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Urging 'New Good Neighbor Policy,' 100 Groups Demand Biden End US Destructive Imperialist Approach to Latin America

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/03/urging-new-good-neighbor-policy-100-groups-demand-biden-end-us-destructive

I am sure that Biden will be certain to listen closely to these “demands”, given how truly nasty our history in Latin America is, really, honest!

How could we have been so INCONSIDERATE!


I still remember my incredibly naive ecstasy when Bill Clinton was elected (in 1992?), thinking that finally, things would change… HA. Those years were actually the years when the Marrakesh Agreement was being drawn up, in no small part under the guidance of a half dozen other US controlled, creepy “global economic governance organizations”, including the OAS.

Its the root of the “deal to privatize everything”, that screws up our policy here, trading our jobs away and locking out all kinds of needed improvements in areas like health insurance and health care and higher education. Its supposed to last indefinitely. make sure folks, that you dont assume Biden can fix things we’ve already traded away, which is practically everything. Our governments can only alienate our rights, not make any improvements, except from the corporations point of view, which is deregulation, which then locks in. Unless we withdraw from these agreements, first.
under their terms which are intended to make it extremely difficult and costly, if we fail to, invoking punitive deregulation intended to set an example so other countries wont disobey. For example, Medicare is only allowed because it prexisted these deals and is considered for their purpose to be part of our “statutory system of social security”. GATS also pays homage to the naturalness of poor people often being unable to have things they want, even if the lack of it proves lethal to them. Whats forbidden is governments changing the balance of nature by helping the less poor in any way that diminishes the value of commercial, for profit services that might be sold to them, by anybody willing to do so. In order to make that possible its willing to lower any technical standard or rule to the lowest common denominator, for exacmple rules that demand something meet rich countries standards when people are poor, even if they are from a rich country. This is expected to help prop up the perpetually underfunded healthcare infrastructure in the porest countries as foreigners from places like the US pour in.

These deals are totally human rights agnostic, which means they block us from using human rights or labor conditios as any kind of wedge to improve anything, generally they act like a ratchet that only allows the lowering of standards of all kinds, not rising of them, ever. Also, they will outsource and offshore lots more jobs. they have barely gotten started. The same applies to drugs and many other areas. Buy or die, basically is our core ideology, except for the very poorest of the poor. How could we treat our own people better than we or they treat others? the ieeal of a middle class was making our trading partners uncomfortable and causing social unrest, we cant expect them to become like us, so we decided to make the world more like them. More like the Asian model or 3rd world model, not like the European model,

So we have to dismantle all our safety nets. No other future can be allowed under the deals we’re pushing. So goes the ideology. Its not flexible. Nor is it democracy in any way shape or form.