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US Academics and Civic Leaders Call on Congress to Ensure Neutrality and Support for Democratic Norms in Mexican Elections


US Academics and Civic Leaders Call on Congress to Ensure Neutrality and Support for Democratic Norms in Mexican Elections

Latin American experts

Dear Members of the US Senate and House of Representatives,


This group might be Latin American experts, but they don’t have a clue about US elections. Calling on the US Congress to support Democratic and fair elections anywhere could not be more of a oxymoron. While their hearts are in the right place, their trust is not.


You miss the point of this letter due to your your insular US-centrism. US elections have nothing to do with what is being discussed here (although, in fact, compared to Mexico, US elections are very clean - see article below). They are asking for the US to respect Mexican sovereignty and not intervene on the US’ preferred invariably right-wing oligarch side even when vote-rigging is flagrant as they did in Honduras, and to a degree, in the last Mexican election where there is evidence that the leftist Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) actually won. And they are doing this now because AMLO and a coalition of leftist parties are leading by a large margin in the polls, and vote-rigging is highly likely.

Yes, the letter will almost certainly be largely ignored outside of a small caucus of Latinx House members in the Democratic Party. But what would you prefer? Do nothing???



How about if “US Academics and Civic Leaders call on Congress to ensure neutrality and support for Democratic norms” in OUR ever more fraudulent elections in the USA? Why in God’s name would any country ever allow the US to have anything to do with their elections??


Try reading my post again, instead of dispensing insults. The fact that US elections are full of voter fraud (due to political party influence),and our govt. meddles in the affairs of almost every country in the world (with the knowledge of congress), is exactly why these leaders are fooling themselves if they think the US will stay out of Mexico’s elections. So no I didn’t miss the point.


US elections are not “full of voter fraud”. That is right wing bullshit. But if you mean manipulation of vote counts, the evidence for that is weak too.

The US is also not the center of the universe. There is plenty of corruption and plutocracy that the US has little or nothing to with.

The reason for current state of polity in the USA has nothing to do with spooky government conspiracies, it has to do with the left’s inability to get themselves organized and take action. What organizations and committees on the left are you active in? From your negativity and your proposal to do nothing, I know what the answer is. Get out of your armchair.


The whole world does not revolve around the United States. This article is about an election in Mexico, not the USA.


“Poor Mexico–so far from God, so close to the United States.”


Other countries don’t have to allow the US to have anything to do with their elections–the US simply intervenes in various ways to ensure the results it wants.


The US can’t tolerate even a mildly leftist leader like Lopez Obrador. Already in the last 10 years the “Pink Tide” of leftist leaders in Central and South America has been pushed back, usually by financial extortion (capital strike) but sometimes with coups backed by the US (i.e. Manuel Zalaya in Honduras).

"… Google, Facebook and Twitter, which are increasingly integrated with the
American state and its intelligence agencies, have entered into
contracts over the last few months with Mexico’s National Electoral
Institute (INE), which runs the elections. …

Already able to manipulate and censor social media in order to favor
one or another party or candidate, these corporations have effectively
been handed over the keys to INE’s computers with the possibility they
will manipulate election results on a real-time basis if the ruling
class so decides." (wsws)


The real purpose of this letter might be to let the US govt know that they know that the US is intervening in their country’s elections.


Some regional context:

Mark Weisbrot:
“…in Paraguay, the U.S. helped in the consolidation of that
parliamentary coup by organizing within the Organization of American
States. In Honduras is probably the biggest role that the U.S. has
played, both in consolidating the military coup in 2009, Hillary Clinton
acknowledged her role in making sure that President Zelaya, the
democratically elected president, would not return to office, and then
more recently in November they helped consolidate the results of an
election which pretty much all observers regarded as stolen. Those
are just a few of the examples. I mean, I guess I didn’t even mention
Argentina, where other branches of government were involved as well as
the executive, but the executive cut off lending from multilateral
development banks such as the Inter-American Development Bank, and tried
to block loans at the World Bank, as well. And they restored everything
as soon as the right-wing government was elected. And then there was
Judge Griesa in New York, who took all of Argentina’s, over 90 percent
of Argentina’s creditors, hostage in order to squeeze them so that the
government would pay off the vulture funds. And this was very political,
because he also lifted the injunction as soon as you had the right-wing
government. And I think this is very important, because
obviously it’s not necessarily a conspiracy of all these branches of
government. The legislative branch was involved in this as well, in the
United States. But they all have the same mindset, and they’re all
trying to get rid of these left governments, and they had a massive
contribution. I mean, Argentina, that did contribute to the downfall of
Cristina Kirchner. It contributed to balance of payments problems that
they had there. So this was important, and it’s totally ignored here in
the United States.”