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US Agriculture Needs a 21st-Century New Deal

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/04/us-agriculture-needs-21st-century-new-deal


Hello Corporate America—the farmers can’t afford to be farmers because they don’t make a living wage!
Who is going to grow your chickens now? PLEEEEEZE don’t get like the giant hog and cattle farms where the people are robbed of clean air and water and their lives----but then it sounds like you already are doing that! : (


Not just agriculture! The whole country needs a 21st century New Deal- desperately!
It ovcurrs to me that msny people are too young to.remember that the post.WWII US led the world in everything, including respect, and provided the most broadly prosperous society in history, inventing the middle vlass, now dying out, along the way.

Great idea if it’s done right and does not wind up being pork barrel stuff for Monsanto-Bayer and Armour and Kellogg.

What we need is a revolution not more deals, concessions or any other temporary appeasements that can be taken away the next time a corrupt lawmaker gets a bribe.