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Urging Europe to Embrace Wasteful Military Budget Like US, Trump Tells NATO Leaders to Double Spending


The beast requires that people breed and shop.

The best way to starve the beast is to simply not breed.


Barring planned parenthood, homicide is nature’s overpopulation control.

Overpopulation makes a few enormously wealthy and powerful enough to kill us more efficiently.

Conservatives bribe the military and police hoping these will not turn on them as the Empire dies.


The Iranians once referred to the US as Dracula and judging from its war mongering how can we dispute this?



And, more battleships to guard the tankers…oh, submarines oh boy, jets oh boy, helicopters oh boy, Homeland Security oh boy, Alphabets gone mad oh boy, …oh boy, oh boy, oh boy.
Unfortunately, boys will always be boys, not men.


Yet you still believe that we would be better off with Hillary. Stick with your anti-racism rants. They serve you better.


You are absolutely correct that to sell anything that someone doesn’t need, you create a need where none exists. In fact, that is taught in sales courses as a primary job of any salesperson.


Well, those who profit from the death and destruction will never face armed conflict themselves, nor will it be their homes that find themselves in a “dead zone.” They wage war using pawns. Another reason to keep on hand a huge crop of desperate poor who will fight to eat.

How many coal-fired power plants belch black smoke over Bill Gates’ house?


Perhaps Trump wants European Nato countries to spend more on their Nato budgets in readiness for the next impending US war/invasion against Iran, or North Korea, or Venezuala, or wherever else the US wants to spread its geo-political slimy tentacles. After 911, European Nato countries rallied to the US in their invasion of Afghanistan and about 900 of them gave their lives in the process, all for a war that had nothing to do with them otherwise. Is that not payment enough Donald? And since that alliance these countries have incurred numerous terrorist attacks and consequently spend a fortune on defence against terrorism which they probably wouldn’t have had to do had they not decided to aid the US as Nato allies. So maybe it’s the US that ‘owes a lot of money’ in relation to that.


Imagine if the Germans were to take Trump up on his offer? Within five years the 21st century Germany could easily build the most technologically advanced military in the world.
The German chancellor would then call Downing Street and tell them that they are part of the EU again. And try and ignore all those red laser dots that appear on all the government buildings and Buckinham palace.
Now imagine what the Russians would think when they witness three German armies marching into the Russian steppes with " Moskow or bust" painted on the side of a 2022 version of a Tiger tank.
Is this really a road we want to go down, especially with the USA in full decline, and the earth warming rapidly?
Res Ipsa Loquitar


Which of his homes are we talking about? Now, the one on Lake Washington isn’t in too much danger. However, the other properties, compounds and golf course residences, chalets and whatnot, I haven’t been able to size up. Bill rarely puts himself in peril though. I’m told. He just buys another Senator and 1000 lobbyists. So it goes…unless you bought Microsoft 8.
His wife and children are sleeping in " safe rooms " supposedly, according to my sources. They’re so safe, in fact, Bill and Warren can’t even play Slap Jack in the children’s quarters. So, these two slap the maids, governesses, food tasters and other riffraff to make up for their painful childhoods. All in all, they’re just like every family.


what is so sad about this story is that the European leaders who know how deranged Donnie really is, instead of telling him to f*** off, they bowed to the size of the American influence on their economies and disgraced themselves by treating him as a human being and semi-agreed to his demands. But on a cosmic scale, humanity gets what it deserves, in this case even more waste and useless and/or destructive weapons nobody needs.


My question was rhetorical, of course. No matter how many homes he owns or where they are, you can be sure they will never be in peril. Nor will those of The Kochs, the Adelson’s, the Waltons, et al.

There will never be lead in the drinking water, crime in the neighborhood, or fracking screwing up the aquifers that they rely on, regardless of location.

That’s just the way it is…


My answer, of course, was sarcastic and cynical. Except about Warren and Bill playing cards.
" Fascism is Capitalism plus murder ". Upton Sinclair
" Fasten your seatbelts. It’s going to be a (very) bumpy ride ". Betty Davis in All About Eve.
freeopinions- Sorry, but I think the country is still going deeper into the woods. What’s next is your best guess, which is probably better than mine.


I got it, and it was very good.


Old Orange Butt is full of shit. HE did not pay his bills when he was doing real estate. Those savvy to his tricks would often charge him twice the amount he really owed so they’d get paid for least some of the work. So NATO should just tell him to fuck off, or that they will pay more when he reimburses the money he owes to everybody, including immigrants and those with lawsuits against him…