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US and Philippines Face People's Tribunal for Torture, Disappearances, Murder


US and Philippines Face People's Tribunal for Torture, Disappearances, Murder

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

The United States and Philippine governments are collaborating on the mass violation of human rights and self-determination in the southeast Asian country—inflicting torture, disappearances, and extrajudicial killings through the so-called War on Terror—witnesses and survivors testified Thursday during the Washington, D.C. kickoff of a grassroots International People's Tribunal.


From another post, I think this guy named Mike hit the nail on the head.

“When I left Vietnam as an Army medic, I was introduced to the American Empire. The Pentagon is the most evil piece of real estate the world has ever seen. The only thing that will help America is collapse. The United States government, like the British Empire and the Roman Empire, has brought great suffering to the world. 95% of the America people have a child’s awareness of how barbaric their government is. It is beyond belief! We committed mass murder in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, and that madness is now in the Middle East. Our political leaders belong in a psychiatric hospital, strapped down to a table. You reap what you sow, and the American people will indeed see the day when the reaping will be horrifying. As Martin Luther King Jr. once said in a speech on April 4, 1967: " The greatest purveyor of violence in the world today is my own government.”


‘Filipina-American Melissa Roxas testified that she was abducted and tortured by the Philippine government during a 2009 medical mission: “Anytime that you work with the poor community, they automatically label you as the New People’s Army and they try to vilify your work and justify the abduction and torture.” The NPA is part of the Communist Party of the Philippines.’

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All you say is true. Imagine, that war criminal village idiot re-introduced gestapo-like troops into the Philippines with the lies of , war on terror. The real terrorists are the MIC and American media.


I live here and have a front-row seat to a lot of this.

There’s really two Philippines here. There’s the Bangsamoro provinces (The Moros) next to Malaysia which are Muslim, and there’s the Catholic North and Christian Central Visayas. They’ve never really gotten along that great all throughout history. In fact, the Sulu Islands in the extreme southwest were not even part of the Spanish Empire for 400 years. They were a Sultanate and didn’t get swept into the American Colony until Admiral Dewey shelled the hell out of them with his gunboats in 1898. So they never wanted to be part of the Philippines in the first place and that’s caused independence wars between them and Malaysia and the Philippine government in Sabah province, Malaysia and the Philippine Sulu Islands in just the last few years. The US was not even involved in these tribal struggles at all to my knowledge, but I could be wrong about that.

The Philippines is being destroyed, imho, by Chinese mining companies. When they strip bare mountains and leave a moonscape behind (which later turns into a landslide burying whole towns during typhoon season) or, in the West Philippine Sea, destroy entire reef systems building artificial islands for airstrips and garrisons, killing endangered sea clams and sea turtle populations off, the locals, understandably, want justice. They feel they can’t get it from a unregulated-capitalism government in Manila, so they take matters into their own hands.

Immediately, they are classified as “terrorists” by the Rockefellers who OWN China from what I can tell. Mao was trained in Guerrilla warfare by the predecessors of OSS/CIA in the 1930’s and attended and wrote the newspaper for Yale in China. He killed 40 million people. Yale in China was started by fax Christian Missionaries under the funding and direction of the Rockefellers.

So, I ask a simple question. Who’s going to stop the 900 pound gorilla China from taking even more islands and fishing grounds away from these people? A fleet of unarmed wooden fishing boats?
The grounded USS Guardian, did not destroy even 1/100th of the reefs China did.

Without the help and protection of the US Military, the Philippines, which I love, may go the way of Tibet and Mongolia in which China invaded and deported the local citizens to steal resources and kill political dissent. Nothing can stop a billion man army once it gets rolling. Nothing.

China’s economy is even a bigger house of cards than ours, and it’s quaking badly right now. China is a military threat to all of her neighbors right now, and while it sucks to have war machines in your back yard, it’s even worse to wake up to machine guns pointed in your face every morning like they do in Tibet, Mogolia, and even Hong Kong after 1997.

Freedom under a weak central government is everything.

I just want to make the point, that a lot of these killings, torture and disappearances are between local warring political families. For example, the 58 Journalists killed in Mindanao were wacked by heavy political supporters of the then-president Gloria Arroyo and the massacred journalists had been critical of her administration. This had little to do with the U.S., imho. Locally, each election, scores of politicians are SHOT in every province of the Philippines. This my friends, is what real democracy looks like.

It’s messy. And despite what my good Canadian friend says, this nation, still in a 30 year civil war, is awash in firearms. 7,102 islands and virtually no patrol boats means massive smuggling. It’s always been this way here.

JMHO’s, as an admirer of the Filipinos and their active, functional democracy.


I couldn’t agree more with you about China. Am back now in the land of the internet. The little I know of the the Philippines from a few visits has convinced me that it is a mafiocracy, and that no politician gives a damn about the people they are supposed to represent. However, the USA has no right to allow its marines to rape and murder local women


Very educative comment.

The Chinese ruling class is destroying their own environment with even more ferocity than the American ruling class.


So there’s a possibility that China may collapse before it damages its neighbors much more.


Japan was considered a “Hermit kingdom” prior to the arrival of Admiral Perry of the USA with his gunboats shelling coastal cities to force them to open for trade.After that humiliation they sought to industrialize so that they would be in a better situation relative to the Colonial powers.They than copied the same policies used by Europe and the USA to support those industries. They built a military and navy that would be used to seize the territories of resource rich nations.

China became a target not only of the British and the French and Germans and of the USA but of Japan as well.

Now the shoe is on the other foot. China industrialised and now seeks raw materials and markets. They will use the tactics of the US And European banking systems to control nation States by controlling their economies and will use the tactics of the US military to assert control over regions when the first method fails.

More of the same in the way of the United States of America trying to defend what it considers its rightful turf in their pivot to Asia is not a solution and I am surprised it being suggested. China should stay home and the USA should close down all of its overseas bases and return home. The United States of America is the country being condemned here for its tortures and murders abroad. Let us not make it about China or Russia.

And no I do not support the Chinese Government either. Their adoption of the creed of endless growth wreaks havoc on the environment. The point is this. In the absence of Chinese industries and Corporations expanding to these regions so as to exploit resources, there will be US and European Corporations doing the same.

To the oceans being polluted , to the forests being devastated, to the animal and plant species of earth sea and sky and to the millions of poor people from Nigeria to Colombia , it makes not one whit of difference if it a US made bulldozer pushing down a forest or one made in China , nor does it make a difference if a Chinese soldier puts a bullet into the back of a person’s head or a US Marine.

It is all wrong and there can no defense premised on " well they are worse than us"


Hey George!

Welcome back! All of us who were talking about writing a book, suddenly had terrible computer problems and emails that wouldn’t go where we sent them.

Just another amazing Empire coincidence, I’m sure!

Anyway, I tried to email you several times and then gave up. No, I am NOT big brother’s O’brian, so relax! Good Points you make. But to this very day, the Navy won’t give marines and sailors shore leave anymore at Subic Bay. They are cooped up on the ship and many of the local restaurants and hotels are failing because of it.

But every single week in Manila, rapes and killings go on and on, and it has nothing to do with the US Navy. Should we close down the capitol city of Manila too? I mean, it sounds like you are basing expulsion of thousands of well-behaved sailors over decades, on just a very-low handful of crimes (as compared with the general population.) The killing of “Jennifer” by that 19-yr-old Marine is the only murder case in decades anyone knows about here. Compared to the general population in even US cities, the US troops are very-well behaved when overseas, and stick out like sore thumbs and are closely monitored by everyone.

This is not a new experience for idiot teen-agers to misunderstand a foreign culture fresh off the boat. The 19-year-old marine who likely killed “Jennifer” was in a bar zone off the former base. I myself at age 24 made the mistake of being attracted to a shemale in Asia until the experienced old Captain I was flying with said to me: “That is NOT a female you are talking to.” I didn’t believe him at first “she” was so petite and good-looking and it is common for cross-dressers in Asia to refer to themselves as girls and use even use the female’s restroom. In the US, a Shemale who did this would probably be arrested for impersonating a female and following them into the lady’s restroom. But not in SE Asia!

Jennifer had been seen working many of the bars at night perhaps trying to seduce sailors according to waiters I know who work double day/night shifts. I can see a scenario where after things “popped out” in the hotel room that a homophobic teenager would take it personally. This of course, doesn’t excuse a drunk Marine shoving someone’s head down a toilet and leaving them to drown (which, my sources admit, is most likely what really happened.)

I think the Marine in question is still locked up, as far as I know. I suspect the argument is he can’t get a fair trail in a foreign court system. So he’s locked up in an air-conditioned shipping container in Manila at a joint-use Philippine/US base, last I heard. I’m friends with the Chief of Police on the old base, and he was shocked at the murder, and said that up until that they never had problems with US sailors. Their nightly problem is drunk Koreans who fist-fight each other in drunken brawls. I’ve personally witnessed this even in the daytime and it is something to behold.

As well, there have been murders by foreigners in Manila also, but for some reason, nobody seems to care much about that. Also you should know that out here, many protestors are paid by Patron Saints to hold signs or support political candidates. One or two dollars a day beats starving to death. Votes are also frequently bought. It’s a big problem with such a poor population.




I suggest you look up the case of Michail Miering , CIA operative arrested in a hotel room in the Philippines after a bomb he was making exploded. Right around this time tmembers of the Army in the Philippines mutinied because they believed these bombings and so called 'terrorist " attacks were false flags orchestrated by the Government.

One might poo poo such as the stuff of “conpsiracy theories” but the USA through the CIA also ran Gladio in West Europe using much the same tactics and it illogical to conclude they would not have done this in what was once a colony of the Empire so as to ensure no Government rose there that would be seen as in opposition to US Hegemony.

If the Filipinos lived in peace the USA would be in there stirring up trouble.



Good post, but I’m afraid your history is somewhat in error. Admiral Mathew Perry in 1853 did not shell Japanese cities at all to my knowledge. He intimidated everyone by firing his guns with blanks and he threatened to start a war if ports were not opened. But he didn’t shell anyone. It was, instead, a display of force that led to Japanese Militarization; you are definitely right about that part. But the Russians did the same thing, sailing in there afterwards, as did the British and the French.

wiki says:

Perry finally reached Uraga at the entrance to Edo Bay in Japan on 8 July 1853. His fleet at this time consisted of four vessels: Susquehanna, Mississippi, Plymouth and Saratoga. As he arrived, Perry ordered his ships to steam past Japanese lines towards the capital of Edo, and position their guns towards the town of Uraga.[10] He also fired blank shots from his 73 cannons, which he claimed was in celebration of the American Independence Day. Perry’s ships were equipped with new Paixhans shell guns, cannons capable of wreaking great explosive destruction with every shell.[11][12]

…Second visit to Japan, 1854[edit]

Commodore Perry’s fleet for his second visit to Japan in 1854
Although having told the Japanese that he would return the following spring, Perry soon learned that Russian admiral Vice-Admiral Yevfimy Putyatin had called in at Nagasaki shortly after he departed from Edo Bay, and had spent a month attempting to force the Japanese to sign a treaty before his return. He also was told by both the British and French that they intended to accompany him to Japan in the spring to ensure that the American’s did not obtain any exclusive privileges. Perry thus returned on 13 February 1854 with a total of ten vessels and 1600 men. The fleet now also included: Lexington, Macedonian, Powhatan, Vandalia, Southampton and Supply.

So this was in fact, also about Russia and China too, who had invaded Japan in the past. All these countries had war and slavery, so there were no saints among them. The Brits and the French had monopolized all coaling stations in Asia, and American ships couldn’t make it without refueling somewhere.

My contention is that ALL world empires torture and murder. In fact, waterboarding, was introduced to US Military Intelligence in the 1930’s by China. It was known then as “Chinese Water Torture” and had been going on in China for centuries.

Keep in mind, that presently, China is the aggressor against the islands and fishinggrounds of Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei, Vietnam, Taiwan, the Philippines and Japan to name just a few. Their “Nine-dashed line” based not on history, but ambition, Claims all fisheries and minerals off everybody else’s beaches.




That’s why I said the US probably had little to do with it (instead of saying: nothing to do with it.) But it’s all guesswork as to if the CIA was involved and, if so, how much and why. I remember well those events in the early 2000’s; but again: Most of that violence is in the other Philippines, the war-torn island of Mindanao in the South. Here’ s a pretty interesting blurb from the Democratic Underground saying that the villain Gloria Arroyo was behind those bombings and smuggling of guns to terrrorist groups as well: (she is now in prison; when was the last time the US or Canada put a president in prison?):


It’s some pretty shocking reading, citing the Guardian and other sources. It talks about gun smuggling by the government (and I thought you told me, Mr. North, that there were no guns in the Philippines based upon some lying NGO report you read, started by the CIA, no doubt!) I have no idea how much is true, but suffice to say it behoves all to just never go down there at all. I used to worry a bit approaching Zamboanga in my airbus on the way to Jakarta, thinking: “If I lose an engine or have a fire, there’s no way I’m landing there! I’ll just turn around and hope I can make it back to Manila or Cebu!”

Sidenote: the last remaining triple-canopy rain-forest on Luzon is only found on former US base reserves where no logging or poaching was allowed. Many endangered monkey and bird species live there as well as the Philippine Eagle and Cubi Point giant bats and a special species of Caribou. Those vast nature preserves were declared by President Teddy Roosevelt who also preserved Yosemite and many of the US national parks. After the military left, encroachment and illegal logging started up again…

You make some good points, Mr. North, but the separatist movement I described happened a decade later and was several hundred miles, past the Sulu Sea (over the border.) And believe it or not, several former suspected bombers are now congressmen and representatives of the Moro group. Why even the formerly jailed and overthrown President Arap Estrada is now the current Mayor of Manila! And believe it or not, to the chagrin of US citizens, even the CIA dictator Marcos is extremely popular with the poor here. Marcos built bridges that they still use! Now that I think about it, that’s more than GWB did for us in the states!

I know how unlikely everything I just said must seem to you. But it’s a whole different land baby, and it really grows on you.



Teddy Roosevelt also started the first National Parks in the USA. These too are being exploited for resoruces. Teddy Roosevelt also passed the anti-trust laws as a check on Corporate power. These have all been dismantled.

The point is this. It the Corporations that are the true enemy here and the greatest ally the Corporations have on this Earth is the Governmnet of the United States of America. From its very birth as a nation the US Government promoted the interests of the wealthy and of businessmen. The Presidents that acted to check these powers were few and far between.

That there a China or a Russia or any other nation state arming to the teeth so as to ensure THEY have access to resources is all predicated upon the fact that the USA has as a military strategy cutting nation states off from said access using their military just as they did with Japan pre world war 2 with the embargo that they and The British Empire (Both with colonies in SE Asia) imposed. That is why they have those fleets of Aircraft carriers and that is why they have Military bases around the globe and seek more.

I would use your very own reasoning here , that being the people need arms so as to defend themselves against an armed State. The very same reasoning is being used by those other major powers and just as the Police in the USA militarize and upgun and grow more ruthless using as an excuse that the people have guns , the very same happens at the level of nation states.

Again the analogy of that clam bed on Vancouver island , harvested for thousands of years by local tribes. It was opened for a single day to the public so as to pick clams. It was ruined in a single day by that same public as every single clam was picked from biggest to smallest. Now there will be among those that picked clams “Well it not my fault I only picked the larger ones. It was other people who started picking the smaller”.

These people are just as guilty if not more so. They picked all the larger clams so as to profit the SELF. Those coming behind had no more large clams to pick so as to profit the SELF they picked clams that were slightly smaller and so on.

The difference between the tribes handling of the Clam beds and that of the Public is the tribe did not seek self enrichment. There was no profit motive. Clams were a food source for the tribe nothing more. What this has to do with the article is to demonstrate how Militarism and the Worlds Militaries have become nothing more then extensions of the Corporate State so as to enhance profits of the wealthy.

Any that defend that Militarism be it one carried out by the USA or China , and tries to suggest the presence of said Militaries is to prevent some other foreign power from seizing a state is in fact defending the Corporations. Defending the Philippines against China is not why the USA is there nor are these tortures and murders committed by the State in collusion with the USA a defense against “terrorism”. It is all about protecting the wealthy and Corporate interests. Nothing more. It is no noble cause.

The US Military has no business other then big business for being in The Philippines, or in Bahrain, or in Germany or on Diego garcia or in those 100+ other countries. NONE.

When it comes to the US Military I am firmly with the observations of Smedley Butler. It is a racket run by racketeers and criminals.



I agree with most of that. But, for the purposes of understanding, true students of history don’t pick sides and divide the world into good guys and bad guys like you are doing. They take a detached, dispassionate neutral position to objectively look at events based on known evidence. Instead of a “we and them” perspective, we look at history from the standpoint that all empires are the same in their motivations, tactics, monopolies, and war, since they are all fallible Homo sapiens.

Your seem to defend the violent, racists, Japanese Shogun’s descendants, since the poor dears could no longer get raw materials for their genocidal war machine. Poor old Japan got cut off from fuel by FDR and no longer could continue the Raping of Naking. The objective student, on the other hand, knows that Japan had invaded Manchuria in 1931 and taken everyone they fancied into sex slavery and cannon fodder practice. To me, your omission of these facts is tragic; this is a is an example of picking good guys and bad guys (incorrectly, by the way.)

Does the US Military truly care about anybody but themselves? Who cares about that question as long as they keep China from scrapping every last tree and reef off the face of the Earth! Right now, China is building military runways and garrisons where pristine reefs used to be a year ago. They are not the good guys, anyway you slice it. “In one village [in China], 80 percent of the population is said to have died from pollution-induced cancers since 1991.” They are trying their damnedest to do the same thing to the Philippines.


The US and the Philippines are close allies and always have been. It’s a symbiotic relationship. Will Wall Street Capitalism supplant mindless Chinese destruction? History says no. Many attempts were made over the years to turn the Philippines into a toxic Hong Kong Harbor and failed. A functional democracy always frustrated the robber barons and they always left for slave China instead. Islanders here don’t care about jobs and junk and tell Fortune 500 companies to pack sand when they try to take over things here. Reebock Tennishoes, Fredex, Acer computer and many others finally gave up in frustration and left. But slaver-China or Imperial Japan do things differently, if history is any guide. They lock slaves into sweatshops and they kill anyone who calls the police. That is the history of Japan in the Philippines, and China with Apple computer.

Beyond prison labor, I’m not aware of that going on in the U.S. Are you? That’s why I’m against globalization: it destroys the environment with unneccessary shipping and EPA-less dumping (like in the article on China I linked to you) and it destroys labor’s ability to share in the bounty.

I love that Smedley Butler, btw. An honest man who came clean all the way. A rarity indeed.



You suggest there no good guys and bad guys which is what I have been saying all along and than continue to wear your American hat.

That symbiotic relationship you refer to between the two countries is simply one of elites with the elites just as it exists in every other US ally.

I challenge you to point out where I started China the good guy.

Back in 1812 in the USA the slaves bought and sold as cattle knew through the underground which slaveowners were the most brutal and which treated their slaves with some amount of compassion.

None wanted to be sold to those that were the most brutal. That there were owners that did not flog slaves at every opportunity does not mean they were somehow better . They were still slaveowners in spite of the fact thoise slaves might have preferred to be owned by them rather than by those brutal ones.

Added to that I suggest you look at pictures of mountaintop mining or oif the gulf after the oil spill if you want to advance the notion the US Corporations somehow care more for the Environment.

China has been a country for several thousands of years. The USA has been there since 1778. The amount of environmental damage inflicted by the USA at home and abroad over that few hundred years is orders of magnitude larger than China in its history.

This is not excusing China. It a clear indication of what happens when the economic system developed by the West and forced on the world with their militaries is adopted by nation States with larger populations.

The US military is not keeping forests intact anywheres. Forests in Malaysia are being taken down by western firms for rare woods and to grow palm oil. Please do not suggest the US military is preventing such even if by accident over intent because it is not happening.

There may have been a movement towards such protection 50 years ago (no thanks to the military) but today US Corporations have total control. There are some 300000 foreign owned Corporations based in China. The vast majority of these are AMERICAN owned. The problem is the Corporations.



SDP, you certainly inferred that the innocent Chinese and “Hermit” Japanese were forced to become regional invaders and slavers because Uncle Sam showed them how it is done. I reject this, since historically they used torture and slavery and invaded each other constantly throughout history, centuries before there was a USA. (and Russia and Japan had big wars too.) This “gunboat diplomacy” and chattel slavery you cited in Commodore Perry’s age is rather a 1800’s manifestation of the defining trait of all Homo sapiens: war slavery and genocide. For example, many Anthropologists now believe that Europe’s Homo Neanderthal largely went extinct at the hands of the murdering Homo sapiens. So it is in our genes, imho. To vilify one nation, the USA, as you are doing, will just set up another murderous regime in it’s place (and maybe a worse one.)

No, it’s not my contention that Wall Street Corps care about anything or anyone at all (other than profits.) But in the U.S. last century (Before the betrayal of NAFTA and Banking Law repeals) Federal Labor Law was a good thing for the common worker, guaranteeing fair treatment for labor groups if they only organized under the NMB and NRLB provisions protecting them from being fired for participating in union organizing. While not perfect, it provided a high standard of living for a robust middle class of land-holders, as opposed to now, where we have only a few filthy rich Robber Barons or seas of landless peasants as far as the eye can see.

After the 1970’s, EPA was good at putting a check on reckless Wall Street polluting (as compared to the EPA-less third world, which I nearly died in every time I had to fly there.) The effectiveness of these protective Acts, as you pointed out, are today now in tatters this century, since Wall Street merely buys everyone off with unlimited TARP-era bailout moneys.

One minor correction for you: The 1898 Cubi Point Nature Reserves were not 50 years ago, but 115 years ago, and ordered by Teddy Roosevelt who had the good sense to keep corporations out of them. This was on a US military base, and they shot anyone who tried to cut down a tree. So many of the things we are discussing are from a long bygone era.

Locking up slaves in factories (even during fires) is going on TODAY in China, Bangladesh and other places which tolerate Wall Street exploiting their regional lack of human rights. US fire codes would not tolerate this at all. Which is why Wall Street off-shored all our jobs: they want slaves working for one-dollar a day 365/yr.

We are actually in agreement on many things. But you are overshadowed by your seething hatred for all Americans, imho, apparently unaware that Americans started and run CD and many other left sites and that the American First Amendment makes this possible. And Common Dreams gives us virtually unlimited free speech I have not seen anywhere else to this degree. You seem to judge us on our failure to reign in Wall Street. We are doing everything we know to push the pendulum back to center. I advocate more radical action like a General Strike (or as Gandhi called it: “A time of prayer and fasting at home”, but so far, not many agree with me.



SDP, you certainly inferred that the innocent Chinese and “Hermit” Japanese were forced to become regional invaders and slavers because Uncle Sam showed them how it is done. I reject this, since historically they used torture and slavery and invaded each other constantly throughout history, centuries before there was a USA. (and Russia and Japan had big wars too.)

I mpost certainly did not.

When I point out that the USA and Canada both committed acts of genocide against their Native peoples and committed to reservations as their lands stolen , and point out that Israel copied many of those policies , I am not supporting Israel in such an act.

I vilify Israel in this regard because they are villians . I point out that hypocrisy because I feel both Canada and the USA have yet to address their own such actions when it comes to genocide.

China HAS adopted the policies of the West and become the new Imperialists just has happened with Japan. This does not mean those policies justified or supported. It does mean that just as in 1940 when BOTH the US and the British Empire had colonies in South East Asia, it the height of hypocrisy for them to condemn and embargo Japan for setting up the same sorts of colonies. I have no use for Colonialism and Imperialism and I have no use for the hypocrisy of nation states that condemn such even as they are Colonialists and Imperialists.

I am sorry but according to a number of studies done on the matter , since the end of WW2 no nation on this earth has been responsible for as many deaths of innocents has has the United States of America. In fact if you do research it is pointed out that of the world wide conflicts that have happened since the end of the second world war over 80 percent were precitpated in some manner by the USA. Be this from outright wars to orchestrated coups or the support of tyrants with arms and intelligence so as to commit murders against their own.

Not China. Not Russia . The United States of America. Martin Luther King was dead on when he pointed out the USA the greatests purveyor of violence in the world which one reason its Government had him shot dead.

And No I do not hate Americans anymore then I hate Jews. I have no use for Fascism or Corporatism or racism or Imperialism or of Genocide all of which are committed by the Governments of the United States Of America .

That Government is not a democracy and its elected members represent Corporations and the Wealthy. That Government does not act on behalf of “Americans”. I would say very much the same about the Government of canada and take no issue with people that condemn its policies , that point out its hypocrisies , that illustrate the examples of its role in the Coup in Haiti and in supporting Corporations wreaking havoc in El Salvador and Costa Rica and in Alberta.

This is because I do not feel it my “duty” to defend such policies because I happened to have been born here.

Wrong is wrong. It not mitigated when it a Canadian Corporation of Government that commits said wrong.It no act of patriotism to defend a crime.