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Uruguay Shows the Way by Leaving Secret Trade Deal


Uruguay Shows the Way by Leaving Secret Trade Deal

Viviana Barreto, Sam Cossar-Gilbert

Last week the Uruguayan government decided to end its involvement in the secret negotiations of the Trade in Services Agreement TISA, signifying an important victory in the global fight against bad trade deals.


Let's hope that maps of Uruguay aren't being laid on the table at the School of the Americas (or whatever its being called these days). The one Uruguayan family I know is pleased with how things are PROGRESSING in their country (they still live their and have a son in school in the US).


That is awesome! Way to go, Uruguay!


Way to go, Uruguay!

I'm wondering if the media gave time to the opposition? How did the organizers and unions get the word out so well and give such hope that such a groundswell showed up and did their (awesome) part?

Simply wonderful.


I hate to dash your hope but from what I read most of south america is in the CIA cross hairs. It is up to the USAns to reign in the shadow government.


A Russian Politician recently speculated to a journalist how it was that within months of Chavez being diagnosed with cancer 5 other Latin American leaders of the left were diagnosed with the same


We ought to be reminded that TISA is the spawn of WTO - Doha round that was finally crushed but has now, zombie-like, has left its grave with even more zeal than before. It may have 'risen' but it is keeping itself low to the ground.
This is an object lesson that when the people organize and manage to stop something, such as the Doha-round, somehow they breathe easier and fall asleep whilst the bad guys are ever vigilant and repackage it again and again and again.

Good on you Uruguay! This is the second time I'm going to have to forgive 'the bite.' They say the third time's the charm.


In an essay that appeared in Tomdispatch on 9-16-15, Alfred McCoy, makes note of another reason why Obama and company have pursued the TISA, it is for reasons of realpolitik and the enhancement of power, American power.[1]

Such a thing is above the heads of many of us. Obama and company see a rising China as a threat and have been working quietly for years to erect barriers, both economically and militarily, to thwart China's growth towards becoming a global superpower. That is the whole reason for the "Pivot to Asia."

Go to the link and have a read. It's a bit longer than the usual Tomdispatch essay but worth the time.



But, Crock Obama wants this, so we as good patriotic amerikans must bend over and kiss his ass and give him anything he wants, whether it's good for the country or not. Yes we can! MORONS!


Re China, this is the same reason we are seeing more articles about the ( supposed ) problems in China, some of which are obvious propaganda & fear mongering.


AWRIGHT! Now--collect $100,000 by telling Wikileaks what's in TPP, and you have a win-win--saved your people and the rest of us who are about to be sacrificed, collected some bucks to help educate your children.


¡Uruguay pa' todo el mundo!


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It is time for other countries to follow the lead and end TISA once and for all.

After months of intense pressure led by unions and other social
movements—including a general strike on the issue—the Uruguayan
President listened to public opinion and left the US-led trade
agreement. The overwhelming majority of members of the ruling Frente
Amplio party believe that the deal would undermine the government's
national development strategy and therefore considered it “unadvisable
to continue participating in the TISA negotiations”.

  1. US unions and "social movements" are incapable of exerting "intense pressure" on any but their members. They are also diminishing in influence and membership.
  2. The idea of a "general strike" in the US is laughable. Those who did so would be warned to come back to worek or risk losing their jobs. They would be quiockly replaced by the swarms of refugees (some of whom are quite well educated and capable) wiling to work for cheap and not make trouble because even at that the deal is better than what they had in the "old country".
  3. The President of the US as well as the collective congress ,litens to nobody except their wealthy patrons or their patron's pimps (the lobbyists whose presence pollutes K street in DC).
    As Upton Sinclair observed, "it is difficult to get someone to understand something when their salary depends on them not understanding it."
  4. The US by design has no "development strategy" thanks to the multi-national corporatocracy that runs its government.

Good for Uruguay for maintaining its sovereignty and independence.


I agree. Oligarchy rule has a difficult time in other developed countries were all the people decide issues by referendum instead of by its sold out politicians.


Yes, like rust, they never sleep- The same can be said for the Republicans! And yes, I know all about the Democrats too, and they are essentially the other right horn on the same beast....


I still say that some, ANY strategy to end electronic voting needs to be pursued- Have Americans forgotten the 2000' and 2004 elections and the SCOTUS Treason already?????
This recipe for failure of Democracy hedges all bets that the Oligarchs will remain in power-
I would prefer hand cast ballots and A neutral, third party country in charge of counting said ballots-


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Those words can't be spoken or heard enough- Yes, Global research-One of my favorite sites for truth seeking- These days you have to rely on foreign News sources such as GR and RT for the truth about what these opportunistic goons in Washington are up to...
Thanks for the link alligator....


Problem is our American congress is against American citizens. We have to fight just about every politician in congress. Not to mention our own MSM. We can do it but we even have to fight our senseless president who also is pushing the disaster whole heartily against our best interest. Have to say though, Bernie will do the right thing. Bernie 2016!!