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US and UK Acting Above the Law to Support the Saudi War in Yemen


US and UK Acting Above the Law to Support the Saudi War in Yemen

Nafeez Ahmed

Britain and America are above the law. Our complicity in Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen proves it.

This week, the High Court in London ruled that British arms sales to Saudi Arabia are lawful, dismissing a judicial review filed by Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT), which had demanded that weapons exports be halted over humanitarian concerns.


"Above the law"? I believe the better terminology is "outside of the law" or more clearly "illegally".

But then again, illegality has never been any impediment. The 'Golden Rule' - Whoever Has the Gold Makes the Rules - dictates their ethics.


The trump regime, saudi war criminal terrorist perpetrators, MICC War-Machine, arms manufacturers and war profiteers, Congressional co-conspirators are all guilty of collusion, complicity and sustaining for-profit wars. Prez Eisenhower was very prescient warning us on the dangers of the MICC....a warning that fell of deaf and complicit ears.


Yemen has 300,000 cases of cholera and 500,000 dying of starvation and we the people, via the denials of MSM ignore this murderous system. Four levels of govt. including the MSM, all support war and the welfare state of the oil and vile weapons industries. Unregulated Capitalism has ruined the world......always 'more money for rich folks'. Fuck 'em!!


Glad to see the excellent Nafeez Ahmed on CD. This is the real news, not Donald Trump, Jr.


Yes, Nafeez Ahmed is brilliant... I really enjoyed his documentary: "The Crisis of Civilization"-