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Urging House Democrats to Go Bold on Climate, Group Says Probing Fossil Fuel Giants Should Be a 'Top Priority'


Urging House Democrats to Go Bold on Climate, Group Says Probing Fossil Fuel Giants Should Be a 'Top Priority'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

After Democratic leaders signaled in the lead-up to last week's midterms that they have no plans to pursue the kind of bold climate agenda that the lat


Only another excuse from the fake opposition party. Bold climate agenda? Never!


Unfortunately for 350.org it is organized to mainly deal with federal government but the action on climate change over the next two years in the US will mainly be at the state government level. The Sierra Club is well organized to work at the state level having chapters in every state and there are other smaller environmental organizations as well. We need action now. Investigations of fossil fuel companies at this time is okay for the House since they are not going to accomplish anything anyway as the Republicans control the Senate but there is a critical need for states to increase their efforts and with the Democrats now in control of several more state governments thanks to the blue wave some progress is likely.


Even if you got the handful of House progressives to go bold, their moderate and conservadem colleagues would water their initiatives down to meaninglessness. Hell, that’s why the d-party exists.


The democratic party leading agenda should be infrastructure specifically tailored to reduce dependence upon fossil fuels, most of which is luxury travel, long-distance travel, transport and waste, none of which will be a manageable expense for individuals and families. We must invest in hybrid and electric vehicles, rooftop and neighborhood solar PV systems (rather than vast solar farms). We must replace our municipal 40’ transit buses that get 4mpg spewing diesel particulates. They do not convert well to either hybrid or battery operation. Smaller (15- 20- 30-passenger) buses built by GM, Ford & Chrysler could get an effective 30mpg with EV drive trains, saving enough to run frequently conveniently serving those who’d rather drive if it the gas (and higher gas taxes to fund transit systems) weren’t so much more expensive. Ultimately, transit-dependent communities reduce their need for driving by supporting commercial services and employment opportunities closer to home. This is what big corporations fear most - local economies - though their shareholders also benefit from environmentally sustainable livelihoods and culture. All of us will have to do without luxury air travel, opulent accommodations, RV toys, motorboats, gas hogs and muscle cars. We can do without products manufactured abroad then shipped and trucked around the world as if there’s no problem with that
according to our fabulously insulated upper class overlords.


Which brave Dem Faction is willing to take on the Koch’s and the rest of the billionaires who are behind destroying the planet for their own greed?


I sincerely hope they are successful in this, but until and unless they are willing to connect the dots between military spending and everything else being ignored and cut nothing will change. What are the odds of the corporate democrats doing that?


Drain the swamp leads directly to oil and laugh till you cry because weŕe going to have to cry till we laugh ourselves back onto our feet and organize…


Tom, May I suggest the following drastic actions for the deplorable inaction our lawmakers of both major parties have allowed to go for my entire adult life; I am 73. This neglect has now reached the point of serious action or most life on Earth is most likely doomed.

An immediate Nationalization of all fossil fuel industries as non-profit enterprises.

Removal of all of these industries from the stock exchanges.

Set salaries at government GS levels for all people working in these industries.

All profits above direct operating expenses will go to renewable energy research and development; and, to subsidize such worthy industries as are already viable and in need of such assistance.

That is a mouthful of what many will think of as impossibilities; but, somehow we have to take some drastic actions. While completely eliminating fossil fuels is an impossibility, the plow back of all profits into a concerted, organized attempt sure beats multi-million dollar salaries for the pushers of this product of death and allowing the street corner investor sellers (stock gamblers) to profit from a product which will surely drastically hurt our youth cannot be allowed to continue. Let’s face it. Fossil fuels are a resource that belong to the public. Why not use them as a means to dig ourselves out of this tar pit we are drowning in rather than knowingly continuing to pretend one more drink before the party ends will result in anything other than a worse hang over and a failed liver.

You comments would be appreciated.


That is why they all must be pushed out of office and a new people’s party formed: People’s Progressive Party (PPP).


Democrats are merely a distraction from the reality that we have arrived at the precipice with the promises of Democrats and Republicans. Didn’t you learn anything from that Obama guy’s Hope and Change bs?


NONE of them. Exactly why we need a new political party; People’s Progressive Party.


AMSOIL would be a good short-term solution until the price of EVs comes down. Environmentalists not using EVS should use Amsoil.


Why is no one mentioning a carbon tax to discourage the use of fossil fuels?

It could be made “revenue neutral” to keep from harming the poor and the middle class (which are becoming one…).


I have been using Amsoil since the '80’s. It is a very good product and it certainly lives up to its claims. I am not an Amsoil dealer.


lol no one’s mentioning it? good christ. It might be the single most mentioned non-solution in the brief history of climate change politics. It’s also the most useless, since taxes are a cost of doing business that can be passed onto consumers (as all taxes are).

You might be peaceful, but you’re not thinking very big.


we’re in deep enough that there is only one solution to this emergency: you have to remove profit from energy generation. that’s why energy corporations continue to burn fossil fuels in spite of the fact that alternative tech already exists and, with a political push and massive resources, could likely be improved enough to replace the current grid entirely within decades. They cannot and will not leave anything that can be sold in the ground. That’s the logic of capital. They’ll be happy to change over to cleaner fuels once and only once all the money that can be made from the fossil variety is extracted.

Capitalism is your problem.


American politics is nothing more than fake opposition and culturally-induced media illiteracy. Both major American political parties are well practiced in the arts of fake opposition and media deception.


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Excellent comment, Tom!