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US a No-Show as Historic Nuclear Weapons Ban Treated Adopted


US a No-Show as Historic Nuclear Weapons Ban Treated Adopted

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The United States has joined a small group of global outliers on Friday after a historic United Nations treaty to ban nuclear weapons was adopted by a majority of the world's nations.

"The adoption of the nuclear weapons ban treaty marks an historic turning point in the centuries-old battle to eliminate all weapons of mass destruction," said Jeff Carter, executive director of Physicians for Social Responsibility.


Here’s an idea; lets invade the Middle East, bomb, drone and assassinate 7 nations at a time, spend trillions of dollars, kill 100s of thousands, create millions of refuges, destroy the complete infrastructure of nations and increase terrorist strikes by 900%. Did you vote for this? Where the hell is the media?


Will someone please help me! In my naive ignorance, I am having trouble understanding something. Donald Trump seems subtly threatening North Korea in respect to development of a nuclear capacity and IRBM missiles in defiance of UN sanctions, when the US is a non-signator of a broader “United Nations treaty to ban nuclear weapons”. In my obvious naivety, effectively it would seem the US is in defiance of a UN sanction. Please, someone, explain away my confusion!


Feasting at the trough.


The US is too drunk with power to make a move in the right direction.


It is because “The US is … drunk with power” that it makes “a move in the right [wing] direction”.


What a terrific trope…a keeper! Thank you.


The mango mental midge is too busy flitting from one “campaign stump” to another…around the world to pay any real attention to saving our democracy, our nation, and our planet. It is all about him and absolutely NOTHING else. Besides, his string-pulling puppet master Bannon (Fred from Handmaid’s Tale) would like nothing better than to decimate all in his path to eternal glory.


Technically the US is a rogue state. They don’t follow any of the “rules” when it comes to any form of the wars it starts or continues. Nobel Peace Prize Obama launched a $trillion nuclear upgrade over the next 20 years. Insanity times a million.


I would like nothing better than to see the nuclear arms done away with. There’s still 250 or so tons of plutonium 239 that will be around for the next million years or so. I believe it’s half life is around 50-60 thousand years or so. It can be used to fuel nuclear reactors but look at Chernobyl or Fukushima and remember there’s over 700 reactors around the planet if not more. Nuclear problems will be around for many years to come and that assumes the global warming/poisoning or nuclear war doesn’t get us first. No one in charge even mentions these things when discussing these things. A war would end things rather quickly and is the greatest immediate threat. No one wins a nuclear exchange, everybody will eventually die.


Does anyone here believe US was the good guy during overthrow of Ukrainian democracy?

“…the much-condemned Russian adventurism in Ukraine,” What does this mean outside Washington DC and Pentagonian morale management propaganda?


Those in charge here are pure evil. They are enemies of the Earth and its inhabitants.


Also no shows, the article did not mention, China, England and France. This resolution doesn’t mean jack if the countries who have nuclear weapons are not willing to discuss it. It sounds like the Nuclear Club is not willing to give up their status.


I have little hope on this, all 5 permanent members (and they all posses nuclear weapons) of the UN Security Council did not participate, and all 5 have veto power.


AP reported it and CD did not mention England, France, and China also were no shows. all 5 permanent members of the UN security council.


I think they caught affluenza and joined the aristocracy.


Well, we’ve got two or three issues to look at.

    1. The US Fourth Reich for years has, for instance, refused to recognize the world court, or anything else that may limit its actions for any reason.
    1. The Reich has veto power as a permanent member of the UN “Security” Council, so just like vetoing any sanction of Israel for genocide, it will find a way to veto this treaty.
    1. The Reich is so unstable at this time that we face a real threat of some sort of unilateral action just out of pique.
  • Sort of reminds me of a grade B Western. The Marshal is standing outside the heavily fortified lair and yells, “OK, Donny Boy, either surrender or we’re coming in to get you.”
  • After a long silence, a voice answers, “Sure enough Marshal, how many megatons do you want?”


Oligarchy heading to its logical conclusion.


“Mango mental midget” - excellent. I may have to start using that instead of the ‘Pumpkin Fuhrer’. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I thought Mango Mamba” (a poisonous snake) was pretty good, too. :wink: