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US Airstrikes in Afghanistan Kill at Least 30 Civilians


US Airstrikes in Afghanistan Kill at Least 30 Civilians

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

U.S. airstrikes carried out Thursday in Kunduz, Afghanistan killed at least 30 civilians, including women and children, local officials said.


As long as Pakistan continues to arm and finance the taliban and the US military remains in Afghanistan i am afraid the killing will go on. The US has never had a good reason for invading Afghanistan. The taliban at the time were already defeated and scurrying back into Pakistan in the face of Northern Alliance's advances. Afghan leaders at the time asked the US to send arms not to invade Afghanistan.. That request was denied and we have been witnessing the gruesome results ever since.


Listening to NPR roundtable this morning, Washington Post Pundit said "...Russia doesn't care if they kill Civilians, we do." and nobody laughed.


" This was a horrible incident, said Kundoz governor".

And unfortunately, many more to come! Once Hillary or Trump become POTUS! Because they are both pawns of the Amerikan, military dictatorship.



US sending 6000 more troops to Russia's border.
Are there any sane voices in Washington anymore?


Wasn't it Albright who said that the deaths of hundreds of thousands of children was an 'acceptable cost' for our wars of choice? TPTB have sold their humanity for profits. These 'incidents' that are supposedly unintentional are frequent and and will become more so under the HRC regime. War always claims innocent victims, and we are 'care-less' about it.

Stein/Baraka 2016


Apparently not.


Last night, I was watching public television news with a couple of friends. The news came on that 30 civilians had died in a U.S. airstrike in Afghanistan. My friends had no reaction at all, just watching, and probably waiting for some more pro-Hillary commentary to come on.
This is what irks me the most. The near total apathy that most Americans have (or downright support), for all the blood their government has, for decades, been spilling all over the world.
Continual, unending war, is now a barely noticed way of life in America.


BINGO! The Democrats, with very few exceptions, are and have been, the fake opposition, controlled by the same people that control the Republicans.


So John Kerry, who wants their son or daughter to be the last killed for another illegal US war!? What a turncoat you have become.


Obama legacy: a fraud and a coward.


Obama: a new low for the Nobel Peace Prize forever tarnished by Obama.


Kerry was always a Politician. When he took that stand against the Vietnam war it was not motivated by his beliefs. He took that stand because it was popular at the time and would get him votes if he entered Poltics.

No true anti-war advocate changes their mind in the way he has.

As such he right at home in the Democratic Party. Just say what the people want to hear or what will best promote your political career.


Two slices from the same pie; corruption.


Yeah, to make the name honest, it should be changed to: THE IGNOBLE PEACE PRIZE!


National Pentagon Review


I was reminded by a fellow poster that my sentence should read, Obama: a new low for the Nobel Peace Prize forever tarnished by Kissinger.


War crimes without question! when you deliver killing ordnance you do not make mistakes! Mistakes are gross negligence deserving of criminal penalty!


I'm sorry to tell you this, but what you experienced is a symptom of the total degeneracy of American society. Not only is it brutal, violent and completely dysfunctional, it is also debased to the point of dystopia. The sooner the US empire disintegrates, the sooner Washington can focus on the desperate situation of its own people.


Fascist elitist amerika is such an elitist terrorist nation! The collapse or the empire will be a blessing for the World!