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US Airstrike Hits Charity Hospital in Afghanistan

Suspected US Airstrike Hits Charity Hospital in Afghanistan

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

A suspected U.S. airstrike on a trauma center run by Doctors Without Border/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) on Saturday has killed at least nine staff members and wounded up to 37 people.

An additional 30 are missing, according to a statement by MSF. The death toll is expected to rise, although the medical charity said it believed all of its international staff had survived.


Under Shrub and Slick Oily we have become what we use to accuse others of being, terrorists!


Just close Washington D.C. completely and transfer power to local residents, Direct democracy. Representational government in a political city of snakes just doesn’t work. They are daily committing war crimes and destroying the country we love.

We didn’t have a Washington D.C. in 1776. We didn’t have a President (King) or even a Executive Branch in 1776.

We don’t need either one.



To all those who serve and have served in Médecins Sans Frontières, I thank you for your service. I mourn the loss of your servants in Kunduz along with the innocents everywhere.


If there are truly heroes in this world, it is those of Doctors Without Borders. The US military is like a giant blind beast, thrashing around and destroying everything near it. When I saw this story on TV this morning I just felt very cold and empty. We shouldn’t be surprised though, after how our “heroes in uniform” conducted the slaughter of Fallujah.


How long must the hegemonic delusion demand collateral damage in its extractive corporation competition model of life?
Information for democratic governance is now an ‘externalized’ cost that having proven so deadly in its colonizing of ‘other’ is now feeding voraciously on any alive and questioning why the digging of the hole must be continued. Seen by the hegemon as ‘painless’ because the death of the sacrificial focus is not (yet) physical.
Nature, the all encompassing complexity of reality, which does not speak the language of the hegemon but nonetheless responding in all her complexity, while the hegemon plugs its ears and constantly replaces its blinders in tunnel vision, flailing in its madness to kill so that it can continue its denial of failure.
Stop - simply stop.


The US “Global Force for Good” strikes again - “its not fascism when we do it”.

“We couldn’t save our doctors, our nurses, our cleaners, our friends,” the staff member said. “They burned inside the hospital. We couldn’t save our brothers and friends.”

We Have Met The Enemy And He Is Us…



This is totally sickening and then we wonder when citizens in the US go on a murder rampage.

I have not yet watched TV but I am sure that they will spin it in Washington’s favor somehow. Most likely they will say something in the line of having gotten a really bad guy and that they are sorry about the collateral damage that occurred but that it was necessary to defeat the bad guys.


Chris Harper-Mercer, meet Barack Obomber, who makes you look like a piker.

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War, what’s it good for the 1% and their profit profile.


As someone that has financially supported doctors without borders I am at a loss for words of the bombing of this medical charity!

Is there any doubt that what the Amerkan Fascist Empire needs is real gun control; real bomb control; real drone control; in other words… non-violent regime change, where we take our country back from the Fourth Reich!. No wonder the foreign policy of the US is so hated around so much of the world that we are called: " THE GREAT SATAN " by so many in the Middle East.


(1964, Seymour Chwast)


Thanks for the link. Amerikan citizens are living in the #1 terrorist nation in the world but most have been so brainwashed by the Goebbels Fourth Estate that supports fascist Amerika, and the Fourth Reich they are not aware of what is going on in their name.


And the ORWELLIAN press still claims it saved American lives! When nothing could be further from the truth! I am not exonerating the Japanese atrocities but the atom bombs that were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were war crimes of greatest magnitude because they murdered so many thousands and thousands of innocent Japanese civilians that had no say in the heinous crimes of what the Japanese military was doing in their names.

Sound familiar?


The MSM whores are already spinning it. One headline: HOSPITAL SUSPECTED OF BEING TALIBAN HIDEOUT.


The fact that any terrorist group uses human shields should (but does not seem to) give pause to those coordinating strikes. We have the capacity to implement very surgical, limited strikes, but seem to prefer mass extinction just to make sure we get the fellow(s) suspected of maybe being in a location. The frustrating aspect (besides the tragic loss of life) is that we should not even be there 14 years after 9/11. The search for Bin Laden is long completed—making quite evident that there has always been another agenda propelling the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan.


Afghan officials confirm? To the BBC?

it is the BBC that faked the story on sarin gas being used by Assad in Syria. They even staged an event showing “poisned victims” staggering around the set.

Afghan officials are from the Government and are allied with the USA in this war against Afghan peoples of the Pushton tribe. Of course they are going to confirm that their ally bombed the Taliban.


I would also point out that even IF members of the Taliban in the Hospital it a war crime to bomb hospitals under the UN conventions.


Apparently Obama fears the US will run out of terrorists soon, so he is trying to gin up some more interest in Afghans becoming just those recruits Al Queda needs to run the US out of Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, Obama considers the Doctors and Nurses at Doctors Without Borders as expendable collateral damage in the interest of keeping Wall Street’s War Mongers fed the Military Industrial Spending so the US National Security Agencies can cultivate their specialized practices in wasting lives and hospitals and nature itself with all ill-considered speed.

Shall we continue switching channels as we continue to finance all that?


Same atrocity happened with the revenge attack and slaughter on Fallujah. Hospital co-ordinates were given so the US could comply with international law but the US bombed anyway. (yes I know that uttering compliance and international law with US foreign policy is absurd, but for the point of argument)

Oh yes Obama, time to give another fucking speech to the UN.