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US Anti-Islam Rallies 'Fizzle' Nationwide


US Anti-Islam Rallies 'Fizzle' Nationwide

Common Dreams staff

A series of planned anti-Islam rallies targeting more than 20 US cities Saturday fizzled out despite extensive social media promotion; morphing instead into a welcomed show of support and tolerance.

In Armarillo, Texas, police department Cpl. Cody Lavery told the Amarillo Globe News “All of these people are supporters of the center. Everything’s been very peaceful so far, and the protestors haven’t shown up yet.” At the Khursheed Unissa Memorial Community Center in Amarillo, more than 100 people opposing the anti-Islam rally came out in an impromptu show of support.


A very promising outcome. It shows people are dumping the islamophobia mindset. The core islamophobes are still there I'm sure but their credibility and narrative is fading away, and good riddance. Now it's time for the politicians to apologise. Or is that too much to hope for...


I wonder if encouraging folks to brandish weapons affected attendance? Maybe the Nazis should consider gathering at a paint-ball range or skeet shooting facility- or maybe create a Halloween haunted "Hate House." (Brains...mmmm...brains!!)


Decency prevails.


What if they threw a rally and nobody came?


To paraphrase pro football coaching great Vince Lombardi, in the US timing isn't everything, it's the only thing. In the attention deficit afflicted US, August (when the Congress was in recess, pro football had yet to start, baseball playoffs were still a month plus away, the weather was oppressively hot, and public schools were out) was the time to do this thing.
Thus politicians who normally would care less (till after the violence started) and otherwise moribund interfaith groups could speak out and pretend that they quashed the affair. Thank MLB, the NFL, and cooler weather instead.


Yes, A very promising outcome. I certainly hope so, this demonization of American Muslims has gone far enough and I for one.... am sick of it!


So much for the "Islamicphobic" average american. Probably just enjoying the long weekend with their kids.


Sorry for being off-topic, but CD sure seems to be dropping the ball regarding what has been going on in Palestine the past few days


Now that was funny--alas! Oh Canada!, indeed.