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Urging World to Blindly Trust Trump, Pence Argues 'Most Compelling' Intel on Soleimani 'Too Sensitive' to Show US Lawmakers

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/09/urging-world-blindly-trust-trump-pence-argues-most-compelling-intel-soleimani-too


OMG… this is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard.
Only the Administration can know this intelligence, not even the Congress can be in on it.
My God… will it ever end? These people are insane.


lol. This is like a 5 year old saying he’s been to the moon but can’t share the secrets of his secret friend that took him there.


Bullshit. Pence and Trump should be laughingstocks among journalists, confronted and laughed at during every meeting with press.


Boy, they just keep rubbing our nose’s in it, don’t they. The stinking bastards know every rotten, corrupt,unlawful trick in the book.


Insane, and pure effing evil.


Along with getting some pitchforks stuck in them.


Well, Mr Pence you need to first consider that the level of lying to the public that you and Trump have been engaged for the last three might have damaged your credibility. You claimed a couple of days ago that Iran plotted 911. We know that the iranian General was therefor a meeting with the Saudis to tamp down the aggression. You and your neocons could not allow that to happen. It seems that the Saudis and the UAE had probably realized that Iran’s missiles could hit their countries and blow oil refineries to hell and them along with it. Might be that they are realizing that Trump and Pompeo are really not the trustworthy buddies you thought they were.



Joseph Goebbels Minister of Propaganda lives in this administration


These people are not insane. No more than almost everyone is. Evil, yes. Psychopathic, definitely. But they know exactly what they are doing and why. It’s a game of power and ego, and they represent the moneyed class and their interests. It’s no more complicated than that.


Yes… okay…so this is how disgusted I am. I usually do post any and all kinds of articles etc on my fb page. With…some rather provocative intros…but just now…I added …" " I thought we li e in a democracy… I would think that at least congress should be able to see this Intel then…oh but wait. We have a wanna be dictator in office and those under him are there to just lick his boots…
So…I write because…as my husband says to me…" You are going to make somebody around here really mad…and you are going to be in trouble "
We live in N.Y. State …but very rural…and very conservative… I do not care…what people think… even my relatives…this is really out nk of hand…we need to be in people’s face. Reality is knocking…


Pence and Pompeo are end-times nut cases. They want to bring on Armageddon and the rapture, and will stop at nothing to see prophecy fulfilled. Such people shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the levers of power, but there they are.


Pence said. "But I want your viewers to understand that that information was brought to the president and I couldn’t be more proud to serve alongside a president

Let me finish Mr. Pence’s sentence: I am proud to serve alongside a president that never tells the truth; has raped many woman; is in the process of being impeached; is nothing but a Mafia, Don; and was a coward who bought is way out of serving in Vietnam!


Trust TRUMP??   Are You KIDDING Me???

Why do most politicians – including nearly all 'PoopLickens – FEAR Sharia Law?
Because according to the Code of Hammurabi, “Liars Get Their Tongues Cut Out!”


Someone ought to slap this goddamn liar and tell him to stop lying. Lying politicians deserve being smashed in the mouth. They are str8t up violent abusers of the public trust. Their lies affect so many people. Even worse, they condone and encourage everyone else to lie. Eventually, maybe already, public discourse becomes so degraded by lies and mistrust that institutions no longer function. Everything falls apart. The falcon stops listening to the falconer. A bloody tide sweeps across the nation.


Toro excrement !


IMHO, insanity is the default position of the human species.


Wow, I remember people in the chimp chump Bush II administration assuring us that they had credible and accurate intelligence that Iraq was getting ready to nuke the USA. It worked then, and I’m convinced the public isn’t any wiser now than they were in 2003.


If Goebbels were still alive Joseph would no doubt be offered the job of being paid millions of $$$$$$$$ as an anchor on FOXY NEWS!


Thank you for speaking out. I too put my say on my YouTube channel. Joy in HK, if you are interested. A little less angry but, hopefully, it goes to the point that war is not the way. I posted the images I have taken of the cultural treasures of humanity, many of them from so-called ‘enemies,’ and said that “not one of them is my enemy.” I doubt the usual followers will be delighted, given the usual subject matter, but we have to do what we can to not be quiescent in the face of this outrage and danger to our planet and fellow living beings.