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US Alone Once Again at Americas Summit


US Alone Once Again at Americas Summit

Miguel Tinker Salas

The Obama administration wants to make Venezuela the new Cuba.

In December, shortly after President Obama announced that he wanted to reestablish diplomatic relations with Cuba, he ironically declared his intention to impose sanctions on Venezuelan officials. Then, in March, he signed an executive order stating that Venezuela constituted an “unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States.”


Once again, POTUS demonstrates what a POS he really is.


“The sanctions seemed to have backfired” indeed.
Apparently my beans have also backfired. I’ll add a big fart to your POS.


It is glaringly evident that the US doesn’t care who they trample over as long as their own agenda is achieved. It infuriates me that we always think we know what is best for every other country on the planet. When will this hubris and egocentrism stop? I can’t wait to retire, in another country, possibly Latin American.


When the rest of the world (except for a few loyal sycophant countries) isolates the US, a process that is now in progress.

Apparently the US cannot see this happening, so it continues with its arrogant and moronic foreign policy.


We will be moving to Ecuador in five years when we retire. We make a yearly trip ( the last five years running) to make connections, scope out homes and locales we like, find out all the details and changing conditions etc. It gets better every year. The U.S. has become a cesspool. Our kids and spouses are even looking at possibly applying for Ecuadorian work visas with an eye to becoming citizens( which is not easy) but they see a declining life here in the US and do not want to raise their future children in such a place either. Their friends cannot understand why they would take such a “risk” and my daughter tells them it’s likely more of a risk to stay in the US going forward. There are quite a few good expat locales around the world. I urge you to I vestigate one that will be right for you. ( if you do not want to forgo the SS you paid into all your working life( and let our corrupt governments keep the interest!) you must check out the countries where you are able to receive your payments. Good luck.



Cuenco is actually one of the areas I am thinking about. I am also intrigued with Panama, Portugal, and Medellin, Columbia. I would move to Asia is it wasn’t so darn far away allthough with the money I save I could afford to fly back and forth, if needed. Staying in the US is certainly not a good option and would not allow me the chance to retire with any quality of life. I have yet to seriously check into an Intentional Communities but they are an option as well. Just not in the US. Thanks for your encouraging thoughts.


We will be hanging our hat in Puerto Lopez on the northern coast of Ecuador. We are beach/ocean lovers!! You will love Cuenca. Better climate overall than Puerto Lopez frankly but not close enough to the beach for us. We will likely use it as a vacation spot in the steamy weather though! I have heard from friends of friends that Panama is very affordable still and has the benefit of more English spoken and a bit easier access to medical care. We also have friends retired for a few years in Costa Rica. It’s more expensive than Ecuador and Panama but a bit less culture shock if that is any issue. My secret dream retirement destination in Asia is Malaysian Borneo!!! It’s gorgeous. But it’s a little too expensive for certain things and would require fly out medical care to Singapore for anything worse than a hangnail. We are super healthy and active now but experiences of others tells me that can change on a dime! Also flights for our kids or jobs if they were able to get work visas is too expensive or hard to come by. … The author Nicole Foss has established herself in an Interesting intentional community in New Zealand but of course it’s pricier than other locales. Good luck to us all huh !!!