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US Arms Makers Invest in a New Cold War


US Arms Makers Invest in a New Cold War

Jonathan Marshall

The U.S. military has won only a single major war since the end of World War II (the Gulf War of 1990-91). But U.S. military contractors continue to win major budget wars in Congress nearly every year, proving that no force on earth can resist their lobbying prowess and political clout.

Consider the steady march to victory of the biggest single weapons program in history — the planned purchase of advanced Lockheed-Martin F-35 jets by the Air Force, Navy, and Marines at a total projected cost of more than $1 trillion.


A good synopsis of what goes on. I think we need more articles on the threat Russia really poses to NATO which in fact is little to none.

NATO has a tremendous advantage in naval power , the number of troops , total air power and number of armoured vehicles. They also outspend Russia by about 20 to one.

It simply inconceivable that Russia a threat yet these think tanks release reports indicating Russia can defeat and overrun all of East Europe in 5 days.

Collectively Politicians whoring themselves to the Arms industry in NATO member nations want to see a total increase in Military spending of some 600 billion dollars which is 8 times more then Russia spends on its entire military. This means huge profits for the arms industry and even more for the 1 percent.


While the thrust of the article is good, it misstates Sanders' position on the F-35. Sanders wasn't supporting the development of the plane, but was saying, that, given the development was a fait accompli , and the planes would have to be based somewhere, that he'd rather Vermont get the economic benefits of having the planes based there.

"Among the 18 states enjoying a claimed economic impact of more than $100 million from the fighter jet is Vermont — which is why the F-35 gets the support even of Sen. Bernie Sanders.

As he told one town hall meeting, “It employs hundreds of people. It provides a college education for hundreds of people. So for me the question is not whether we have the F-35 or not. It is here. The question for me is whether it is located in Burlington, Vermont or whether it is located in Florida.”


One of the ways that Mars Rules holds humanity hostage:

"Last fall, Washington Business Journal reported that “if anyone is benefitting from the unease between Russia and the rest of the world, it would have to be Bethesda-based Lockheed Martin Corp. (NYSE: LMT). The company is positioned to make large profits off what could very well be an international military spending spree by Russia’s neighbors.”


One of my right wing neighbors who was among the high ranking military officers selected to tour Russian military facilities shortly after the fall of the Soviet Union told me that they "didn't find anything that was very threatening".

Just as the first cold war was a farce designed to provide eternal revenue for the military industrial complex, the second cold war will make sure that revenue IS eternal.


Remember the "Missile Gap" scare of the 1950s. The US Intelligence agencies were claiming they had proof that Russia had 1500!!! ICBM missiles while the US had only 130.

Those same types of "serious authors" we find today were railing on this claiming the consequences dire (Most of these guys that write these books were funded by the arms industry). Billions were spent.

Later on they admitted an error. The actual REAL count was 4.

How does 4 become 1500?

Only when the MIC is doing the count. Sort of like when Diebold counts the vote.


What a great idea. Spend lots of money on an aircraft that is so bad that it can't be used against what you think may be the opposition and thus you promote peace........................Yes?


And then you tell Murkins that Social Security needs to be cut and they can never have single payer medical insurance because so much money will continue to be spent on military industrial complex corporate welfare and bailing out the too-big-to-fail banks that finance them..