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US Among World Powers 'Adding Fuel to the Fire' in Syria


US Among World Powers 'Adding Fuel to the Fire' in Syria

The United States, Russia, France, and the United Kingdom "have actively added fuel to the fire of the Syria conflict."

That's the charge from 30 humanitarian groups including Oxfam, the Norwegian Refugee Council, Save the Children, and the Syrian-American Medical Society in a report released Friday that looks at the failures of these members of the UN Security Council and the International Syria Support Group in helping to bring to an end to ongoing civilian suffering.


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This article tells truths, and yet manages somehow to circumnavigate reality or the bigger picture. It is as if the author gets her information only from the corporate media. Failure to mention the following is a failure to put the reader into the picture. I wonder if the author simply does not know, or if she just wont mention that:-

  • This is all about continuing USA efforts to overthrow the Syrian government, which it has no right to do.

  • Without the first Russian intervention, the chemical weapons false flag would have been the justification for a direct invasion of Syria by the USA in 2013.

  • Without the second Russian intervention, ISIS and Al Nusra, backed up with USA firepower in the guise of a no-fly zone would have overrun Damascus by now, and turned it into the unmitigated humanitarian disaster that Libya currently is. The USA would by now have turned on its proxy terrorist invaders and be fighting ISIS and Al Nusra in Damascus.

  • ISIS and Al Nusra have received CIA training in Jourdan as well as a continuous supply of weapons originating from the USA courtesy of USA allies Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Failure to interfere with ISIS weapons supply lines has been openly admitted in the USA Senate.


Listening to the news, you may be forgiven if you thought that the invasion of Iran has been cancelled. Delayed yes, due to delays in the Syria phase of the PNAC plan, but cancelled, no. That will definitely change unless Bernie Sanders is president. See the latest efforts to manufacture of a case for re-imposition of sanctions on Iran :-
US Court Orders Iran to Pay $10.5 Billion to Sept. 11 Families, Insurers


Elites are our terrorists --

Empire is terrorism --