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Urging Lawmakers to Stand Up to Trump's War Hawks, Report Outlines U.S. Path Back to Compliance with Iran Deal


Urging Lawmakers to Stand Up to Trump's War Hawks, Report Outlines U.S. Path Back to Compliance with Iran Deal

Julia Conley, staff writer

With the United States' standing in the global community at risk, the new Congress set to adjourn in January must prioritize mitigating the damage President Donald Trump did when he announced last May that the U.S. would exit the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, according to a new report by the National Iranian American Council (NIAC).


I doubt any branch of the US government can be persuaded to return to sanity with regard to Iran. The best we can hope for is that the rest of the world, especially Europe, Russia, China, India, stands up to US bullying and continues to encourage trade and dialog with Iran. Iran could help too if they talked more about peace and less about threats.


Iran aids the Palestinian resistance, strengthens Hezbollah to repel Israeli attacks, opposes Saudi terrorists and the Saudi war on Yemen, and has fought against a terrorist takeover of Syria. That’s what this is about, and it has nothing to do with a nuclear weapons threat from Iran - there is no such threat, and if there were, we would not have withdrawn from the nuclear agreement.


Here’s a thought. How about “progressive” Dims stand up to the war hawks (who are in their own party) first. At least that will clarify things. The party of permanent war is the duopoly party of business and empire.


I don’t know what I would be surprised more by, the Republican led administration striking up another deal or Iran accepting such a deal from the U.S. again. Though I suppose unlike the U.S. elite, the Iranians don’t want war if possible.



The influence of depraved regimes and greed drive war, and the war-lobby grows and sustains the theft of trillions from our world and peoples. The influence of war-monger entities like the Saudi “royals” and the Israeli zionists are central to the theft today, and the needed cover/diversion of the world’s vision from their oppressive destructive expansionist extremism, and “religious” mythologies, used to mask the crimes.

We have allowed our nation to be taken-over by the powers of war and greed in the greatest theft and crime in the history of the world…an MO that has been around for centuries, but has only achieved such power to control the governments and agenda of the world to war from a sustainable future and peaceful societies that recognize wealth and the pursuit of wealth by any means is an atrocity, an abomination that has led to the deaths and displacement of tens/hundreds of millions and diversions of resources from civilian needs and priorities across the world to military frauds and corruption…not to mention assassinations of principled, educated, leaders who saw the crime and became enemy to the theft, who were eliminated; treason’s of the highest order.that rule us to this day!

The US arms industry drives war, now a clear for-profit enterprise. The “defense” department morphed into an obscenity and crime against humanity, via the trillions to be made; shifted - stolen - from our civilian nation, world, and priorities to feed the atrocity of endless war usually against the poor and weak.

Eisenhower warned against this subversion of our republic and priorities by the Military Industrial Congressional Complex but the power of such enormous profits for the arms manufacturers, suppliers and middle-men, as well as all the bloated military careers created and fed by our people. It is said there is an arms manufacturer or supplier, or sub-supplier in every Congressional district and the consequent subversion of our elected reps by that pre-meditated mechanism. The “jobs” created by making and dealing in the weapons of war and death, has been a reprehensible rationale by the major players to create the illusion of need, when there is none except what is manufactured by jingoism, greed, racism, desire to take from others and empower our corporate pirates to take territory, resources, financial theft/usury, and maintain the 800 military bases in 70 countries around the world, that excuse the obscenely bloated military budget and theft year after year.

All the needs of our society can be funded and maintained by slashing obscene corrupt “defense” spending and restoring fair taxation on the uber-wealthy and corporate thieves - universal health care, teaching hospitals, education, environmental needs, poverty, homelessness, and all the other things that actually do make a nation “great” again.

Make America CARE again!


An iraqi friend of mine said long ago that the west keeps the arabs in turmoil to protect israel. If they were united they could dispense with israel. Who knows.