given their warts and the growing subversions of our republic by the same forces that now have very nearly destroyed the good, to serve overt evil.

"Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final

sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed. This world in arms is not spending money alone.

It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children." - Dwight D.Eisenhower


Who do you think Trump & Co. want all these NATO countries to buy their weapons from?
Just like the natural gas pipeline; another scam, shipping that across the Atlantic is a security disaster waiting to happen. And, in addition to bomb trains, we’ll have bomb ports with potential exploding terminals and toxic air up the ying-yang, as well. Super-Salesman my aching arse, this maniac is a walking catastrophe movie, coming to a coastal city near you.
Money changes everything except one thing; it doesn’t mean much if your dead, it doesn’t help your home values if it’s in a dead zone.


Thanks–you saved me a posted comment.


WHOOPS! Wrong person. This goes to the CD article.

Living with over 450 nuke powerplants worldwide, cars, planes, ships, coal and oil and gas powerplants, burning forests, massive-mining excavations, etc. - running 24/7 - how long do we have? Or do we shut it down? The Poor People’s Campaign: A National Cal for Moral Revival - Rev. Barber will be on FSTV tomorrow, 7:30 pm PT.


Sorry, G! The computer program was to post this as a reply to the article. Please forgive me. See ya tonight, maybe, on the conference call for National Improved Medicare for All. I always fergit 'cuz of PT here.


Social Wellness in the United States can only be achieved through the purging of all the Fascist elements.


Socialist countries have weapons.


Good analogy using the description of the Mafia. In some ways you go to give them credit for their plan. The MIC has made sure there are manufactures in almost every state, knowing they can blackmail congress critters into supporting them for their “jobs”. This is now just a fallback plan, now that bribery is out in the open and legal.


I’m no fan of Theresa May but she makes Trump look like an complete idiot. He disgraces us before the whole world. Plus, he will soon have a sit down with his authoritarian hero, Putin, and they will speak alone with nobody else in the room. Treason much?
Trumpo the Klown is a complete and utter asshole. Due to his mind-boggling arrogance and stupidity he has had at least 5 bankruptcies in his sleazy “business” career. Looks like the U.S. will be number 6.


Indeed. Weapons proliferation will only speed up the “End of Mankind.”


With any luck the European nations will get sick of being U.S. vassals and get out of NATO. The only thing NATO has done is to destroy defenseless counties like Afghanistan, Iraq, etc.



There is great fear in Europe of Germany having a large military given the history of WWI and WWII. And I don’t think it is in anyone’s increase for Germany to again become a major military power. Germany continues not to have nuclear weapons although it could easily have a large nuclear force. The other countries in Europe trust the US more than they trust Germany and it continues to be the number one economic power in Europe. Germany may not always remain a liberal democracy. The white nationalists are again gaining strength in German and Merkel is barely holing on to power. The present arrangement between the US and Europe works well and only a total fool like Trump would seek to upset it. The Democrats argued that Trump was incompetent to serve as president and he has done nothing to disprove that. But he hangs on to power relying on the racism and ignorance of his political base. The haters and no nothings have gained control. They hate and believe just about any conspiracy theory or lie they are fed. As long it comes from Fox News, Breitbart, or Trump they believe it. The US is in a good position with regard to Russia and China because it has so many allies. Given much more time of the Trump presidency this might no longer be true.


In true current American mentality–(maybe not so current)-- other countries are not so much allies as they are untapped marketing opportunities. Our weapons industry, apparently, is in need of a boost that will "create more jobs’ and “keep them in America”. Perhaps if they buy more guns from us, we’ll drop our tariffs. It’s a “win/win” for everyone, don’t you see? Oh, the crafty bastards.


And so…?


Feed the Beast.

Mammon Rules


And so as long as resources on this planet remain strained and people continue to ignore habitat overshoot, people will continue to find ways to kill each other.

At some point resources, aka commodities, determine the direction.

If the government ignores this simple mathematics, then bad things happen. If they don’t then it leaves room for planning, family and otherwise.