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US Airstrikes in Afghanistan Killing Civilians at Greatest Rate for Seven Years, New Figures Show


US Airstrikes in Afghanistan Killing Civilians at Greatest Rate for Seven Years, New Figures Show

Jack Serle, Abigail Fielding-Smith and Payenda Sargand, Bureau of Investigative Journalism

The rate at which civilians are being killed by US airstrikes in Afghanistan is at its highest point since 2008, an analysis of newly published UN data reveals.

Research by the Bureau shows that on average a civilian was killed every fourth drone or jet strike in 2015 – up from one in 11 attacks the year before and the first time the casualty rate has risen since 2011. The rate was last at such levels at the height of the Afghan war in 2008.


The audacity of hope. Obama-nation.


Killing Is My Business... and Business Is Good!


You know, this is why I do not search for my news from Common Dreams. It's not that it is wrong..It's just deliberatlely misleading. If 104 civilians have been killed in US airstrikes it is a terrible thing. Why do they not mention the 30 times that number civilians killed by the taliban? I guess they don't count.


I have talked to acquaintances that have been to Afghanistan and according to them, the Taliban are stronger than when the US first attacked Afghanistan years ago and installed their drug lord and puppet Karsi. And I think the above article corroborates that view. What they tell me, is every time the US murders an Afghan civilian, they get somewhere around 10 recruits in return. In other words, for every civilian death the US is manufacturing more enemies and strengthening the Taliban.


Now THAT'S "change we can believe-in"!

The DINO that bamboozled America into thinking he would bring change, and fight for something, has proven himself over the past 8 years of our lives just another........fill in the blank.....pathetic....


Such are the "rewards" of remote-controlled (Nevada based) drone warfare...collateral damage: civilians murdered including women and children; homes/shelter/villages leveled; environment littered with harmful detritus from attacks; crops destroyed and livestock killed; hatred of Americans (civilian and military) grows, which sends more recruits/followers over to the Taliban or Al Qaeda.... The only benefactors are the weapons and drone manufacturers (with Boeing and Raytheon at the top of the lists) and they laugh all the way to the bank.

Killing comes easy when the killer does not have to face the victims. Out of sight, out of mind.